A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 414

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 414 A.p.d.

Towards the middle of March, the retired Auror's training the future officers finally pronounced the training candidates of the Animagus Police Department street ready to begin patrolling at the end of March. Unlike the Auror's, who had to be further trained in espionage and hiding, those that were former werewolves were already trained. Rather the scope of their training had been primarily been making sure their magic was up to par, and that they understood all the rules and regulations. They'd still be in need of further training, (which they would still continue to do so), but for all intent and purposes, the A.P.D. officers were ready to begin patrolling.

Some of the older Aurors that had been thinking about retiring happily transferred to the A.P.D. in the capacity of senior officers, while a couple of others would take turns pairing up with some the rest of the new members to make sure they were up to speed while on duty. Needless to say, it had been a huge transition, but largely a smooth one thanks to the enthusiasm of the new department novice officers.

Among those new members of the A.P.D. are the four-original cured, Twizzle, Banks, Smythe, and Glackin. The four of them were not only regarded as superior officers, but as liaisons for the entire department. They would strive to appease both sides whether it is the former werewolves or management.

A rather young male with vicious claw-like scars across his face takes a deep breath, before making sure his wand was properly fitted in his hip holster. Timothy then proceeds to double-check that his uniform is properly buttoned. The A.P.D. members uniform is not scarlet like that of the Auror's, when out on patrol, but rather a vibrant dark forest green with the insignia of the A.P.D. embroidered on their chest, (that of a crow, wolf, and a green snake wrapped around the letters, A.P.D.).

Timothy certain that everything is in order closed his locker shut, before making his way out of the men's locker changing room. He nods at various other members dressing and heads out towards the designated meeting area. He waves to several of his brothers and sisters, who all wave back at him, before heading off to the administrative and intelligence offices within the A.P.D., where they were already working at.

Out of his entire pack, Timothy was the only member of their family that had joined the A.P.D. as an officer. Everyone else had already found apprentice masters to work under, after having finished their basic education. A few of his brothers and sisters were apprenticed to tailor's and the like, while the rest would be working in administration at the Quattor Academy, which would open on the last week of August. These siblings were presently being trained by Muquibs on how to properly blend in when commuting through muggle areas. It was going rather well, although, his brother and sisters would often be mystified and amused by all the oddities of muggles.

Thankfully, Heskel, stayed home with the younger pups. However, since all the pups would be starting school at the end of August and September 1st, Heskel had them fiercely studying in order to not be left behind by their classmates. And the pups happily took it in stride as they all eagerly counted down the days until fall, when they would be all starting school.

"The pups," Timothy privately thought to himself. This was why he and his brothers and sisters were all doing their best to earn money. They'd be sending more than a dozen children to a school which would cost plenty of money, but especially the schooling for the pups that would be starting Hogwarts. They'd be getting wands and the like, and not to mention if they needed an owl, a frog, or a cat! So many things to buy in such a short amount of time!

Timothy is suddenly startled out of his thoughts at finding an ordinary-looking wizard with a rather gentle disposition standing next to him. "A pleasure to meet you, Timothy," the man said. "I'm Smythe."

Timothy gawks starstruck at realizing, who exactly his partner was. It was one of the four original cured! Who was this even possible?!

Seeing Smythe with his hand still outstretched to shake Timothy snaps his mouth and nervously "It's an honor to meet you, sir!" Timothy stammered.

"And to you as well, lad," Smythe said as he removed his hand gently from his partner's grasp. "I've heard the story of how you got you pack to safety and have been working since then to care for all pups. It's an inspirational story that we can all learn something from."

"Right, sir!" Timothy said in disbelief.

"Smythe would be just fine," Smythe firmly said.

"Yes, s-, I mean, Smythe," Timothy quickly said.

"Good," Smythe said. "So, I've looked over at the patrol route that was assigned to us. Do you have any questions?"

"No, s-. Er, no, Smythe," Timothy hurriedly said. "It shouldn't be a problem."

"In that case, let's head out," Smythe steadily said, before leading the way out.

Timothy is still a bit of awe as he follows his partner out of the Ministry of Magic to the floo point. Since he'd just turned seventeen, he'd just begun the apparition training courses and had yet to pass the test. He'd hopefully pass the exam soon but until that point in time, he'd be forced to floo.

Timothy and his partner soon appear at an exit floo, before Smythe side-apparated them to the first village to check on. They both cast a glamor over their uniform to ensure that the muggle villagers of the village would pay them no mind. They easily ignored the villagers and made their way to the edge of the village, where several wizarding families lived at.

Timothy and Smythe had not gone far, when they turned the lane to spot the first family. In the front courtyard, was a tired-looking mother holding a wailing baby, while a five and six-year-old cried out, "Mum! Mum!"

Seeing the exhausted, overburdened witch, the two men hurried forward. While Smythe introduced them, Timothy bends down on his toes. "Now, what's the matter here?" Timothy solemnly asked.

The five and six-year-old pointed at the tree and says, "Mimi won't come down!"

"Mimi?" Timothy murmured and looked up to spot a furry massed face chittering happily as it approached a bird's nest filled with eggs, it was a ferret.

Timothy let out a groan as both children looked up expectantly up at him. Putting his best foot forward, he replies in resignation, "Alright, I'll get her down."

"Yay!" The two little children cried out as Timothy carefully began to climb the large maple tree.

Down below, Smythe rocks the baby giving the poor mother room to breathe. The mother says, "Thank you, gentlemen, I greatly appreciate the work you are doing."

"It's our duty, Ma'am," Smythe confidently replied.

"I must say," the witch admitted. "I wasn't too sure when the Ministry announced the start of the A.P.D., but it looks like you'll be much more helpful than I thought."

Smythe makes a wry face as the witch glanced at her children. "It's also a blessing to know that these two little ones will be going to school come the end of August. I never thought there would come a day, where I would need some room to breathe. But lo and behold, my prayers were answered."

Smythe chuckled and murmurs, "No doubt, countless witches across the country are thinking the same thing, Ma'am."

Before their conversation can continue, the loud screech of birds and swearing caused them to glance up. Poor Timothy swatted at the birds in vain as he held a squirming ferret in one hand in vain. Unable to defend, Timothy leaped out of the tree and fell onto the ground with a pained oof.

Smythe quickly hands the babe back to the mother as the witch says, "Oh my."

The ferret who was safe and sound happily scurries back to the children, who say, "Mimi!" Before happily running back inside without even a thank you.

"Thank you," the witch hurriedly said. "But I really must get back inside. There's no telling what those two will get up to with that mischievous ferret!" As if in reply, the sound of something breaking can be heard causing the mother to pick up her skirts in one hand and rush inside.

"Did that hurt as bad as it looked?" Smythe asked as he held out his hand to his breathless partner on the ground.

"Are we done yet?" Timothy whimpered as he gratefully accepted Smythe's offer and climbed back up to his feet.

"Nope, we just started," Smythe said with great cheer causing Timothy to groan. Their patrol had just begun, and it was far from over!