A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 434

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 434 Families In Attendance

Breakfast was a very noisy affair on the morning of the third task. Rowan and Severus had successfully taken all their exams and were very likely to pass with high grades. They were merely waiting like the rest of the school for the final exam results. Beside her, Severus and Terry were chatting about the upcoming Quidditch match between the Ballycastle Bats vs. the Montrose Magpies. They were the two of the teams within the league to win the greatest number of League Cups. It was bound to be a riveting match.

Silvia was intently listening in and interjecting a comment here and there, while Bethanie and Tiffany chattered about what the third event might be since, Rowan refused to say a word on the subject. Mid-eating, the pale, balding, plump form of Professor Slughorn appears in her view. "Miss Prince, the champions are congregating in the chamber next to the Hall after breakfast," Slughorn said.

"But the task is not until tonight," Rowan said with a frown.

"I'm aware of that Miss Prince," Slughorn apprehensively said. "The champions' families are invited to watch the final task, you know. This is simply a chance for you to greet them."

"Not fair," Severus grumbled.

Rowan coldly turns around and steely says, "Then you should have bloody well have put your name in the goblet instead!" Severus rather shamefaced glances down as Terry glances away.

Huffing to herself, Rowan gobbles down her breakfast, before leaving the Great Hall. Igor Karkaroff and Jean Delacour had already made their way into the hall, when she arrived. Igor Kakaroff was chattering with his parents in German. His father and mother were both dark-haired and pale. His father was tall, and robust, while his mother was thin with a hooked nose.

Igor Karkaroff quickly led his parents away at spotting Delilah Pizarro smirking in his direction from inside the Great Hall. Knowing the Slytherin girl, she would somehow cozy up to his parents, before further humiliating him. It was simply impossible to coexist with that girl!

On the other hand, Jean Delacour's parents are both rather short as well. Which certainly explained his height given his two rather diminutive parents. His father had a rather small pointed beard while his mother seemed rather jovial much like Jean himself.

Rowan happily spots the tall, thin figure of her grandfather and runs over. Reginald's normally stern face softens as he feels her arms go around him. The top of Rowan's head now reached his shoulder and he had the strong inkling that his granddaughter and grandson weren't done growing yet.

Aunt Georgine looks quite smart as usual with dark raven like winged hair. Georgine sniffs and loudly says, "At last you've done rather well for yourself given the stupidity of your brother and his friend. Did you at least break his nose?"

"No," Rowan said as she reluctantly let go of her grandfather. "But I'm planning to get even over the summer and the upcoming school year."

"Seems fairly reasonable to me," Georgine loftily said. "That Skeeter woman has she been giving you any trouble?"

"Not at all?" Rowan flashed a wicked smile.

Georgine curls her lips in pleasure as she says, "Good. We Prince's don't take sh*t from anyone."

"Georgine," Reginald said in a chiding voice.

"Oh please, brother," Georgine said a roll of her eyes. "You're hardly the most exemplary person yourself. I have heard far worse things spill out of your mouth over the course of the years."

Rowan snorts as Reginald scowls at his younger sister. This is why he hated going anywhere with Georgine. Younger sisters were the worst!

"Grandfather, Aunt Georgine, I'd like to introduce you to a friend, if I may," Rowan said as she led them towards Jean Delacour.

Jean Delacour brightens up as Rowan stops before them. "This is my grandfather, Reginald Prince and my aunt, Georgine Prince," Rowan introduced them to Jean Delacour his parents. "This is Jean Delacour, the Beauxbatons champion and a friend."

"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Delacour, and your parents," Reginald Prince politely said as Georgine muttered, "Likewise."

Jean Delacour brightly says, "Mon mre et ma pre, pleaze allo' me to introduce mon amie, Ro'an Prince. She iz a good friend. Most kind."

"A pleazure!" Mrs. Delacour said as Mr. Delcaour muttered, "Enchant!

The four of them chat for a bit with Rowan learning that Evan Avery's wife had passed away just after childbirth. It was a bit of a disturbing thought as it was too much of a coincidence. But at the same time, she was rather perturbed by the thought of Evans Avery now being a teenage widower and single parent all at the same time to a newborn. Even if he had something to do with his wife's death, he had more than enough on his plate now to be considered a type of justice.

A bit after that, they politely excuse themselves, before heading off to wander about on the grounds not needing a tour of Hogwarts since this was where the Prince's had attended for countless centuries. With a devilish glint in his eyes, Reginald says, "Rowan, please do introduce dear Professor Slughorn to me. It simply wouldn't do to not meet your head of Slytherin."

Georgine leans over to whisper to Rowan, "Don't let him fool you, brother is planning to cause trouble for poor old sluggy."

Rowan wisely didn't do as she was told and instead took them around the grounds and introduced them to Hagrid. Hagrid happily prattled about as Georgine in appreciatively eyed him. She didn't have the least bit of trouble with his giant blood as she could appreciate a man of his size.

Seeing the glittering gleam in Aunt Georgine's eyes, Rowan tactfully said goodbye to Hagrid, before leading them back to the Great Hall for lunch. The Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor house tables were perfectly quiet for once to the shock of the Ravenclaws and the watching professors. They were rapt attention as though the Queen of England was present with them. Every move that Reginald and Georgine Prince were intently watched and memorized as the two elegantly ate and chatted with Rowan's friends.

"So, you're Terry Greengrass, the one who led Severus astray," Reginald calmly said as he watched Terry pale and wilt before him. "I will applaud you for your cunning, but never involve my granddaughter again. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," Terry quickly said as Reginald turned his attention elsewhere. Terry solemnly vowed to never do something that foolish again. And secondly to never be caught again. He learned a very valuable lesson to say the least.

Georgine on the other hand calmly chatted with Bethanie, Silvia, and Tiffany. "How do you look so young, Madam Prince?" Tiffany said in awe.

"A healthy diet and exercise," Georgine proudly said. "For beauty spells and lotions can only do so much if you're eating poorly and your body is weak."

"Exercise," Tiffany muttered to herself as she chanted the words to herself.

"I heard that you traveled to the orient in your youth, Madam Prince," Silvia eagerly said. "Is that true?"

"I did," Georgine softly replied. "It was full of mystical wonder."

Rowan at seeing the looking in Aunt Georgine's eyes quickly changes the subject. "Have Aunt Georgine tell you about her adventures in Egypt."

"You went to Egypt too?" Silvia exclaimed.

"Oh yes, Egypt is full of luscious men," Georgine purred causing Bethanie and the girls to blush at her tone. With a teasing smile, Georgine begins to recount the PG version of her adventures while in Egypt. Needless to say, the R-rated version was not told.