A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 446

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 446 We

On a mist grassy hill stands a circle of stones with two stones standing upright and one on top of it, muggles knew it as Stonehenge. It was said to be the door to another realm. All of which were lies. For wizards it had another name, Magicae Lapis, meaning stone of magic. For the stones marked the precise spot where natural old magic gathered. Though muggle governments had since transformed the sacred holy land into a tourist destination. It was still surprisingly easy to get into at night with a bit of magic.

The moon was high as the mists covered the grassy hills. Shadows moved to reveal masked figures all wearing orange masks coming forward except for one with a pale stone mask of Zeus. The stone masked man stood in the middle of the stone circle, while wizards and witches came to stand in between the stones until it was a complete circle.

"I am many and we are all one," the stone figure said as the rest of the orange figures answered back with the same sentence.

The night goes silent as the Zeus masked man asks, "What have we found?" Only those dolls with information speak the rest remain silent.

A witch with a very soothing voice rather tranquilly says, "Wilkes was slain."

"Yes, he was one of us," the stone masked man replied. "But by whom? I did not see."

"The Prince girl?" Asked a wizard with a dreamy voice as if he was still dreaming.

"No, she does not have it in her to do so," barked a woman's shrill voice that normally was weeping. "But what I don't know is how the girl escaped. Might there have been a spy among the Death Eater's?"

"That is always a possibility," they all said in unison.

A cool male voice says, "Sanderson is leaving to find the Rain Man. His racoon heard everything that night and informed him of Black's dying message."

"Then we must find the Rain Man first," whispered, the witch with a soothing voice.

"And we shall," the dreamy voiced man said. "I've seen it in the stars. The spirit walker must die."

A witch with a low voice says, "And what of Hogwarts? A spy must be placed there that is not a professor among the students."

"Leave that to me," hummed the dreamy voiced man. "I'll find someone before the week is out. A younger student won't be easily noticed."

A harsh male voice says, "Ever since we lost the Minister of Magic position to Eugenia Jenkins, our plans have become derailed."

"No, it's more than that," said the cool male voice. "Ever since the Prince's emerged things have begun to unravel."

"They must be killed," they all whispered in perfect unison again.

"Indeed," muttered a wizard with the strong scent of tobacco and alcohol. "We've been pushed away from the order. We need to find someone to replace me."

"We will," whispered the witch with the low voice. "I'm good friends with Vance. When the time comes, we'll offer our-self."

"Good," they whispered again so very creepily in tune.

A mournful man's voice says, "And what of the prophecy hall? We are after all assigned to the Space Chamber. It's been difficult entering the Hall of Prophecy. The new keeper was well chosen, it's completely warded."

"And who is it?" They all asked.

"We don't know yet. It's difficult to find any clues," the mournful unspeakable said. "But we'll keep searching. The keeper sooner or later will let down their guard."

"Yes, we need to find that which led Alphard Black to us," they all said. "A prophecy, no doubt. We must find it!"

"And what of Riddle, where has he gone?" Asked, the stone masked man in the center.

"Albania," replied the shrill voiced witch. "Riddle's only taken a few with him his most devoted. Odd though, Lestrange was left behind, but then again, Lestrange is a tricky man. He burns hot and cold. He's dangerous."

"Dangerous," they all echoed.

"Let us tie up the loose ends," they all said. "We shall start from the end."

In unison, the orange masked figures walked into the mist in every direction except for the white stone masked man in the center. "And I looked, and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed him." Striding away in the mist the last dark shadow vanished into the mist as Stonehenge returned to her usual peaceful self. But the silent was fake for it was full of unspoken whispers of things to come. And come they would.


In the depths of the Albania forest a green snake with a flat vipers' head slithered through the forest. There were diamond patterns on her skin, and she was as thick as a man's thigh. Vastly poisonous and deadly, twelve feet long, she numbly made her way through the forest. There were so many things she'd forgotten, but there are some things she'd never forgotten as she chanted to herself, "My name is Nagini."

Nagini, who was that? She didn't know anymore, but that was her name. And she was so all alone and very much lonely. At times she could still remember who she desperately missed, a pale young man with dark hair and equally dark eyes. Tragically, she couldn't even remember his name that was stolen by time. But he'd made her heart sing once, but he was long gone. Gone, gone, gone. He'd left her.

Nagini raised her head as she scented the air, there were plenty of new scent on the wind. Food? No, something familiar, man. Man? She'd hunted them before, and they had hunted her. Flashes of old memories flash through her mind, but they quickly flee like flocks of sparrows, before she can lunge at them and firmly clasp her fangs around them.

Curious and for some other unknown reason, Nagini slithered closer. She could see they all wore dark things to cover themselves. Men so very strange, they had no hide, no fur to protect themselves. The one with crimson snake eyes drew her as she slithered closer tasting him. The darkness around him was unpleasant, but it so very much reminded her of the one she couldn't remember. Him. It'd always only been him.

Nagini, was about to slither away, when the crimson eyed one spoke, "Don't be afraid come out."

Nagini's snake eyes blinked as something compelled her to slither out of the bushes. There were cries around her, but she paid them no mind. This man, this man could understand her!

"How exquisite," Voldemort said in parseltongue. "Come."

Nagini did not know what compelled her to follow, whether loneliness or the magic in his voice, followed she did. She did not know what would become of her nor did she care anymore. She was tired and so very lonely. This was infinitely far better.