A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 418

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 418 Lake Guardian

Suddenly, Rowan hears noises causing her to turn and in her surprise at the edge of the tree line centaurs can be seen. Next to them are the glistening white figures of unicorns and the dark reptilian horse-like figures of Thestrals.

On the other side of the Forbidden Forest, dark giant acromantulas can be seen hanging from the trees as a very old blind spider is led to the edge of the forest. No other magical creature appears as neither trolls, werewolves nor giants resided in the Forbidden Forest. Though smaller tiny magical creatures such as bowtrunkles and others appear to buzz in the trees and the very air.

Somehow neither Madam Maxime nor Professor Vulchanova is aware of the nights' ongoings. Hogwarts is protecting her secrets even from the Headmaster at this moment. For the entire school is sound asleep for the moment down to the very last occupant. Even the ghosts find they cannot move this night as they are presently trapped within the castle walls. The house elves have apparated onto the grounds as they earnestly observe from the lawns the solemn ceremony.

Turning back to face the lake, Rowan blinks at spotting bobbing grayish, long-haired merpeople in the inky black waters. The giant squid is also present stretching its long tentacles in the air as if in greeting. All sorts of bobbing heads of the magical creatures can be seen across the surface of the lake from the creatures residing in the lake.

Tightening her hold on her wand, Rowan says, "Ancient magic of old, witness that which was unbound be bound anew. Bind Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent to Hogwarts as once before for Hogwarts remains unprotected and she is in need of a guardian once more."

Rowan paused and removed a knife from her pocket. Carefully slicking her palm open, she winces as she holds out her hand and allows four red drops to fall onto Nadira. The crimson droplets stain the perfectly glowing cream skin, but Nadira doesn't flinch nor move.

"I, Rowan Prince, bare the blood of three of the founders of old, Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff. But accept my blood on behalf of Rowena Ravenclaw the final founder to complete the four," Rowan said as her voice somehow echoed across the grounds without wakening the Beauxbatons nor Durmstrang guests.

"Once there was strife among the founders that which broke their bonds, but I say, not this day. Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent lives among the Rivers and Lakes full of hidden and untold mysteries much like Salazar Slytherin.

Nadira, born of Earth crawls and lives upon Hogwarts grounds like Helga Hufflepuff tending to those in her care.

Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent is fierce like Fire willing to lay her very own life as Godric Gryffindor.

And Nadira, the Great Horned Serpent flies on the Wind unlike any other snake much Rowena Ravenclaw was unlike any other witch. There is no need for strife evermore for Nadira proudly represents all Hogwarts four."

Taking a breath, Rowan raises her wand into the air one last time. "For the last and final time, I ask again, magic of old be my witness and heed my call. Bind that which was once unbound once more. Let Hogwarts regain that which was once lost and let the lands prosper once more."

Much like at the Yule two years ago, Rowan can feel an intelligence presence respond in turn. Spiraling lights and strings begin to appear in the air swirling out from every stretch of the land including Hogwarts and connecting to Nadira. Nadira is simply covered in glowing strings until a powerful like blast is heard as a midnight rainbow appears in the sky.

Rowan gapes at the unbelievable phenomena as the sentient like magic presence fades away and the wind dies down once more. The midnight rainbow vanishes as everything returns as it was. Behind her, Rowan can clearly feel Hogwarts's presence.

Hogwarts was happy which was strange to think of a castle, but it was true. And for the first-time countless centuries Hogwarts begun to recover her power that had begun to fade away. And with it, many wizarding children would once more begin to appear in a world where magic had begun to slowly fade away.

The centaur's in the forbidden forest bowed to Rowan, before retreating back into the woods. But she caught the wave and a smile from a light-haired youth, Firenze. The acromantulas retreated alongside the rest of the magical creatures leaving only the merpeople behind.

With care, Nadira slowly approached the edge of the water and said, "Come visit me, protector or else, I'll come visit you."

"I will," Rowan solemnly promised as Nadira with a happy cry dove into the inky black lake and disappeared into the dark waters.

Turning to the merpeople, Merchieftainess Murcurs, Rowan bowed. "I hope that you may treat Nadira kindly. She was given into my care by her mother, Merchieftainess Murcurs," Rowan replied in an accented Mermish.

The fierce gray-skinned Merchieftainess blinks her yellow eyes in surprise. Her long wild, dark green hair was tied up by a shark fang pin. Around her neck was a necklace of shark fangs. While a glimpse of her powerful, silver fishtail can be dimly seen in the gleam of the moonlight. Merchieftainess Murcurs says, "You are Dumbledore's apprentice, yes?"

"I am," Rowan replied.

"Thank you for bestowing upon us the honor of residing with the new guardian," Merchieftainess Murcurs sincerely said. "Our foremothers told us of a time when a great flaming winged lion protected Hogwarts and resided in the Forbidden Forest with the centaurs. But an evil being came forth and slew the mystical guardian long ago. Since then Hogwarts has slowly begun to wane without a guardian."

"You will care for, Nadira?" Rowan asked. "She is still young and rather small when in comparison to that which is found in the lake." Which was rather true and made Rowan wonder if there was a hidden underwater lake that connected to the sea given that the merpeople had shark necklaces and the Durmstrang boat that had made its way across through unseen seas.

"Fear not, protector," Merchieftainess Murcurs replied. "No creature found within Hogwarts reach will cause her any harm. We shall ensure that she be honored as is her due."

"Thank you," Rowan said as Merchieftainess Murcurs tilted her head in a slight bow, before vanishing underneath the inky black lake surface with the rest of her people.

Shivering in the chill air, Rowan realizes her hand is still bleeding and seals the cute. Washing away the blood on the ground, she hurries behind the greenhouses before teleporting into the dorm. Only the Hogwarts house elves and Nadira knew of her secret. And neither of which would ever betray her.