A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 420

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 420 Hogwarts Governing Board

Seeing that Dumbledore is not going to protest the changes, Lucius moves onto the next subject. "That being said, we are still in the process of searching for a suitable candidate for the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts," Lucius reluctantly admitted. "There are not many suitable candidates to fill the position."

Albus nods his head in understanding and says, "Yes, it has been a trial to hire a new professor every single year since 1969."

"Indeed," Lucius grumbled under his breath, before saying, "There will also be three more full time, Professors to be hired. We as a Board have already hired them after a careful selection process. The first is for Gobbledegook. Professor Flitwick has performed an incredible feat in juggling two subjects along with his Head of House duties. We as a board cannot ignore his plight, and in turn will be hiring a full-time Professor to replace him, Professor Manzil Snipe."

Lucius paused to his sneer. "The second is for History of Magic. It has been pointed out that some of our children's education is somewhat lacking in said subject."

Lucius tactfully paused, before carefully saying, "I can clearly recall my own time in Professor Binns's classroom, and a ghost should not be teaching such an important subject. As such, we have been blessed to find a more than superb candidate to take the post, Master Strauss, an accomplished historian with two masteries, one in History of Magic and another in Care of Magical Creatures."

Lucius almost sniffs at seeing Dumbledore's face light up. Rather grudgingly, Lucius had to admit that not everything had been the Headmaster's fault. The board did, in fact, hold a great deal of say on the subject of hiring. And the Headmaster only had so much of a leeway.

Clearing his throat, Lucius rather distastefully mutters, "The third and fourth hires will be a Muquib and squib."

Albus's eyes widen in sheer disbelief. How in Merlin's name had Malfoy agreed to such a thing?! Not that he wasn't glad to see such progressive thoughts, but still, this is Lucius Malfoy. There surely must be some sort of catch.

Lucius looks as though his teeth are being pulled out and says, "With the new education statute in place the Ministry of Magic has requested that all children be well rounded. Starting this year, there will be mandatory classes for all first-years to attend. One is for all muggleborn children to attend a Wizarding Etiquette class taught by a squib by the name of Benjamin Buchanan. He is the great-great-grandson of Angus Buchanan, the famous squib writer and rugby player.

Mr. Buchanan is quite energetic, but he is of pureblood descent and will be to properly educate these children. Following this year, all first and second year muggleborn's will attend these lessons."

Lucius actually gulps as if swallowing a sour lemon. "The other Professor is a muquib by the name of Elias Murphy. It has come to our immediate attention that Muggle Studies should be taught by an actual muggle."

Lucius had to actually pause to take a breath, before through gritted teeth saying, "Said muquib will be taking over as the current Professor Reed has agreed to retire from his post. And not only that, but much like for the muggleborn first years, all wizarding children raised in the wizarding world must attend Muggle Studies starting their first year at Hogwarts. It will ensure that our children are well rounded, however, as Muggle Studies is already an elective, these children may choose to drop this course for their third year in order to elect two other courses."

Albus's eyes actually sparkle with delight as he stares at the Slytherin. Lucius's is barely holding back a sneer, before quickly saying, "Those are all the agreed-upon hires. Is there anything that else that you wish to add, Professor Dumbledore?"

"Not at all," Albus sincerely said. "I am quite grateful for the Board anticipating the needs of Hogwarts. I was quite worried to be truthful, but it seems that is out of the question now. I have the feeling that Chairman Malfoy will continue to go on to do great things!"

Lucius barely stops himself from chocking in anger and despair. He hadn't wanted to hire the muquib or squib, but Reginald Prince had merely stared rather pointedly at him. And Lucius knew for a fact that he did not have a choice, not if he wanted to continue his alliance with the Prince family.

But feeling a shift in the wind, Lucius straightens up in his seat, and rather pointedly says, "Though someone must be done about Professor McGonagall." However, to his profound dismay, the twinkle in Albus's eyes did not diminish whatsoever.

Somewhat infuriated by Professor Dumbledore's lack of reaction, Lucius aloofly says, "Minerva McGonagall is at present the Transfiguration Professor, Deputy Headmaster, and Head of Gryffindor. It is not proper that such a brilliant witch be subjected to so many posts at a time. Professor Dumbledore, please select between one of two options which must occur, Professor McGonagall must either cease to be the Head of Gryffindor or give up her post as Deputy Headmaster? It must be one or the other."

Professor Dumbledore is silent for a long time, before finally saying, "I trust Minerva McGonagall fully as my Deputy as such I will relieve her of the post as Head of Gryffindor. I merely request that I be permitted to elect a new House Head for Gryffindor, after the end of this school term."

"That is reasonable," Lucius said with a bit of satisfaction. "With that being said, there is also a request regarding the squib Caretaker Argus Filch. With the influx of students this upcoming school year, it will become increasingly difficult for him to maintain order. As such, the Board will be hiring another squib and a muquib to aid him in maintaining the castle. They shall be employed starting the next school year."

"I'm sure Argus will simply be delighted with the news," Albus cheerfully said, almost causing Lucius to grind his teeth frustration. Was there nothing that he could do to gain a foothold over Dumbledore?!

Close to losing his composure, Lucius suddenly understands why his father disliked the infuriating Headmaster so much. Albus Dumbledore was simply impossible to deal with! Blasted Gryffindors!

Rather eager to see Professor Dumbledore now leave, Lucius quickly says, "I'm certain that you will have an early day tomorrow, Professor Dumbledore, and will need to inform the school's Professors. And so, if there is nothing further, you are excused, Headmaster."

None of the other Hogwarts board members speak up as Albus smiles rather genuinely and says, "I must admit I was quite delighted by today's meeting. Let us do so again but with tea and chocolate-covered biscuits next time."

Lucius's brow visibly twitches as Albus Dumbledore happily strides out from the office. It would be far soon if he had to deal with that confounding wizard. But then again, he was the Hogwarts Governing Board chairman. Sooner or later, he'd have to accept that request of tea, whether he liked it or not. It was the price of politics after all as one must often dine with enemies and rather odious individuals.