A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 456

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 456 Leftover Days

The following day was the last day of the term, and the final marks were officially announced. Rowan got top marks in the subjects she had taken exams for including Mermish. To Severus's annoyance not only did Rowan receive almost perfect marks in Advanced Arithmancy and Mermish, but in Alchemy as well. It simply irked Severus to no degree to learn that Rowan had beaten him a subject which he'd always come first in. But then again, Alchemy is all about formula's and Rowan is most adept at chemistry and its required calculations.

However, once all of their around marks were tallied, Severus took the highest marks of the year. Rather smug about his victory, he pranced about like a puffed-up winged stallion. It was rather ironic really, and mostly because his animagus form really fitted him at times like these.

That wasn't the only surprise as Tiffany took second place in Arithmancy and outright defeated Pandora for the highest fourth-year grade. Tiffany was right proud of herself as was Pandora because all their studying had finally paid off! (That and the fourth year Ravenclaw had really wanted to thank Tiffany for all of her love advice towards Xeno, which seemed to finally be bearing fruit!)

Not only that but Tiffany had done rather well this year in the rest of her subjects. It was a great source of pride to Tiffany when considering some of her previous year's results. That being said, Silvia and Bethanie also maintained their present good grades without too much of a worry.

On the other hand, Terry, who had managed to maintain his previous year's exam scores was not very joyous at the great results. He knew exactly the type of punishment that awaited him when he got home. After a vast discussion, his parents deemed that working on a farm was of no use to anyone as such the task was changed to babysitting. Oh yes, babysitting plenty nieces and female cousins all ranging from toddlers to ten years old. It going to be poopy nappies for him all summer long.

As for the marauders, they maintained their high marks much like the previous year. Not distracted by Quidditch this year, James placed quite high up the scale. James easily took first place in Transfiguration since neither Severus nor Rowan took the final exam for the course.

(Which in private Rowan was secretly and rather greatly relieved, because she didn't think she could top Severus this year and much less Potter. James had a natural talent in the subject that rivaled that of Severus. It was no wonder that the two boys were able to become animagus without much effort.)

Pettigrew and Sirius placed pretty well themselves and to Pettigrew's great thrill, he beat Sirius for the third year in a row. At this point, Sirius finally admitted that Pettigrew was better at studying than him. And they weren't the only ones as Lupin and Lily were the all-around highest Gryffindor scorers on the final exams.

That wasn't the only newsworthy event, Dumbledore called Rowan and Severus up to his office to assign them their summer work. Not only would they be working on their Mermish all summer long, but they were to write weekly letters back in Mermish. The second bit of homework, he gave them was to work on their alchemy formulas. The textbooks they were to use were old valuable books on alchemy that formerly belonged to his dear friend, Nicholas Flamel. Rowan was a bit silent when she accepted said books, but reverently took them in homage to the famous alchemist who was dead because of her.

That evening with Feast upon them the Great Hall, this year however was decked in green and silver to celebrate the Slytherin's winning the house cup. A huge banner showed a serpent hanging above the staff table. It was a mild consolation to the Slytherins after the Triwizard Cup fiasco. But hey, no one died, and there was always five years from now to try again.

Professor Vulchanova bleakly stares at Igor Karkaroff, who is bragging out loud, but no one is listening. A tick can be seen on Professor Vulchanova's face, who dearly wishes to kill his student. Thankfully, he'd be retiring and Karkaroff would become someone else's problem.

Madame Maxime and Hagrid were staring deeply into each other's eyes. Hagrid had told Rowan in confidence that Madame Maxime had invited him to spend the summer with her. Hagrid bashfully accepted and the two would be spending the summer together. If Rowan had to guess, Hagrid was about to lose his v.i.r.g.i.nal state. It was about time given his age. Talk about a forty-seven-year-old v.i.r.g.i.n!

Jean Delacour waves at Rowan from the Ravenclaw table. Rowan waves back as the two had agreed to stay friends and would be owling each other over the summer. She rather liked the clever short wizard and enjoyed his humor, which could be surprisingly dark at times. And if she was lucky, she'd be invited to Jean and Apolline's wedding. Not that she would be able to attend unless it was held during the summer. But one never knows, and it is always the thought that counts.

The Great Hall grew silent as Dumbledore rose to his feet. "A wondrous year has come and gone. And we've many new friends, who hopefully will stay lifelong friends," Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Now, the house cup needs awarding and the points stand as in fourth place, Hufflepuff, with three hundred and fifty; Gryffindor has three hundred and ninety-six, Ravenclaw, with four hundred and thirty-one; and Slytherin, four hundred and sixty-seven!"

A storm of cheering and stamping breaks out from the Slytherin table as the rest of the houses actually happily clap along including the Gryffindors. After the cheering everyone promptly began to dig in as Dumbledore took a seat at the head table. To Rowan's delight, the house elves prepared all of her favorite foods. She didn't complain and happily stuffed herself to the brim.