A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 437

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 437 Third Task

Rather than fighting the Inferni and wasting her time, Rowan transfigured Igor's robe into a long rope and swung it like a lasso. With a three failed attempted her heart jump into her mouth each time until her pulse was dangerously high. Knowing that with each passing second Riddle and his Death Eater's were getting closer to finding her, she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves and aim.

Trying once again, Rowan swung her arm as the lasso whistled overhead, before hurtling towards the golden trophy. Unable to breathe, she seems to watch in slow motion the rope falling just barely around the trophy. Not wasting any more time, she pulled the lasso tight, and hefted the rope as rapidly towards her via using a nearby branch as a pulley.

The rope whirling against the tree branch sounded particularly loud to Rowan's ears. But suddenly the trophy fell off right off the ledge causing the rope in her hands to surge forward giving her rope burns. Despite the pain she doesn't wince as with her heart in her mouth, she struggles to hold the weight of the heavy tournament trophy.

The rope is pulled taunt as the golden trophy bounces once in the air and swing just over the pool of water by mere scant centimeters from the surface of the pool. Rowan remains so very still holding her breath trying to hear and see if anything was making its way up from the depths of the pool of water. Unable to hear or see anything, she braces herself and begins to pull the rope as fast as she can straining her arms and her rope burned palms.

Thankfully the heavy golden trophy steadily rose up at a quick pace until Rowan was able to reach over the pool of water and grab hold of one of the arms. Frowning, she found that nothing happened causing her to spew a string of curses in her mind. And no, she wouldn't have felt too bad about leaving Igor Karkaroff behind as it was his fault, they were in this mess in the first place!

Nevertheless, still the tiniest bit optimistic about the present situation, Rowan removed the rope from around the Golden Trophy hoping that the rope might just be the problem. She highly doubted it, but she could dream, couldn't she?

"Vat's going on?" Igor dizzily asked as he sat up.

In a fit of fury, Rowan tossed the golden trophy at Igor in anger. For Igor to catch it in his arms and merely stare at her, when he suddenly was pulled away. "Well, sh*t," was the only thing she could say at this point. Quite adequate really considering the circ.u.mstances. Well, at least Igor Karkaroff wouldn't die on her watch. She'd one upped the yet unborn Potter. Then again, he was a Gryffindor and not a Slytherin.

The sound of splashing caused Rowan to hastily close her eyes to pull up her mapscape. Red dots were all about, but she found a spot were only one death eater was patrolling. Without any other thought she teleported in that direction.

A minute or so later loud footsteps can be heard as a Death Eater arrives and gapes at the empty rock. Pointing his wand in the air, red sparks shoot up for the rest to gather. Voldemort in particular suddenly transforms into a dark ashy cloud form and zooms through the fog. Being the first one to arrive, Voldemort yells, "Where is she?!"

"I don't know, Dark Lord," the Death Eater fearfully said. "But the cup is gone!"

"Fool!" Voldemort snapped as he pointed his wand at the Death Eater and threw the robed masked figure into the pool. Screaming, the Death Eater cried out for mercy as the pale, grotesque Inferi dragged him down into the depths of the pool of water. The air bubbles that are vigorously bubbling on the surfacing of the water quickly fade away until the last of the bubbles popped and none rose to the top anymore. The surface of the dark pool is completely and utterly still again.

Death Eaters begin to quickly appear on the edge of the pool as Rodolphus did as well including Wilkes. Voldemort's crimson eyes hiss, "Find the girl, she's still here. It's nothing but a trick. The cup was enchanted not to be able to take her back."

The Death Eater's hurriedly spread out as Wilkes says, "Dark Lord, please allow me to speak using the voice spell. Perhaps, I can convince her to join our cause or at least fool her into revealing herself."

"Go ahead," Voldemort replied in approval. At least one of his followers was still useful.

"Sonorus," Wilkes said as he pointed his wand at his throat and began to speak.

"Rowan, this is S.R. Wilkes, won't you come out to speak with us? I can assure you the Dark Lord bears you no ill will, but simply wishes to speak to one of the household members of the Prince's. Your grandfather nor your aunt hasn't been willing. Won't you come out for old time's sake? I thought we were friends."

The response is rather swift as a Death Eater screams into the night, "The brat slashed McCann, real bad! But he's still alive. Healer!"

"Quickly, she must still be nearby!" Voldemort roared into the night as he motions for Wilkes to cease his actions. "You've done well, Wilkes."

Wilkes removes the spell and says, "It is always my pleasure to serve, Dark Lord."

Voldemort doesn't reply as he dashes in the direction of the wounded. His prey would not escape him this night!


Back at Hogwarts, the school is filled with hushed voiced as two of the champions had simply vanished upon Igor Karkaroff touching the golden cup. The instant that Reginald and Georgine had seen Rowan not willing to reach for the cup, they knew immediately that something had gone wrong. The two of them leapt out of their seats and shoved their way down the stands to no avail as they saw her vanish away.

Having reached the bottom of the stands, Reginald eyes are blazing in fury, while Georgine hid her deadly anger behind a faade of ice. "Where is my granddaughter?" Reginald frostily demanded to know as all of the judges blankly stared at each other including the two Ministry members.

"I swear, it was perfectly fine, when I put it there this morning!" Dano Amundsen protested in his own defense as Reginald's chilly eyes passed over him.

"If anything happens to her-," Reginald doesn't even bother to finish his threat. If anything happened to her, they'd all wish they were dead, literally.

From behind Georgine, Severus breathlessly says, "Where's Rowan? Is this also a surprise part of the tournament?"

None of the a.d.u.l.ts dare to say otherwise, when gasps can be heard. "Karkaroff's got the cup!" Someone screamed in the crowd.

The judges alongside move to hurry over, but Reginald wasn't much for patience right now. Taking out his wand he just blasts a hole right through every the entire enchanted hedge maze wall and straight to the middle of the maze. It is rather terrifying and exhilarating to watch. Who know that the old Prince possessed enough power to actually rival that of Albus Dumbledore? Even Dumbledore seemed to a bit taken back at the sudden revelation.

The judges alongside the Professors rushed forward as Georgine remained behind with Severus. "But I want to know exactly what's going on, Aunt Georgine!" Severus protested.

"Not to worry, Severus," Georgine firmly retorted. "Brother will sort this out, you'll see." Severus slowly nods his head as Georgine hides her worry and gently rests her hand on his shoulder. Severus doesn't pull away as the two of them wait at the edge of the maze.

Igor Karkaroff is rather dazed, when Reginald lifts him by collar including the tournament cup still head in Igor's arms. "Where is my granddaughter?" Reginald icily asked.

"The girl?" Igor stupidly blinked. "Ah, she waz left behind."

A murderous look appears across Reginald's face as everyone including Igor notices it. Fearful for his life now Igor tries to struggle to no avail as he finds the tip of toes not even brushing the ground. "I did not knov! She 'rew the cup at me!" Igor shouted for his life lest he be strangled.

"Please put Mr. Karkaroff down, Prince," Dumbledore quietly said. "I'll get the truth out of the young man."

Reginald slowly releases his grip as he coldly turns towards Dumbledore. "I trusted my grandchildren to you, Professor. And yet, my granddaughter was still forced to participate in this farce of a tournament. If anything happens to her, Dumbledore. I will hold you personally responsible, you should know that."

Igor falls onto the ground in shock as he trembles. "Please look this way," Dumbledore firmly said as Igor stares into the deep blue piercing eyes of the Headmaster. The two of them stare in silence for a bit, before Dumbledore breaks the stare.

"The Triwizard Cup was enchanted to be a portkey," Dumbledore explained as gasps are heard. "It'd have taken all the champions in the vicinity regardless of where they were. We were just lucky that Delacour had already been pulled out of the maze. The cup took them to some swampland, where Mr. Karkaoff passed out to only come to-." Madam Maxime shakes her head aghast muttering things under her breath.

Professor Vulchanova only looks on in resignation. He knew that his champion was completely useless, and an idiot really. Which made him feel that much worse about the rest of his student's. Perhaps it was time to retire? He'd have to find a good replacement, but he already had one in mind. The person in question was rather capable and though a tad modern, Mrs. Vulchanova, his daughter-in-law would do very nicely in fulfilling said position.

Dumbledore paused to gain his strength back in his voice. "When Miss Prince, my apprentice threw the cup at him. The portkey cup was designed to return all the champions except for one, Miss Prince." The temperature drop was visibly felt as Reginald Prince like he was ready to hex Dumbledore where he stood.

"Can we track the portkey to its last location?" Mr. Lye asked.

"Not if it was illegally made," Mr. Flint reluctantly answered. "It won't be registered at the ministry otherwise."

Reginald doesn't say another word but merely turns away and gives Dumbledore one last pointed look that said, "Find her or else!" Stomping off everyone is left staring at each other as even Dumbledore blankly stares. What could they possibly do?