A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 424

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 424 Society For The Support Of Squibs

With more squibs arriving, Argus and Arabella cease to chatter and watch the arriving familiar families. Most of the squibs are old and familiar faces, but as of late that are many newer faces of youths and children being brought by their parents or guardians. With the latest Ministry education act and employment reform squibs finally had hope for the future. As such, the Society for the Support of Squibs was subtly gaining more power and traction within the wizarding world.

"Excuse us, is this seat taken?" Asked a rather young female voice.

Argus and Arabella whirled around to see two golden-haired young women with vibrant blue eyes and rather flashing white smiles. "Of course not, my dears, please have a seat," Arabella gestured to them causing some cat hairs to flutter off from her tea and land into her teacup. Not that she noticed as she took a sip of tea right after.

"Thank you, Ma'am," the two girls said as they quickly took a seat.

Seeing the girls glancing rather apprehensively around, Argus decides to intervene. "I'm Argus Filch, and this here is Miss Arabella Doreen Fig."

"Hello," the two girls said, before the older of the two said, "I'm Pauline Lockhart, and I'm sixteen years old."

"I'm Sophie Lockhart, and fifteen years old," the young girl added with a bright white smile that revealed the dimples that she and her younger brother shared.

"Since you're squib, my dears, where is your mother and father?" Arabella asked as she glanced around for their parents.

Sophie cautiously glances at her year older sister, Pauline, who calmly replies, "Our dad is a muggle, but he's working late this evening. And as for our mother, she's a witch, but she stayed home with our younger brother, Gilderoy Lockhart."

"He has magic," Sophie softly chimed in. "He'll be starting at Hogwarts the upcoming school term."

"Oh," Arabella and Argus lamely replied with acute understanding. There is always a difference in treatment between magical children and non-magical children for wizarding parents. But from the sound of it, both girls were in better shape than most as they were half-bloods, and their father, a muggle would surely not mind his daughters not having inherited their mother's magic.

Pauline does not seem all dejected by that fact as she proudly lifts her head and says, "Sophie and I attend a public muggle school. But when dad heard that there was a school in the wizarding world accepting us, he asked that we should definitely attend. Dad is a financial consultant and he said that there will surely be more opportunities now in the wizarding world for squibs, which will give us an advantage over muggles."

Both Arabella and Argus are a bit amazed by the attitude. Having always been viewed as almost second-class citizens in the wizarding world it was rather astonishing to meet such a forthright squib. But at the same time, it filled them with immense hope for the future. Maybe, the squib children of this generation would go on to do great things that they themselves had not been able to achieve.

Pauline flashes them a confident smile that greatly resembles her younger brother's smile minus the dimples. The four of them begin to earnestly chat until the chairman of the society appears a witch by the name of Irma Wright. A passionate middle-aged woman trying to better wizarding society for squibs in Great Britain.

Irma Wright loudly clears her throat as causing the various squibs, parents, and guardians to quiet down. "Thank you all for coming tonight to our monthly social gathering," Madam Wright said. "I see more than a few new faces and I say welcome, we are most happy to have you all present."

There is a general murmuring of welcoming voices, before Madam Wright says, "I have a bit of positive news to share. Gringotts this upcoming summer will be conducting interviews seeking to hire muquibs or squibs as their financial representatives in muggle finances and various other related employees in the field. They do require a degree or having been previously employed in said fields. If you know any squib or muquib in possession of said skills, please have them apply directly at Gringotts Bank."

Pauline perks up as she shares a glance with her younger sister, Sophie. Their dad was right! They'd be able to use their connections in the wizarding world to be properly hired. Naturally, they would first have to complete their general education and then a university degree. But still, the goblins paid in wizarding wages, which meant the process of exchanging said wages to muggle money meant they would actually be earning higher and better than their muggle counterparts.

Mrs. Wright continues to drone on for a bit with various news, before saying, "Now before we can begin to properly socialize, is there any exciting news that anyone would like to share?"

Argus's eyes dart wildly for a moment before he climbs onto his feet in a signal that he wishes to speak. "Oh my, Mr. Filch?" Madam Wright said in obvious delight. "Please Mr. Filch share with the rest of the group your glorious news."

"Er," Argus drily swallows, before saying, "I wish to announce two things. The Hogwarts Board has hired squib, Benjamin Buchanan as a professor of wizarding etiquette."

There are gasps of amazement throughout the whole room. This was utterly revolutionary, a squib professor at Hogwarts herself! It truly was a sign of progress and a direct result of the Minister of Magic, Eugenia Jenkin's actions. She truly was a godsend from Merlin himself!

"And secondly," Argus croaked as a dark flush began to climb up his scrawny pasty neck. "There is are two more positions open at Hogwarts for a muquib and squib caretaker to serve with me at Hogwarts. If anyone would like to apply, please apply with the Hogwarts Governing Board."

With great relief, Argus slumps down in his seat as Madam Wright happily said, "Simply marvelous! I for one am simply delighted by the news. Please anyone seeking a new position for oneself or anyone else, I urge you to apply. Now then, let us mingle and enjoy ourselves!" Madam Wright's personal house elf in a neat tea-towel appears with platters of food and begins to serve the guests.

The rest of the gathering passes by quickly as Argus talks more than he had ever with the two Lockhart girls and various new faces. Overall, it was a rather pleasant evening that had Argus fairly skipping back to Hogwarts. If things continued just like this, he might finally gain the courage to invite Irma Pince down to the Three Broomsticks for a pint and dinner. A guy can dream after all.