A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 398

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 398 Retrial

Having been dismissed by the disgruntled chairman of the board, Stephen Flint and Hagrid quickly exited the deliberation chambers. The instant the doors closed behind them; Hagrid pulled the smaller man into a great big hug lifting him off his feet. "Thank you!" Hagrid bellowed through tears.

Highly uncomfortable at the emotional display of his client and unable to breathe, Stephen hurriedly says, "Yes, yes. Now put me down." While his understudy, Amelia Boones hides her smile, but hurriedly steps back at seeing Hagrid take a step towards her.

"Sorry," Hagrid sniffed as he pulled out a large hankie from his pocket to wipe his eyes. "I'm jus' so happy!" And blew loudly into it.

Stephen nods his head slowly, before saying, "Well, my job is done, Hagrid. Would you like some company in purchasing a new wand?"

"I'd forgotten," Hagrid exclaimed in disbelief as great big teardrops dripped down his face. "I can 'ave a wand again!"

"Yes, Hagrid," Stephen patiently said. "If not, I shall ensure the Ministry of Magic receives the verdict and have the education department owl you the start of the next A.d.u.l.t class schedule. I'm fairly certain that Professor Dumbledore will be fairly accommodating to your needs given the situation."

"Thank you, again," Hagrid wailed. "How ken I ever repay ya, Mr. Flint?"

"There is no need," Stephen firmly answered. "It is my job to ensure that justice is served."

Hagrid beams and says, "I know that yer Sliva's pa, and yer a good one too."

"Nonsense," Stephen flushed at the mention of his daughter. "I must be off now," Stephen bl.u.s.tered, before quickly escaping lest he is caught in another hug again.

Quickly following him is his understudy, Amelia Bones, who flashes Hagrid a rare warm smile, before hurrying to catch up with her mentor. Still, Amelia had a bounce in her step, she'd seen justice enacted before her very eyes. And that just made her that much certain of her career choice.

Hagrid waved goodbye, before blowing his nose again and drying his tear-streaked face on his sleeve. He was innocent! And could have a wand again! He could become a Magizoologist or maybe a Magical Creatures Professor like Professor Kettleburn!

With a skip in his step and large goofy grin on his face, Hagrid somehow found himself in Diagon Alley in front of an old shop that has a peeling gold-letter sign that reads, "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C." In the dusty window, a single wand is placed on a faded purple cushion to emphasize the shop's single purpose.

Hagrid's eyes fill with tears as he rapidly blinks them again. He'd not been here since he was just a wee lad with his da. His only consolation was that his da had passed away before his wand had been snapped.

Ducking down through the doorway entrance, Hagrid was careful as he stood up. Thankfully the ceiling wasn't low, and he was able to stand upright properly without bumping his head. The shop looked just like he remembered as a lad.

There was the single counter with a bench to rest on, while the rest of the shop is just cluttered with hundreds of thin boxes that almost reach the ceiling. The store is utterly silent and even Hagrid doesn't dare breathe in the dusty air too deeply lest he disturbs the atmosphere.

From the backroom emerges the same pale old figure that he remembered from his youth. With sharp silver eyes that shine like moons inside the gloomy shop, Mr. Ollivander says, "Rubeus Hagrid, English Oak with a unicorn core. 16 inches. They snapped it half in your third year."

"Er, yes," Hagrid said in embarrassment, before quickly saying, "But Mr. Ollivander, sir, I've been found innocent! I can have a wand now!"

"Oh?" Mr. Ollivander suspiciously said. "Then who was it that hurt that poor girl?"

"Er, Prefect Riddle, I mean, Tom Riddle, sir," Hagrid quietly replied.

Ollivander's brows furrow at Hagrid's words, before saying, "Seems right enough," before whirling away to the back of the shop.

Hagrid blankly just stares as the minutes trickle by until Ollivander returns. "It would seem that it's true," Ollivander murmured, before impatiently adding, "Now hold out your dominant hand, Hagrid."

"Yes, sir," Hagrid obediently said somewhat scared of the smaller, older wizard, who held a long strip of silver tap in his hands.

"Now kneel," Ollivander snapped. "I need to measure your raised arm."

"Yes, sir," Hagrid obediently said again and did as he was told.

Ollivander impatiently clicked his tongue against his teeth, before rushing to grab a box from nearby. "English Oak with a unicorn core. 16 inches, just like your last wand."

"Er, yes, sir," Hagrid quietly said as he took the wand, and nothing happened.

Ollivander instantly snatched the wand and muttered under his breath, "Yes, must take in the growth factor."

Ollivander rushed towards another corner and pulled out another box. "Polar with a unicorn core. 17 inches, nice and steady."

Hagrid carefully took the wand, but before he had even tried to wave it, Ollivander had snatched it back with a scowl on his face. "Not that one either," Ollivander growled, before rushing away.

Ollivander hurried over to another corner and quickly returned. "Chestnut and unicorn hair. 15 inches and loves all that is nature related."

Hagrid brightens up at Ollivander's words and eagerly grasps the wand in his hand. A warm feeling is felt in his palm that he instantly recognized. Tears pour down his eyes as he sobs, and bright warm sparks erupt from the end of the wand.

Ollivander nods his head in satisfaction, before sternly saying, "And don't come back after this."

Hagrid gulps at the scary gaze of the wandmaker. No doubt, Ollivander was still angry and insulted that a perfectly good wand of his had been snapped in two. And even if he was found innocent a third time, Hagrid had the distinct feeling that Ollivander would shove a wand down his throat should that ever occur again.

Having paid for his wand, Hagrid carefully tucks the wand away, before making his way back to Hogwarts. He hums all the way home despite the muddy weather and the cold. He was so very happy; he had a wand again!

Hagrid was making his way to his cabin when he spotted Professor Kettleburn making his way back from having fed the winged carriage horses of Beaxbatons. Hagrid happily called out in greeting and said, "Sir, I've got my wand back!"

Silvanus Kettleburn hurried forward on his peg leg through the mud and snow towards his friend, the caretaker of the Hogwarts grounds. Professor Kettleburn looked much like did before with just a bit of more scratches than before, but he still had gray hair, brown eyes, rugged tan skin, and an enchanted silver hand.

Where's your new wand, lad?" Professor Kettleburn happily asked once the two men were in front of each other.

Hagrid carefully holds out his wand to show Professor Kettleburn. "It's chestnut wand with a unicorn corn and its 15 inches long," Hagrid proudly answered.

"A good wand," Professor Kettleburn said, before slapping Hagrid on the back in good nature.

"So, they found you innocent, did they? Stuck up pricks, they should have figured that out the first time around. That's why I hate politics," Professor Kettleburn growled, before spitting on the ground in added emphasis.

"Well, they ain't all that bad, Silvanus," Hagrid protested. "Mr. Flint is a Slytherin lawyer and he helped for free! And the council voted in my favor, sir!"

"I know, Rubeus," Professor Kettleburn grumbled. "I just don't like them, politicians."

"That's fine, Silvanus. I reckon they can walk circles around us without trying," Hagrid mused. "On that note, sir, I wonder, if I can ask for a favor of ya."

"What is, lad?" Professor Kettleburn curiously asked.

Hagrid fidgets and rubs his foot in the food. "Er, I was wondering, after I'm done with my education at the Ministry if ya would be willing to be my master? Er, I'd be willing to pay, but it's jus' might take me a while."

Professor Kettleburn's lips peel back into wide grin flashing white teeth. "I'd be more than happy to Hagrid," Professor Kettleburn exclaimed. "I'll teach you everything I know and introduce you to all my contacts. By the time you're done, you'll be able to be a fine Magizoolgist or be able to simply teach as a Professor of Magical Creature anywhere." Professor Kettleburn roguishly winked at Hagrid and tilted his head in the direction of the gigantic, powder-blue carriage.

Hagrid flushed and muttered something under his breath that was not quite understandable. Professor Kettleburn merely clapped Hagrid on the back on again and said, "Let's head to my personal quarters, Rubeus. I've got a firewhiskey bottle that I've been dying to open."

Hagrid beams back as the two men happily trot over to the castle to share a drink. They drank long into the night and forgot that it was a school night. Come morning, poor Professor Kettleburn was almost in tears at realizing he had an early morning class that day and he was completely hungover. Needless to say, the professor that had to cover for him were not happy at all, while Deputy McGonagall had a stern word with Kettleburn about being professional in the workplace and sobriety. Either way, Kettleburn felt like he was in hell with such a strong headache. He'd not drink again for a good long while.