A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 450

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 450 Formal Request

After a moment, Georgine sets down the letter onto the desk and leans back into the armchair to compose her thoughts. Pursing her lips in thought for some time, she finally says, "Well, there is only one other thing that I can think of. The young widower seeks protection for his newborn son, a Godmother so to speak. And who better than a Prince given our precious lineage especially that of Rowan's?"

"I thought as much," Reginald concluded with a tired sigh as he rubbed his face with one hand. "And I will not allow her to be used in such a fashion."

"Hold on, brother," Georgine firmly interjected. "The Avery's are a good family, and a valuable ally."

"And?" Reginald flatly said, with a cold gleam in his eyes.

"Protection, brother," Georgine sighed in exasperation. "Yes, Rowan will need to fulfill certain duties to the Avery family, but in turn, they will be tied to her until the child is grown. And this ought to quell the worst of the rumormongers."

"What rumors?" Reginald sharply barked.

"They say that the Prince heirs are not proper purebloods nor that they are capable of participating in society."


"Calm yourself, brother," Georgine said in disapproval. "With Sirsa's death and everything that has transpired, we have neglected one critical aspect in the children's education. We have not introduced them into proper wizarding society, and nor has Rowan debuted yet, despite being well of over the age to do so."

Reginald opens and clothes his mouth, before pressing his mouth into a thin line. "It would seem that I have missed a critical aspect in regard to their future."

"We all have," Georgine said with a tired sigh. "There is still plenty of time to remedy that as neither of them have yet to turn sixteen years old. This will mean money, brother, and opening Prince Manor to the pureblood masses to arrange a Winter Ball in order to properly introduce the children, and have Rowan make her young ladies' debut into pureblood society."

"Very well, see to it that it is done," Reginald stiffly answered, before adding, "And thank you, sister."

"It is my duty to the children," Georgine murmured and winced physically at the idea of planning a Winter Ball from Hogwarts all the while being a professor. Just what had she gotten herself into?!

Shaking her head, Georgine asks, "Brother, may I ask Dorea Potter and the Verninac's for aid?"

"She is a former Black," Reginald murmured, "and she will have more than ample experience with such things. And as for Sirsa's cousins-."

Reginald paused for a moment to gain his breath, before adding, "-I am sure they will be delighted to aid in preparation for the festivities."

"Indeed, I thought it would be more prudent if the actual presentation is hosted at one of the Verninac homes rather than at Prince Manor," Georgine steadily proposed. "I would rather not risk the integrity of the Prince Manor wards with such a large of influx of guests that will be present."

"I will not object the suggestion, Georgine," Reginald truthfully acquiesced. "However, the Verninac's may not feel in the same manner in that regard. Confer with them first, and if needs be must, we will cover the cost for the necessary international portkeys to be created for the guests to use if they wish."

"I already thought as much, but I doubt that many will elect to use such means preferring to arrange their own travels in comfort. Still, we shall see," Georgine pensively murmured as Reginald moved to turn away.

"And one more thing, brother."


"The children do not have Godparents."


"Well, what if we tied another family to us via that way?"


"Dorea Potter and Fleamont Potter?"

Reginald almost chokes at the last suggestion as he narrows his eyes most pointedly at his younger sister, who is innocently batting her eyes up at him. "Dorea, I can understand as she is a former Black, but why Fleamont?"

"Severus wishes to become a Potion Master," Georgine truthfully answered. "Fleamont Potter is an excellent potioneer, who made his own fortune in creating potions. Untraditional, yes, but as a godfather, he will be in an excellent position to privately tutor, Severus, and offer's superb connections which neither you nor I possess within the potioneer's community."

"Yes, but what of Rowan?" Reginald grumbled still not fully convinced by the argument, and frankly did not want too.

"Even if Fleamont cannot offer Rowan any education, he can certainly offer her connections to Potion Guilds and other guilds not including the direct suppliers of Apothecaries," Georgine matter-of-factly stated. "And she will be needing all of those things in her chosen mastery."

After a long pause, Reginald reluctantly says, "Very well, I will agree. However, I will not be physically requesting their being godparents, you will take care of that, dear sister! But I will write an official letter of request, which will bear my personal seal."

"Agreed," Georgine said, before rising to her feet. "And brother, I will expect to be permitted full allowances when it comes to the planning of the Winter Ball."

"Yes," Reginald replied as if his teeth were being pulled. He knew for a fact that his sister had an extravagant taste. And she would certainly use every single galleon that was offered to her.

With a cheerful smile, Georgine departs out of her brother's study with a skip in her steps. "Dawn," she called out.

With a loud pop, Dawn appears and says, "Yes, Miss Georgine?"

"Please inform Dorea Potter that I shall stop by for tea within the hour," Georgine said. "I have joyous news to share with her!"

"Yes, Miss Georgine!" Dawn squeaked, before popping away and leaving Georgine to make her way to her quarters. Her brain was simply filled with ideas! And despite the tedious horror it would be planning all of it, it would be most wonderful if it served to rile her brother up!

That and the bulk of the party planning would be handed over to the Verninac's. She had not believed she would be able to convince her brother, but in the end, he had agreed to her proposal. Now, she merely needs to write three letter's and wait for their response. It was the perfect solution, but first she must get dressed!