A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 421

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 421 Hogwarts Governing Board

With a rather loud yawn, Filius Flitwick, double checks his appearance in the mirror, despite the early hour. It had been ten o'clock last night, and he'd been stuck at his desk grading essays for both Charms and Gobbledegook. Not that he didn't love to teach, but he had been feeling rather overworked as of late. He frankly didn't know he'd be able to handle the final workload in May preparing his Charm students for their O.W.L.'s and their N.E.W.T.'s or his Gobbledegook students for the final exam.

However, to his shock, a house elf had popped into his office. It was a note from Professor Dumbledore requesting that every single Hogwarts staff member including the caretaker and groundskeeper be present tomorrow morning in the staff room at exactly six o'clock. It was ridiculously early, but not unheard of as Professor Dumbledore is a rather cheery, early morning riser to the hatred of more than one Hogwarts staff member.

Filius lets out a rather loud sigh, before smoothing down his dark hair and adjusting his crisp robes. Ensuring that his wand is in his sleeve holder, he makes his way out of his quarters and down to the staffroom. He was still early as there were only a few staff members already present nursing some hot tea and coffee to keep wide awake. He quickly greets Minerva, Silvanus, Poppy, Rolonda, and the rather large figure of Rubeus.

They all mutter various forms of good morning as Rolanda Hooch's yellow like eyes narrow as she says, "Well, what do you all suppose what strange manner of bee is buzzing around in Albus's bonnet this morning?"

Filius shrugs, while Rubeus Hagrid, the ever starch supporter of the Headmaster, says, "Well, I reckon, it can't be bad."

"My point exactly!" Silvanus Kettleburn exclaimed flashing them all a wide grin.

The matron of Hogwarts, Poppy Pomfrey merely narrows her eyes and dangerously mutters, "It better be important. I have some very ill children that are in need of my attention, and I shan't have none of them wondering off early!" The other five staff members all shiver at the rather determined tone heard in the matron's voice.

Minerva tactfully coughs and changes the subject. "Be that may very well the case, how are preparations for the O.W.L.'s and N.E.W.T.'s going? I hate to say this, but I fear for some of my students are still denser than a rock even after all these years."

Silvanus chuckles and says, "That only must be you, Minerva. My lads and lasses always seem quite excited to take the exams."

"That's because they get to them outdoors, you cheat," Minerva grumbled under her breath, before taking a sip of her tea causing her engagement ring to glint in the candlelight.

The other staff members chortle at her words, while Filius interrupts by saying, "Well, I'm more or less in the same spot as you, Minerva. Though I must admit, I am much more fatigued this year. I can only conclude that it is because of Gobbledgook."

Instantly Poppy bursts into action and puts her hand to the diminutive wizard's forehead, before saying, "No fever, but perhaps, a nice Pepperup Potion might just do the trick."

Filius politely declines as Poppy keeps pointedly staring at him until he accepts the potion. With a grimace the charms professor gulps down the potion and is left feeling a lot more energetic, but with steam puffing out of his ears.

While Poppy continues to fuss over Filius, the rest of the Hogwarts staff begin to steadily creep into the long, paneled staff room that is filled with all sorts of mismatched furniture. The figure of Pomona Sprout quickly joins them, while Horace Slughorn arrives chatting with Professor Boas. With fifteen minutes until six o'clock, the last of the staff members arrived, Ariel Zephyros.

The divination professor seems looks much the same as he usually does with oily hair, and red-rimmed eyes. In his usual dreamy voice, Zephyros says, "Well, this is a most unexpected meeting. I most certainly did not read this in the tea leaves last night as I was told it was going to be a surprise." There is a general rolling of eyes at his words as not any of them believed in his words. Because of course, it was going to be a surprise, it always was with the Headmaster in charge.

With ten minutes remaining until six, the Hogwarts staff sat down with Argus Filch sitting down next to Rubeus Hagrid, and Irma Pince. The dark-haired librarian with suspicious eyes flashes Argus a shy smile with Argus doing much the same. The two certainly had not begun to date yet, but it was only a matter of time. In fact, there was a betting pool going on between the Hogwarts Professors, when exactly that would occur.

The entire staff room is silent as exactly five minutes before the hour, the door swings open and in sweeps the beaming figure of the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. "Good morning everyone!" Albus said as chirper as usual. "I hope that you all slept well."

With a pleased hum, Albus took a seat before them at the head of the room. "Well, there's a great deal of exciting news to share his morning," Albus said causing more than one face among the group to darken. The last time the Headmaster had said that they'd all been forced to do a group activity together. It was most undignified for a group of a.d.u.l.ts to stop by Diagon Alley for ice cream. Some of them still couldn't live down the sheer mortification of that day.

"I bring news from the Hogwarts Governing Board," Albus loudly explained causing even more faces to darken. That meant only two things, budget cuts or ridiculous protocols to follow in the classroom. As if said protocol could truly work in a school full of students with magical wands in their possession!

"Chairman Lucius Malfoy will be employing several more staff members at Hogwarts!" Albus said causing more than one staff member to blink in disbelief. Did he just say, Lucius Malfoy, the arrogant little sh*t that had made all their classes hell?! When had the vain, and rather conceited pureblood grown a brain much less a heart?!

Then again, it may be a sign that the world was finally coming to an end. It certainly seemed like something out of character of the haughty pureblood. Of course, it could always be a sign of the Imperious curse. Yes, that's probably what it was. Maybe, someone should make a report to the Auror's or the A.P.D.?!