A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 441

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 441 Hogwarts Infirmary

Down in the infirmary, Rowan lay on a bed of clean linen sheets. Severus gently, but firmly clutched Rowan's limp hand as Georgine, and Reginald simply sat in silence on the other side of the bed. The minutes trickle slowly by with the only sounds are the muffled sounds of other patients, and the footsteps of Madam Pomfrey moving to check over her patients in bed.

Suddenly, Rowan sat up gasping and panting as she glanced around. Severus throws himself at her causing her to let out a loud oof at the strong hug. Somewhat bewildered by the current scene in front of her she tries to piece everything together. She was fairly certain that she had passed out the minute she landed back at Hogwarts. It couldn't have been that long ago telling by the solemn faces of her family.

Trying to pry herself away from Severus, Rowan feels something sticky, and rather gooey coating the back of her neck. Since her neck wasn't in pain, it must be some sort of burn salve to treat the burns she had received from the fierce flames. Unable to take the bone crushing hub anymore, she finally says, "It hurts, Sev," as her twin brother abruptly loosened his hold on her in immediate concern.

Motioning that she wants to rest against the bed frame, Severus aids his twin sister to lean back against several fluffed-up pillows, he had quickly fluffed up for to lean against. Easing sore back onto a fluffed back pillow, Rowan playful reaches over to tug on the edge of Severus's long nose in light jest.

Severus's onyx eyes glimmer with emotions as he closes his eyes to hide the turbulent emotions found therein. He had been so very afraid of being left all alone after having been abandoned by their mother ever since they were eleven years old. It wasn't something that he had ever admitted to himself until today.

But worst of all, he didn't know just what he would do if something ever happened to his twin sister. He feared that he would simply break like the nursery tale that they had learned in primary school about Humpty Dumpty. "All the king's horses, and all of the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again." For there is no magical spell or potion that could ever mend a broken heart.

Seeing that Severus is clutching the linen bed sheets in his fists tight enough to rip, Rowan leans over and takes one of his fists into her own and squeezing his cold hand in comfort until he finally loosened his grip on the bedsheets. But still, Severus unable to open his eyes lest he reveal the moisture felt underneath his eyelids. Seeing that her twin brother is unable to face her properly at this time, she gives Severus a moment to compose herself.

Feeling a tad embarrassed for ignoring Aunt Georgine and grandfather, Rowan feels the tip of her ears turn light pink. The two older Prince's have rather somber expressions as they study Rowan carefully hiding any other emotions felt at her waking. Trying to break the heavy emotion charged silence, Rowan inquisitively asked, "How long was I out?"

"Fifteen minutes," Reginald croaked trying to contain his emotions of relief at seeing his granddaughter safe and sound. He couldn't have borne another loss for he would have surely gone mad with rage and grief. And in such a dangerous state of mind, he'd have told the rest of the wizarding world to go to hell, before setting it on fire himself.

"Oh good, I'd hate to have been out longer than that," Rowan tired to make light conversation. Her remark fell flat on its face like a bad joke pun.

Seeing that neither Georgine nor her grandfather were going to reply in an attempt to lighten the heavy silence, Rowan changes the subject. "I'm hungry, what is there to teat?" And as if in added emphasis, her stomach begins to growl loudly chiming in agreement.

Georgine's lips twitch slightly upward as she does her best to hide a wry smile. Sniffing as annoyed, she mutters, "Child, you certainly inherited Helga Hufflepuff side of those things."

Shrugging Rowan lightly sneers as she points at the tray sitting at the edge of the bed full of sweets. "Well, at least have the grace or manners to hand me a few sweets seeing as there is no food!"

Georgine snorts back in reply but does not protest as she carefully sets the tray on Rowan's lap. Mumbling some sort of thanks, Rowan eagerly stuffs herself with sweets as she is simply starving. Casting magic consumed much energy and especially the spells which she had cast earlier in the evening. She had only eaten three large sweets when a group of loud, crisp footsteps are heard rapidly approaching.

The white curtain is suddenly pulled back to reveal the faces of Madam Pomfrey, Amundsen, Mr. Flint, and four Auror's: Alastor Moody, Rufus Scrimgeour, and the Prewett brothers, Fabian and Gideon. Seeing her wide awake. they all simply just stare at her as she stuffs another sweet into her mouth.

"Miss Prince! I have a tray of soup waiting for you! Desist immediately!" Madam Pomfrey said in disapproval. And Rowan did after stuffing yet another sweet into her mouth.

Tsking her tongue against her mouth, Madam Pomfrey turned to the Auror's. "Auror's, my patient is tired and needs her rest! Do not overwhelm, my patient!" Flouncing away she went off to retrieve the tray that had the light meal prepared just for Rowan.

The golden haired, golden eye lion like figure of Rufus Scrimgeour nods after the matron, and says, "A word in private please-." None of the Prince's look like they are going to move especially Severus who scowls darkly at the Auror's, but subconsciously his hand tightens its grip on his twin sister's hand.

Seeing that none of the Prince family members are going to be leave, Alastor Moody wisely intervenes, "Scrimgeour let them be, they've had a worrisome night. And besides if anyone can keep a secret, it would be the Prince family." Scrimgeour frowns, but slowly nods his head in acceptance of his partners words, before taking a step back leaving the witness interview to the Prewett brothers.

The handsome Gideon and long nosed Fabian step forward. They were much better at dealing with these types of situations than Moody or Scrimgeour were. Pretending as though they were just meeting for the first time, Gideon warmly smiles and says, "Hello Miss Prince. I'm Auror Gideon Prewett and this is my brother, Fabian Prewett. If you'd allow us, we would like to ask you some very important questions."

"Go on," Rowan replied.

"Miss Prince, can you tell us what happened tonight?"

"Idiot Karkaroff almost got me killed."

Fabian chokes down a laugh and instead turns it into a cough. The rest of those present simply stare at Rowan's deadpan tone. It was a bit startling to say the least given the lack of anger or panic much less any wide range of related emotions.