A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 443

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 443 Professor Lyes Corroboration

Past the gargoyle up the winding staircase, the four Auror's entered Dumbledore's office. Not much had since changed since the last time except for the addition of a blackboard and two desks in the corner. Fawkes was wide awake as he let out a mournful musical cry, he was an a.d.u.l.t again scarlet, golden and gorgeous.

Scrimgeour slowly said, "Professor Dumbledore, is there a reason that your female apprentice has been attacked twice in one night?" The sleepy portraits of the previous Headmasters which has been asleep were startled awake or those pretended to be dozing intently listen in.

"I honestly don't know," Dumbledore regretfully shook his head as blue eyes solemnly glittered behind his eyes. "But if I had to hazard to guess is because my apprentice is a Prince. And they are, after all the hope for the next generation."

"Shh, he's coming too," whispered Gideon as the Auror's had their wands out and ready. They'd already collect the polyjuiced figure's wand since long ago.

The polyjuiced Barrett Boone slowly awoke with a groan, before mocking laughing at seeing their faces. "Waiting for the Polyjuice potion to fall away? Or wanting to know where the boy is?"

Auror Alastor Moody says, "Professor Flitwick found the boy safe in his dorm. Thankfully that is a small mercy."

"Ah, and here I wanted to lead you on a wild goose hunt," the polyjuiced man said.

Sounds from downstairs can be heard as a blast rocks the entire tower. Everyone just stares as even the polyjuiced man looking a bit intrigued. Pulling out their wands the Auror's point them at the door when the bronze door flies open to reveal the raven, slightly silver streaked hair in the shape of wings of Georgine Prince.

The tall, slender pale woman strides in a blue bed robe and not very apologetically says, "I might have broken your gargoyle, Professor, he would not let me in. I'm sure he can still be put back together." Dumbledore lips twitch a bit at that whether in mirth or exasperation is unknown.

Turning towards the polyjuiced figure Georgine says, "Brother thought it best not to come up upon hearing the news from Sluggy. He thought he might kill the polyjuiced wretch otherwise. That and he's staying with Severus and Rowan now, he doesn't trust that a third attack won't happen again and will be residing in the infirmary for the rest of the night."

"Step aside, Auror's," Georgine Prince as she pointed her wand at the polyjuiced figure. "I shan't harm him or kill him; you have my word as a Prince." Auror Moody slowly nods his head in accord as the rest of the three Auror's take a step back.

The polyjuiced figures sneers at her and laughs, "What do you think to do? There's still several hours left to my transformation. Are you planning to read my mind or break it? It's no use, I can't reveal anything, I've sworn an unbreakable oath."

"Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black almost expelled me in my fourth year for breaking the Hogwarts wards," Georgine said with a smirk. "Luckily the old man died not long afterward saving him the trouble of doing so."

"Miss Prince, you could have brought down the entire castle down!" The clever looking wizard roared from his portrait. Dark hair, dark gray Black family eyes, pointed beard and thin eyebrows. The former headmaster looked every inch as belonging to Slytherin given his green and silver robes.

Dumbledore blinks in surprise, he clearly hadn't known that. Dumbledore studies the elder Prince sister with new eyes. He had no idea that Georgine Prince was that powerful.

"I'm not as powerful as my brother," Georgine admitted out loud. "But I do have a talent for wards and removing or breaking spells. Forcing a polyjuice transformation to end is a skill I've acquired since then."

The polyjuiced figure begins to struggle, but Georgine merely points her wand at the polyjuiced man and forces the potion transformation to revert. It was something unheard of given that it was impossible to break the polyjuice potion unless the user died, or the potion wore off. In this case, they were witnessing an unprecedented event.

Before their very eyes, the polyjuiced man transformed into a charming young man with a bit of dandy air about him. Georgine stares at the gasping young man and says, "I don't recognize him, do you, professor?"

"Pyrites," Dumbledore quietly said. "He graduated some years ago."

"Well that settles it," Georgine said with a sniff. "Don't bother to hire a new professor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, Headmaster. I shall be taking the position for the upcoming school year." With a whirl she left without so much as a good night.

The Auror's blankly are left staring at her departing figure as Auror Scrimgeour mutters, "Well at least you would be able to tell if she was polyjuiced. I would say, she is a good bet for the position and better than most."

"Why yes, I do believe I shall take Miss Prince up on her offer," Dumbledore assented in logical agreement. That would certainly solve one problem over the summer. And more if he was truthful to himself.

The five men turn to stare at Pyrites before them who flashes them a cold, bloodthirsty smile. "Auror's shall we be on merry way to Azkaban?"

"Where is Professor Lye?" Auror Fabian Prewett asked.

"Who?" Pyrites feigned innocence.

"The retired Auror whom you're pretending to be!" Auror Gideon Prewett snapped.

"Ah, him," Pyrites said as though he recalled a memory from long ago. "Oh, dead in a ditch somewhere. I couldn't very well leave him alive now, could I? You'll find his corpse in the Forbidden Forest if it hasn't already been eaten by the beasts."

Alastor Moody motions for the Prewett brothers to go and confirm his story. The two brothers quickly leave as only Dumbledore, Auror Moody and Auror Scrimgeour are left with the prisoner. "I say, Professor, have anything to eat? I'm simply famished," Pyrites charmingly requested as though he was at some social event.

Scrimgeour narrows his eyes at Pyrites and once upon a time would have exploded at him. Since then he'd learned to manage his temper. But still, this bastard rubbed him all in the wrong ways.

Half an hour later, both Prewett brothers returned. Fabian quietly says, "We found the corpse and placed it beside Hagrid's cabin. He's keeping watch over the deceased Lye."

"Oh, what a shame," Pyrites mournfully said. "I did so think the Thestral's might eat him. I guess the creatures are much more picker than I previously thought." Gideon clenches his mouth shut lest he rise to Pyrites jabs.

"Enough, Pyrites," Dumbledore said as Pyrites merely tilted his head as if hurt.

Alastor clears his throat and says, "Pyrites, given that you have sworn an unbreakable oath, we have but one more question for you."


"The one you serve goes by the name of the Dark Lord-," Alastor paused with distaste, before adding, "-and Lord Voldemort?"

"Very good, Auror Moody," Pyrites said in delight. "Indeed, that is the name of my master. He's glorious beyond name and will assure in a new era. An era which has never been seen before and which the likes will never exist again."

"He's got that right," Gideon muttered under his breath.

"Then that will be all," Alastor said. "We'll be taking Pyrites to the holding cells until he's sentenced. He'll be going straight to Azkaban for the murder of Lye."

"Oh, I'm so scarred," Pyrites mocked them.

The four Auror's ignored him as they hauled him to his feet and out the door. Alastor nods to Dumbledore before leaving promising no doubt to keep him informed. With a quiet creak the door closes shut leaving Dumbledore at his desk. He tiredly arose to open the cabinet door.