A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 419

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 419 Hogwarts Governing Board

With April's spring showers and increasingly warm days the entire month flew by rather almost too quickly. It was late in April when a summon is sent from the Hogwarts Governing Board to the Headmaster of Hogwarts requesting his immediate presence that same evening at precisely nine o'clock. It came quite as a bit of a surprise to Albus Dumbledore, but then again it should not have. Truthfully, he was surprised that it had not come sooner given just who was the new chairman of the Hogwarts Governing Board, Lucius Malfoy.

With such thoughts in mind, the long silvery haired figure with an equally long beard tucked into his belt, Albus floo'd directly to the Hogwarts Governing Board's building. Albus pensively furrowed his brow, while his normally sparkling blue eyes are rather grave behind his half-moon spectacles. He does not even realize that his long, crooked nose is even a bit scrunched up due to his inner thoughts.

It was not that Albus particularly disliked his former student, but rather he did not trust the Slytherin. Lucius Malfoy though not outright cruel is most certainly a cold and calculating pureblood. And whatever Malfoy wanted would surely force Albus to either agree or disagree for a certain price. A price that Albus himself may not be willing to pay but be forced to bend his head to the will of the governing board.

His buckled boots can be heard echoing through the halls of the building as Albus's more solemn dark blue robes rustle behind him. Albus takes a moment to compose his thoughts, before pausing before the doors of the deliberation chamber causing the doors to open without even a touch. He easily passes through, before the doors slam loudly shut behind him.

Albus carefully studies the twelve seated figures before him in a semi-circle. At the center is an icy, pale, long blond-haired wizard, Lucius Malfoy. The proud wizard nods his head at Albus, who studies the rest of the already council especially the four new figures all together seated at the end of the left side of the semi-circle. The farthest right side begins with the most veteran board member and continues in that order except for the Chairman, who sits directly in the middle.

The chairman, Lucius Malfoy carefully studies the Hogwarts Headmaster. Despite the solemn occasion, Professor Albus Dumbledore's eyes still hold a bit of childlike energy in them. It is a most unseemly sight given the Professor's age!

Still even Lucius had to admit, the Headmaster did in fact require to be possession in such vitality in order to direct Hogwarts. Otherwise, he'd have clearly been overrun by the mob of students, that or driven mad. Although the last part of that statement would often be said as, Albus Dumbledore undeniably brilliant, wholly eccentric, but just a tad bit mad.

Seeing the other board members peeking at him, Lucius subtly ensures that his slick blond hair is perfectly groomed with nary a hair out of place. Satisfied that his appearance is impeccable, Lucius says, "Welcome Professor Dumbledore. Our deepest apologies that the governing board has not had sufficient time to amply meet with you. We have been preoccupied with selecting four new members to join the board. Please allow me to introduce them starting from the far left."

"Miss Francesca De Leon."

A rather beautiful witch of Spanish descendant with bewitching, lively eyes. Miss De Leon flashes Albus a charming, but warm smile. The former Gryffindor still clearly remembered her old Headmaster.

"Garrick Arnold."

A rather haughty wizard with expensive couture. Mr. Arnold barely stopped himself from sneering at Albus Dumbledore. He had attended Durmstrang and is irked by the fact that his fellow likeminded wizard, Gillert Grindelwald, had been halted by such a muggle loving wizard.

"Frederick Livingstone."

The wizard is an elderly man with bushy untrimmed brows, a square face, and puffy, wild hair that frazzled in all directions. Mr. Livingstone seems to be rather intrigued by the presence of Albus Dumbledore as he intently studied him. He'd too had studied at Durmstrang, but unlike Garrick Arnold, he did not share in Arnold's mindset.

"And last but not least, Izuki Sato."

The solemn, middle-aged Japanese wizard dark piercing eyes carefully studied Albus Dumbledore. Unlike the rest of his compatriots, Izuki Sato had completed his education in his native land of Japan at Mahoutokoro School of Magic. However, he'd fallen in love with an exchange British student from Hogwarts and followed her home to this somewhat cold, and rather wetland, where it always seemed to be raining at some point in the day.

Mr. Sato's long sleek black hair is pulled back into a rather elegant top knot. Mr. Sato barely nods his head at Albus, but the tiny bow is full of genuine respect causing Albus to return the head nod. After all, Mr. Sato still carried with great pride, and dignity the blood of his samurai wizard ancestors.

With introductions now completed, Albus with a bit of usual twinkle in his eyes, says, "It is no trouble at all, Malfoy. I am rather glad to be here this evening and welcome the new board members."

Lucius's lips twitch in annoyance at Dumbledore welcoming his council members as if they were Dumbledore's. Trying not to frown, Lucius instead coolly says, "Thank you, Professor Dumbledore. Your words are much appreciated. That being said, the Governing Board has called you here today in order to hear the already voted upon proposals for Hogwarts."

Albus Dumbledore's eye's slightly narrowed at Lucius Malfoy's words. "Have I any say in these said proposals?" Albus crisply asked.

"Not particularly," Lucius replied with a great deal of relish. "The Board has already voted, and we have already received the funds to enact said changes."

Albus furrows his brows at Malfoy's statement. "And just what are these funds to be used for?"

Lucius's lips curl with triumph as he leans back into his seat and says, "The upcoming new school year will receive the greatest influx of Hogwarts first years not seen since the very founding of Hogwarts. And that is not even mentioning the wave of transfer students in the second and third school years."

"I am well aware of that," Albus slowly said. "And what is the Board proposing in that case?'

"Firstly, there will be four more professors hired to aid as sub-professors for the following courses: Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, and Herbology," Lucius smugly explained.

"It is not reasonable to expect that four professors will be able to handle the abnormal influx of students, and all the while managing their duties as the Head of their respective Houses. As such, there will be four new sub-professors to be hired that will teach first years to fourth years, and therefore lowering the already existing burden on the Head of Houses. And thereby permitting the already overburdened Head of Houses more ample time to complete their already existing duties.

The board already has a list of potential candidates for each position and will only need the Professors themselves to interview the candidates to select which of the candidates will serve directly under them. And this will, in turn, allow Hogwarts to possess a veteran Professor already in place to replace any of the Head of Houses when they decide to finally retire and thereby facilitating the hiring of a new Professor to complete the education for the lower years," Lucius said with a great deal of satisfaction.

Albus thoughtfully purses his lips and says, "Yes, that would certainly go a long way into easing the burdens on the Head of Houses."

He'd received enough complaints from Minerva and the three that he could earnestly flush from the guilt and the shame. But he was the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and all funds for Hogwarts went directly through the Hogwarts Governing Board and not through him. Though he had to admit, he was pleasantly surprised and shocked that Malfoy was being so altruistic. It was most certainly not in Malfoy's nature to do so.