A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 431

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 431 Marceline Avery

A faint flush with a goofy grin can be seen on Evan Avery's face as recalls their trysts while at Beauxbatons until Marceline became pregnant near a month later. It was a bit of a scandal, yet, but in this manner none of their parents could protest the match. The two of them immediately left Beauxbatons to reside with his great-uncle and his wife. The two of them were taught by private tutors and maintained their studies until Marceline's fifth month of pregnancy. At which point, she'd grown rather weak and was forced to bed rest.

The midwife said that their yet unborn child was putting a severe strain on both Marceline's magic and body. And as such, suggested that for the time being, Marceline put her studies away. Marceline had obediently done so, but Evan understood that she was a bit depressed by said fact. Still he did his best to cheer her up by ensuring that she at least had plenty of books to which to read while she was stuck in bed.

The two of them had not left for England as they normally would have for there was a matter of their wedding to be held and a bride price to be paid. His father and mother were most displeased at his actions, despite both being secretly delighted at the idea of a grandchild so very early on. His father paid Mr. Bisset a more than ample bride price to cover Mr. Bisset's debts and still leave a small fortune behind to get the wizard back on his feet.

They would have married sooner, but Evan at least wanted Marceline to have a wedding with all the pompous she was due. And though they did not love each other, he deeply cared for her, and was profoundly grateful to her for accepting his suit. And so, the two of them married during Yule in a glorious feast that was full of drinks and laughter.

The only dark spot to that wonderful memory was the appearance of Damian Mulciber. The wretched bastard had been thrown out of Durmstrang for roughing up a poor girl. With great anger and guilt, Evan recalled his third year. He was angry at the time and had foolishly wanted to get even back at Rowan Prince by hexing her, but he never wanted to truly hurt her, nor much less commit such a foul act against her. But at least his only consolation now was that he'd never stooped so long and that Mulciber would never be admitted into another magical institution again.

Evan glances up the clock again and finds that the minute hand is only at the half-hour, there was still another half hour until midnight. Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair, before down his clammy face. He wondered if his great uncle and aunt were at the border yet?

The older couple had left Marceline and him alone at the Avery chateau believing that the young couple was due for one last private moment before the child was born. Taking the opportunity, his great-uncle and aunt with their grown children left early that very evening to visit a family friend in Italy. Wanting to enjoy the scenic route, the older couple left via an enchanted carpet towards their place of destination.

With it being later in the evening, Evan and Marceline had sat out in the gardens enjoying the sunset and the growing darker sky until twilight. The two of them were fond of each other and saw each other at least as good friends. Suddenly, Marceline's back stiffened causing him to glance at her in alarm. "What is wrong?" Evan worriedly asked.

Marceline frowns, before merely shaking her head and in English says, "It iz nothing, 'owever, I do need to go to the lavatory, pleaze 'elp me up." She only spoke in English now as she wanted to improve her English, before they left for England, after the birth of her son. She did not want to be the cause of embarrassment for her husband nor his family, when they returned to his native country.

Evan had quickly helped his wife to her feet and escorted her to the nearest facilities. Some minutes later, Marceline had emerged rather red-faced, but he did not ask her the reason why. No doubt the subject would be embarrassing for the two of them.

Evan had then escorted Marceline to her bedroom to rest at her request before he retreated further down the corridor to read in his own bedroom. A loud shout of pain had sent him flying back to her bedroom an hour later. Marceline was hunched on her side and let out a pained m.o.a.n, "Zee babe iz coming!"

"You aren't due for at least two more weeks!" Evan said in a panic, before fear and terror gripped his heart. "Aunt and Uncle have been gone for hours; they won't be able to make it back in time even if the message should reach them."

"I know," Marceline groaned. "Zend for da Midwife."

Rushing away in panic, Evan must admit he bellowed in terror for the house elves, who hurriedly appeared including his own nanny, Solia, who had been sent by his mother less than a week to be ready for the child's arrival.

A faint pop caused him to sigh in relief at seeing the figure of his childhood nanny house elf, Solia. An older female house elf, but not too old with a pug like nose, bat-like ears, and honey-colored almond eyes, Solia says, "Master Solia comes! What is needed?"

"The baby is coming!" Evan blurted out in panic.

"Solia goes to get midwife!" Solia said as the other house elves also left to grab the healers and prepare the birthing chamber for the birth to take place.

Marceline let out a rather loud cry of pain-causing him to rush to her side. Foolishly unsure of what to do, Evans fidgets, and suddenly wishes his mother was here. She always seemed to know exactly what to do no matter how fraught the circ.u.mstances were.

Reaching over for his wife's hand, Evans finally says, "Squeeze as hard as you want, I'll stay here right next to you." Immediately he regretted his words as Marceline squeezed his hand hard enough to break. Grinding his teeth to keep himself from crying out in pain, he allowed her to do as she wished especially as she gave out another harsh cry of pain-causing him to almost let out a cry of his own.

The minutes and seconds seemed to grow longer, and not a single healer had yet to appear. Let out a groan with tears of pain in her eyes, Marceline whimpers, "Je veux ma maman!"

Evan winced in sympathy and understanding at his wife wanting her mother to be here right now. However, his father-in-law and mother-in-law were away on business and were not set to return until next week. And his own parents were not due to arrive from England until two weeks from now. They were all alone really.

Thankfully, before he is forced to think of a distraction for Marceline's pain, the cries of outside voices are heard. The midwife, a rather cantankerous looking older witch with a mole on her chin points one finger at Marceline. In a rapid-fire of French, the midwife says, "Fille, turn on your back, and spread your legs. I need to see how far you are gone."

Marceline is in too much pain to care, but Evan flushes bright red at seeing the midwife peering under his wife's skirts and into her private groin area. The Midwife frowns as she pulls the skirts back, but her expression is grave. Not wanting to frighten the young couple even more she barks, "Where are your uncle and aunt?"

Replying in accented French, Evan says, "My uncle and aunt went to visit a friend in Italy and just left a few hours ago."

The mid-wife lets out a string of curses under her breath, before saying, "Your house elves have sent for the healers have they not?"

"Yes, they should be here soon as well," Evan hastily replied stumbling over his French.

"Good," the midwife said as a loud pop caused them both to glance at the source as Marceline let out another pained m.o.a.n.

"The healers are here," a male house elf announced, before popping away.

Briskly looking back at her patient, the midwife begins to pull out vials from her bag. "You go and stand outside!" She snapped at Evan.

"But I wish to stay," Evan lamely protested.

"You will faint at the sight of blood," the midwife knowingly sneered. "Your kind tend to have rather weak stomachs around such sights."

Evan glances at Marceline, who shakes her head and protests in her native tongue, "No, I want him to stay. I am afraid."

"Nonsense girl," the midwife barked. "A husband holds no place in the birthing chambers."

Before Evan or Marceline can protest, the midwife grabs Evan by the collar and with impossible strength drags him away. The healers rush past them and pay no attention to him as the midwife tosses him onto the carpeted ground. "Good stay there," the midwife barked with a visible trace of worry in her eyes, before slamming the door shut behind her.

A loud cry jolts Evan out of his reverie as he glances at the time, it was a quarter until midnight. What was wrong?! Rising to feet, he hastily moves forward to only see the doors slam open in front of him.

A fierce stench of blood suddenly fills the air as Evan scrambles forward to only see the bedsheets be painted glistening red. His wife, Marceline is deathly pale, her lips are almost purple, and a wet sheen of sweat is on seen on her forehead as even her hair is plastered back. She weakly smiles at him and croaks, "Evan," with a trembling hand reaching out for him.

However, before Evan can move towards his side the midwife shoves a soft bundle into his arms. Before he can even glance down nor much less speak, the midwife says, "You should call her family and yours," before he is shoved out the doors by the midwife.

The slams loudly shut before his very eyes as the last thing Evan sees is the figure of Marceline smiling weakly at him as she mouths the name, "Barnabas." It was the name they had finally agreed to name their son as Marceline had always liked the name ever since she was a child. And he'd seen no reason for further disagreeing with his wife.