A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 422

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 422 Hogwarts Governing Board

The look on the Hogwarts staff members must be screaming volumes because Albus quickly says, "The board has decided with the large influx of first years and transfer students in the next upcoming school year, there was finally a need to hire new professors. The changes are as follows for Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, and Herbology as the professors for these four courses are Head of Houses, there will be sub-professor's hired to aid in teaching first to fourth-year students.

At a later date, the Head of Houses and I will convene to interview potential candidates. The board have quite kindly given us the option to elect to whom to work with. As such, I only ask that we be patient with all of the candidates in order to ascertain the best results."

There is a gasp of delight from Pomona Sprout, who gleefully murmurs, "Finally! Merlin's name be praised!" (Which ironically was true considering, who was behind all of the changes.)

There is a chorus of laughter that followed as Dumbledore motions for them to become silent, before continuing, "In addition, there will be four more professors to be hired. A full-time professor for Gobbledegook, Professor Manzil Snipe. Professor Binns will be left to his own devices as we will have Master Strauss teaching History of Magic."

"Master Strauss!" Silvanus Kettleburn interrupted. "Master Strauss is a brilliant historian and has a dual mastery in History of Magic and Care of Magical Creatures. I will be most honored to speak to him, and have him train, Rubeus as well!"

Rubeus Hagrid perks up at his master's word's and eagerly memorizes the name, "Master Strauss." If his master liked him then surely, Mister Strauss cannot be a bad man.

There is a nod of approval from Pomona Sprout, who mutters under her breath, "He's a Hufflepuff."

Albus patiently waits for a moment for the staff room to become silent again. "In addition, there will be a new course adding to the Hogwarts curriculum for all first and second year muggleborn students. The course will be called, Wizard Etiquette, and will explain the traditions and manners of the wizarding world. The class will be taught by Benjamin Buchanan, the great-great-squib grandson of the famous squib writer, Angus Buchanan, and Scottish rugby player."

There is a long pause of silence until Argus says in disbelief, "Is that really true, Headmaster?"

"Yes, it is," Albus replied with a kind expression on his face. "The Hogwarts board, in addition, will be hiring another squib and a muquib as caretaker's for Hogwarts to serve under you, Argus."

Argus's eyes grow eye as he would have never dreamed, he would one day head his own office and much less ever see another squib employed at Hogwarts. But even more importantly, a squib as a Professor! It was utterly revolutionary in the direction of squib rights.

"That being said, I am sad to say that Professor Reed will be retiring after this year from muggle studies. However, his replacement will be a muquib by the name of Elias Murphy. Not only will he be in charge of teaching muggle studies from now on, but also a required muggle studies class to first and second years that are wizarding children raised in the wizarding world. Naturally, these children may drop this course for their third year in order to select another elective of their choice. And that it is the board's belief that all magical children be well rounded in all subjects," Albus steadfastly declared.

There is a long pause, when suddenly various of the Hogwarts staff begin to ask questions. Albus patiently answers each question until at last, it is seven o'clock. "Our time is up," Albus firmly announced. "More information will be emerging during the following weeks and be presented at our next staff meeting. I request that all of you hold off with your questions until that time."

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore," said a chorus of voices, before the sound of chairs scraping back as the various Hogwarts staff members rose to their feet. There were children no doubt running about that needed supervising.

The first one out the door is Poppy rushing back to the infirmary. She simply did not trust her patients. They tended to be escape artists, the whole lot of them!

With the throng of Hogwarts staff members making their way out of the door, Albus manages to catch the eye of his deputy and signals at her to stay behind. When the last of the stragglers left, Albus firmly closed the door and beckoned for Minerva to take a seat across from him. And despite an inquiring arched brow, she does as she is told.

Professor McGonagall impatiently waits for Albus to finish serving them both teas, before accepting the overly sweet tea. Minerva McGonagall physically winces at the overpowering sweet taste as she had counted five spoonsful of sugar. Swallowing against her will, she firmly puts the teacup down having taken a sip in order to appease the Headmaster.

"Well, Albus, what is it?" Minerva finally said. "I am to be fired or demoted? Is that what the Hogwarts Governing Board requested of you in exchange?"

"Not necessarily," Albus sheepishly admitted as he took of a sip of his delicious sweet tea. "Rather the Board was worried that you would be unable to fulfill all of your duties properly."

Minerva opens her mouth to protest, but Albus silences her by saying, "I am well aware that you at present can handle all your duties and responsibilities, Minerva. But what of next year, it will be a record-breaking unprecedented influx of students. Even you, Minerva will be hard-pressed to truly be able to give your best and fulfill all those responsibilities."

Minerva closes her mouth with a frown. She hated to admit it, but she had been worried in regard to that very subject. She couldn't in full confidence state that she would not fail any position, nor much less not find herself severely overworked. And nor would she be allowed too.

Minerva glanced at the ring on her finger and sighed. "And just what is it that Board wants of me?" Minerva finally asked.

"They only requested that you give up one position, Minerva," Albus candidly answered. "Your position as my Deputy or as Head of Gryffindor. Please forgive me, my dear, but I fully trust you as my Deputy, and cannot stand to lose you. As such, we will need to decide on a new Head of Gryffindor, after the end of this term for the next upcoming school year."

Minerva feels a pang of loss for her Gryffindor's, but still feels a thread of relief. As Deputy of Hogwarts, she'd still be able to look after her lions. Maybe, not in such close proximity as before, but still that would be enough.

"Very well," Minerva said. "But that being said, I already have a candidate in mind, Bathsheda Babbling. She's a Gryffindor and has her feet firmly on the ground. She'll manage, my lions well enough."

"Excellent," Albus instantly replied with some relief evident in his eyes. "I shall mention the subject to Bathsheda this very afternoon."

Minerva flashes a thin smile at Albus and warily shakes her head. "You already had her in mind, did you not, Albus?"

Albus cheekily grins back with a twinkle in his eyes. "You caught me out, Minerva."

Ruefully shaking her head, Minerva rises to her feet and says, "You must excuse me, Albus, but I have classes this morning and I have yet to eat breakfast. I really must be on my way." Without any further ado, the stern witch departs and vanishes with her robes trailing after her.

Albus sniffs, before taking another sip of his tea. Well, that had gone much better than expected. And with that cheerful thought in mind, he happily sipped his tea and enjoyed chewing on some chocolate covered biscuits. For what could be more British than enjoying a cuppa tea?