A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 417

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 417 Lake Guardian

April showers were all over the place sometimes more than thrice a day! But with each passing day, each day was bit more warmer and drier than the day before. Naturally, couples seemed to be forming left and right with spring all around them. Rowan could only naturally conclude that it must be all the animal pheromones in the air from the Forbidden Forest affecting the students body living in the nearby vicinity.

Still, Rowan and everyone else still couldn't help nor overcome their shock, when Professor McGonagall returned after the Easter holidays with a great big diamond ring on her finger. It caused more than a few Gryffindors to faint and others to wildly gawk and speculate, who had been brave enough to propose to the prickly professor.

Not that Rowan didn't know who the identity of the mysterious suitor was as it could only be one brave, and rather stubborn soul, Elphinstone Urquart. But rather what shocked her is how fast this time around Elphinstone moved. Then again, Dougal McGregor had much earlier on than in the past and had died rather bravely in order to save his son.

Maybe, under that type of a unique situation it allowed, Minerva McGonagall, to move on that much quicker. That or possibly the fact that Elphinstone was seemed to be much more proactive. Not that he hadn't won McGonagall in the past, but it just took him until 1982 to finally successfully gain her hand. Tragically, he died in 1985 only three years after having been married from a Venomous Tentacula bite. It was a rather strange way to go given, what his former profession was. Hopefully, this time around, the same situation wouldn't repeat itself.

Then again, if Rowan truthfully did admit to herself, how on earth did such an accomplished wizard die from such a simple and rather treatable magical plant bite? It was fairly suspicious if she was honest. But then again, she couldn't ignore the lack of common sense that wizards tend to lack. The best example was Hogwarts....

Still, Rowan made a mental note to possibly check up on Elphinstone Urquart. If he was truly killed, what made him so valuable? He was the right hand of Bob Ogden, the Head of the Auror's department. Elphinstone is in fact in charge of reviewing all of the Auror incoming reports. Maybe, he pieced something together or formulated some sort of suspicion despite lacking any real proof. After all, not all Hypothetical conspiracies turn out to lies but actual conspiracies.

Still that wasn't the only shocking news that had occurred during Easter, Remus and Mary were both now officially dating each other. They all congratulated the shy couple especially Sirius, who made dirty jokes. It wasn't until Rowan pointedly elbowed Sirius in the rib cage that Sirius shut up with a pained whimper for the rest of the afternoon.

Either way, time flew by, and one starry, still chilly night, Rowan made her way across the muddy lawn towards the inky black lake. The lake had unfrozen, but the waters were still icy cold. The almost full moon hung high and silver in the night sky reflecting on the inky black lake surface below. (It was just before the full moon as the Marauders that included Severus now per tradition now tended to run around in their animagus form.)

Rowan's cloak fluttered around her as curled around her a long, thick albino snake could be seen. Nadira's emerald eyes sparkled like gems much like that of the diamond-shaped sapphire on her forehead. Nadira had grown by leaps and bounds and now was the healthy size of a large boa constrictor. She weighed a ton too. Not that Rowan would ever mention Nadira's weight to her.

Glancing up at the sky, Rowan asks, "Are you certain of this Nadira?"

Nadira answers in her still little girl voice, "Yes, protector and friend, it is time. Should I become bored or hungry, I can still sneak into the kitchens. After all, I can turn invisible." The pale pink tongue fluttered in tease at that last part.

"Fair enough," Rowan replied in parseltongue as Nadira uncoiled herself and slithered to the muddy grounds. The albino Great Horned Serpent seemed tiny when in comparison to her mother, but she'd grow large and huge. Nadira's sapphire eyes innocently blinked up at her causing Rowan to gently smile back.

Turning to glance back at the lake, Rowan takes out her wand and begins to say in parseltongue, "Magic of old be my witness." The lake which had been still began to ripple without any wind. "Once Hogwarts was bound together by four, and that which is Hogwarts was born. Once a guardian was found and bound, but long gone, when Hogwarts was still young." The sentient magic like presence was once more felt as if intently listening.

Rowan paused and turned to the east and bowed. "To the East, that which is Air. I beg you to grant the power of your protective winds to Nadira, the Great Horned Snake that can fly as her ancestors and mother before her. Grant her the winds to protect Hogwarts as once long ago." The wind begins to lightly blow from the east.

Turning to the South, Rowan does the same as before. "To the South, that which is Fire. I, the descendant of Godric Gryffindor, the one who once brought forth a might winged lion request that you grant Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent the same fighting prowess. For she is strong and pure and will fight to protect the charges that will be placed in her care." From the south red like glowing sparks begin to fly in the air. None of the tiny red sparks burn as they hit the ground and fade away.

"To the North, that which is Water. I request that Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent's power naturally grow. For she was born of water and that which is her home. Grant her strength like none other to protect Hogwarts, her new home." The inky black lake waters begin to surge up in waves as if in response.

"To the West, that which is Earth. I request that that Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent be given the trust and domain over Hogwarts and her surrounding lands. Nadira vows to her dying breath as her mother before her to guard this ancient magic place. "That which was born of the earth forever bound evermore." Glowing like flowers begin to bloom across the muddy grounds as if in response. It was a rather admirable view.