A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 405

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 405 Chairman

The icy handsome, pale, long-haired blond, Lucius Malfoy strides down the hallway to the deliberation chamber almost fashionably late, but not quite as it simply did not do for a Hogwarts Board Member to be late nor would the chairman allow it. His elegant opera cloak flutters behind him, while his walking stick makes a sharp, almost rhythmic clang against the floor.

Lucius paused before the great oak doors to ensure that his clothes are perfect before pushing the doors open and entering the floor. The other eleven board members glance up some with amus.e.m.e.nt in their eyes, others with blank faces, or like the chairman irritated at his being so close on time. "Good evening," Lucius coolly said as he took his seat, before stylishly removing his leather gloves.

The bald elderly wizard with only wisps of hair left in a white crown scowls fiercely at Malfoy. "You were almost late, yet again, Malfoy," Decimus Magellan snapped.

"Almost chairman," Lucius clarified not fazed whatsoever by the old wizards' words. "And a Malfoy though almost always fashionably late is never late."

Magellan sneered at the younger pureblood wizard but he knew he couldn't say or argue otherwise. Malfoy had been punctual, no matter how close to the hour. And the boy was liked by most of the board members to his great dislike. If the boy continued at this rate, he'd take his chairman position, and if not, he'd aid another into ousting him from his position. He could not afford such a risk. He must find the next available pretext to see the wretched, spoiled brat forced from the board.

Magellan cleared his throat in an attempt to control himself, before saying, "I am sure that all of you are aware of why we have gathered here today. The Ministry of Magic wishes to create an alternative board to manage the education for wizarding children from ages five to eleven. And for the squibs and muquibs education until they are of age."

Magellan dramatically paused to the annoyance of the board members, before with great relish continuing, "As such, the board will be sending four experienced board members to serve on said new governing board, which shall be called the Quattor Governing Board as there will be four Academies. Each academy will be named numerically to keep things simple: Academy Unus for Ireland, Academy Duo for Scotland, Academy Tribus for Wales, and Academy Quattor for Britain. Tragically, we will be saying fondly goodbye to four of our members and will be welcoming in their stead four new council members."

There is disgruntled silence as the board members observe the chairman's words. This was an opportunity to be rid of rivals, however, this would change the entire power balance found within the board. Alliances would be torn apart, and new alliances would have to be forged. But more importantly, there was a higher risk of being betrayed as the four new board members would be an entirely new Quidditch match. Of course, that was only IF, they weren't the ones sent away.

An older bronzed witch with kohl-lined eyes and dark salt-peppered hair smiles rather slowly. Fiona Bly, Mrs. Bly in her smoothing patient tone of her, says, "In that case, I suppose you must naturally be volunteering yourself, chairman. Who has more experience than yourself in anticipating all the needs of the new governing board? I would be thrilled to personally nominate you, chairman."

Mrs. Bly paused as Magellan grew red with fury before with great satisfaction saying, "Who seconds the motion?"

There is a long pause as Magellan glared at everyone daring anyone to dare go against him. However, not one to be insulted and forgive, Lucius Malfoy raised his hand. "I second the motion."

Mrs. Bly's lips twitch into a smile that screams that the cat ate the canary, milk, and cream. "All those in favor of the nomination, please raise your hands?"

Instantly all hands go up as all board members jump on deck except for that of the chairman. Mrs. Bly glanced around with a smug grin. "It would appear that is unanimous, Decimus Magellan, thank you for your years of service, you are promptly dismissed of your position and are hereby transferred to serve on the Quattor Governing Board," Mrs. Bly announced to the pale, but the rather enraged face of Magellan.

Magellan controls himself and does not explode despite feeling furious. Rather Magellan channeled his anger and narrowed his eyes at Fiona Bly. He'd known the witch for a good fifteen years, however, the timid witch that he knew at the very beginning would have never been this outspoken. No, it wasn't an abrupt change, but rather a slow one. However, the signs were still there, Fiona Bly was not to be trusted.

Putting his present feelings of pride, anger, and and betrayal aside, Magellan gruffly says, "I am honored by the council's decision. However, before three other members are nominated to serve on the new governing board, I would like to nominate Lucius Malfoy as the new chairman."

There is an abrupt pause of shock as the board members cannot believe their eyes nor their ears at having seen and heard the former chairman nominate, Lucius Malfoy as the next chairman. What could the former chairman possibly be thinking?! His well-known dislike of their newest board member could not be faked. But what was this sudden out of character suggestion?

Why even Lucius Malfoy had been caught unawares with an expression of surprise on his face. However, he quickly hides his emotions and arrogantly accepted the nomination as if it was his proper due. But that did not mean he was not just as wary. Surely, such an abrupt decree would come with hidden strings attached.

Mrs. Bly's eyes turn cold as she purses her lips in displeasure as all traces of pleasantry disappear from her face. However, before she can speak, the wiry-haired wizard with a cleft chin says, "I second the motion. All those in favor of the new chairman nomination, please raise your hands?"

Leif Amundsen quickly counts the hands with it being seven hands to the five hands that were in disfavor among them that of Mrs. Bly. Frankly, Amundsen was rather surprised given what he knew of the widowed witch. Still, it might possibly be the fact that Mrs. Bly herself wished to become the next chairman of the board.

Lucius Malfoy inclines his head in thanks to those that voted in his favor. They'd be potential allies to which keep in mind. And for those that didn't, he'd made careful note of especially that of Mrs. Bly. The witch had changed faces far too fast for comfort, and those tended to be the most treacherous of beings.

Amundsen flashes Malfoy a confident grin and says, "The majority has voted in favor of Lucius Malfoy of the next chairman. Chairman Malfoy will take his proper sitting position during the next meeting until such time, Chairman Malfoy will remain where he sits."

Lucius Malfoy did not have any time to speak as Maxwell Zheng determinedly interjected, "I nominate Earnest Miller to the new Quattor Governing Board."

Swiftly the next person jumped on the bandwagon to vote board member Miller off of the Hogwarts Governing Board. Tensions were high as alliances were broken, while temporary alliances were forged until at last three more board members were voted out. Among those still remaining were that of Mrs. Bly, Maxwell Zheng, and Leif Amundsen including the new board chairman, Lucius Malfoy.