A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 455

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 455 Societal Tea Invite

With some wariness, Fleamont carefully removed the wax seal and unfolded the letter in order to read the contents found within.

"To Fleamont Potter,

With the murder of my beloved Sirsa at the Malfoy Wedding, it came to my attention that should in the event that I and my sister perish for any numerable of circ.u.mstances that my grandchildren would be left without the guidance of elder or family member to care for them. After much discussion, I have chosen the most eligible and best Godparents for my grandchildren, their godmother, Dorea Potter, and their godfather, Fleamont Potter.

I am certain that you, Fleamont at this very moment must be wondering as to why I have chosen you to be their godfather given our past differences and present continued dislike for each other. One of the reasons is precisely because a life debt is owed to the family. Should anything occur, while my grandchildren are yet grown that life debt will ensure that they are protected namely by you, Fleamont. And as much as I and my brother loathe to admit this, you are in fact a good man and will see to their best interests out of genuine concern.

Secondly, you are a wildly successful potioneer on your own merits. My grandson, Severus is presently apprenticed to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore to become a Potion's Master. Professor Dumbledore for all his vast and innumerable talents is a much better alchemist and spell theorist than a Potions Master. However, you. on the other hand, Fleamont not only have experience in the field but will offer unique contacts and opportunities that only a successful potioneer can in the field of Potions, whether it be with the Potions Guilds or the Potion suppliers such as Apothecaries.

And thirdly, your son and my grandchildren are friends. Unlike the two of us, the three of them are genuine friends. I would like to put my grandchildren at ease with the knowledge that their godfather is the parent of one of their own good friends. My hope is that they will grow to trust you, Fleamont, impossible as that may sound and may even be.

That being said, I, Reginald Prince, Head of the Prince Family, being magically sound of body and mind request that Fleamont Potter accepts the time-honored position of Godfather for Severus and Rowan Prince.

I cordially await your response,

Reginald Prince."

Fleamont swallows feeling his mouth very dry as he with trembling fingers puts the letter down. Staring up in disbelief at Georgine Prince, he says, "Is this some sort of practical joke?"

"My brother and I do not play such games, Fleamont Potter," Georgine sharply retorted.

"I did not mean anything by my words," Fleamont somewhat apologetically said. "But I find it almost impossible to believe that Reginald Prince would knowingly write such a letter much less request that I am named the godfather to the Prince children."

"Godfather?!" Euphemia said in shock and delight. Such a request was a wonderful thing! And especially coming from such an old and prestigious household such as the Prince family.

Ignoring his wife, for the time being, Fleamont adds, "You know perfectly well why, Georgine Prince. Reginald and I have never exactly seen eye to eye."

"That is of no to little consequence in the grand scheme of things," Georgine matter-of-factly retorted. "It is far more important that the children receive proper protection. And you, Fleamont for better or for worse come from an ill.u.s.trious family in wizarding society, and whether you care to admit it or not it is a fact."

Leaning back into his seat, Fleamont rubs his now aching head with one hand. "Let us hypothetically propose that I do accept what exactly shall be required of me?"

"Firstly, the official Godparents ceremony will take place a few days before a Winter Ball that shall be hosted at Verninac Chateau, you shall be expected to attend," Georgine explained. "And as for the rest, we only request that the following summers until their departure from Hogwarts that you permit them to spend a portion of their summer here. We do not ask for anything more except in the instance that Reginald and I should perish. In which case, we request that the children be wisely counseled at least until their twenty-fifth year of age."

Fleamont relaxes a bit in relief at hearing the terms and conditions. They were not strict nor requesting that he attend social functions except for the Winter Ball that was to be hosted announcing the selected Godparents. And more importantly, he would not need to deal regularly with Reginald Prince.

That and should anything occur to himself or Euphemia, his son, James would have someone who would support him. He wasn't foolish enough to believe that could not occur considering their age. And neither of them had any family nor cousins which to speak of beyond distant cousins.

"Very well, I accept," Fleamont finally said after a long moment. "You may inform Reginald Prince of that."

"I will," Georgine replied hiding a cold gleam of satisfaction in her eyes. Glancing at the time, she says, "It would seem that we have tarried long enough, Euphemia. I had a lovely evening, please do invite me and Dorea again. I do look forward to such a luncheon."

"Of course, I would be delighted too," Euphemia earnestly said as she rose to her feet to see her guests off. "Please do take care."

Dorea flashes a smile at Euphemia and says, "It was a pleasure to see you again, Euphemia, I hope to hear from you soon."

"Yes!" Euphemia widely smiled thrilled that the luncheon had been a success! Escorting her guests away, she watches the two witches floo away, before she storms back to the parlor room to give her husband a piece of her mind. She hadn't forgotten how very rude he had been to the two women!

"Fleamont Potter!" Euphemia roared as she stomped into the parlor. "How dare you be so rude to Georgine Prince! I don't care if you don't like her or her brother, but she was my guest! And more importantly she is younger than us, Fleamont!"

"Yes, dear," Fleamont grumbled. "But she wasn't invited to begin with!"

"It doesn't matter," Euphemia snapped back. "She was still a guest invited or not. And mark my words, she will be invited back, Fleamont Potter, and I shan't have another repeat of this afternoon!"

"Yes, dear," Fleamont muttered with ears rather wilted like a crup.

"And Fleamont."

"Yes, dear."

"I am so proud of you for putting your pride aside and accepting Reginald Prince's offer," Euphemia said as she beamed with pride at her husband, before sashaying away.

Fleamont merely blinks dumbly at his wife's departing figure, before sighing, and picking up his discarded newspaper. At least, he could still do the crossword puzzle in the Daily Prophet. That always served to cheer him up!

Unfortunately, Fleamont's mind kept straying to the letter of Reginald Prince, and that of a second letter that he had recieved earlier that morning from the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. In his letter, Professor Dumbledore had requested the usage of one of the Potter properties, and abandoned cottage at the edge of Godric's Hollow. He would have instantly replied with a negative response, but something stopped him, Reginald Prince's letter.

Reginald Prince was six years younger than Fleamont, and even as a first year, Fleamont had been able to see the merciless streak found within the small, and thinner eleven year old. Reginald Prince was many things, but a weak fool was not one of them, and neither was Fleamont. His father, Henry Potter had served on the Wizengamont, and had taught his son, Fleamont, how to read the flow of power. And for some time now, he had been feeling that the water's of power within the wizarding world had begun to grow more turbulent and turbulent.

Fleamont's eyes stare at the letter of Reginald Prince for some time. If Reginald Prince was afraid for his family, and by concidence the defeater of Gellert Grindelwald, Professor Dumbledore had requested the usage of a warded home, then something dark and vile was stirring the depths of the wizarding world, strong enough to drag them all under to drown. Then he too must find a way to protect his family, and as far as allies go, Albus Dumbledore was a good one to have. (And he would reply, but all in good time, before returning to read the Daily Prophet).