A Bend In Time Book 4 Chapter 458

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 458 Break Up

Their wardrobes were empty, trunks packed, and the usual reminder handed out, warning them not to use magic over the summer holidays. The note is expressively not handed out to Rowan and Severus by Professor Slughorn. Since both of them were apprentices they were permitted to use magic according to their master. And since the headmaster was their master, no doubt they'd be using their magic all summer long.

Rowan, Terry, and Severus were waiting by the front entrance. The air was warm and carried the scent of summer in the air. Flowers are blooming everywhere, and life just seemed to be teeming with energy.

Rowan glances up to spot Jean Delacour hurrying up the stone steps into the castle. Beyond him, far across the grounds, Hagrid helps Madam Maxime back two of the gigantic horses into their harness. The Beauxbatons carriage is about to take off.

The short form of Jean hurries over to them as his little pointed beard looks better than at the start of the year. It was almost suave looking, to be honest. But then again, it might just have grown on Rowan much as Jean had. She truly did consider him a friend.

"Rowan! I 'ave wanted to zay goodbye!" Jean said as he reached out to shake her hand. "You are a good friend. I am 'oping dat when I and Apolline," Jean paused to blush. "When we marry, we 'ope dat you may come."

"I'd be honored too," Rowan said with a sincere smile. "But only if it's during winter or summer break."

"I 'ope too!" Jean giggled in his deep voice, before placing a kiss on Rowan's hand and bowing. "It waz an 'onor, mon aime," Jean said, before rushing away.

Rowan smiles as Severus gruffly says, "You better not be thinking cheating on your boyfriend. Break up with him first."

"Jean was just being polite," Rowan said as she rolled her eyes. "He's madly in love with Apolline for heaven's sake!"

Terry rolls his eyes as he merely opens the carriage door and waits for them to climb aboard. With a laugh, they watched the first years be rowed across the lake as they recalled the first year's arrival. They shuddered and muttered, that they were lucky that the first years didn't drown this year as their small sailboats capsized from the wind and the waves.

One musty carriage ride later, Severus, Terry, and Rowan were at the Hogsmeade platform. They made their way onto the Hogwarts Express as they choose a compartment and sat down. Terry and Severus were a bit gloomy as they chatted together. Unlike the previous summers, the two boys knew that they were going be punished the moment they got home. Whatever happened was their own fault after all. If it had taught them anything was don't get caught.

Soon enough, the Hogwarts Express was once more on its way chugging down the tracks. Soon enough the lady with the cart rolled by and not long after a knock at the door caused them to glance up in surprise to see a messy dark-haired, hazel-eyed young man with round spectacles, James Potter. James smiles and says, "A word, Rowan?"

Rowan rolls her eyes and stuffs a chocolate frog into her mouth. "If the two of you eat my stuff, I swear I'll kidnap Alchemy!"

Terry glares at her and throws the idea right out of his mind. He couldn't give up his precious child. Alchemy was the only one who still loved him!

Rowan closes the compartment door and swallows as she licks her lips clean. "So, what's wrong?" She asked as she followed him further down the corridor to talk.

"I'm going to confess to Lily over summer," James nervously said as he glanced up at her to confirm her reaction.

"Alright," Rowan calmly replied with a bit of sadness. If Severus was going to lose Lily, it was better it was now rather than later. He'd at least have all summer long to be heartbroken.

"Just let me know in order to give Severus a chance as well," Rowan solemnly said after the pause.

"I will," James said as he ran his hand through his hair in relief. "Anyway, any suggestions."

"Nope, I told you, I wouldn't help either of you," Rowan smirked.

"But you're the only girlfriend, I know!" James said to only see Rowan burst out in laughter.

James hears the words in his ears and sighs, "That's not funny. You know what I meant."

"Mm, if you say," Rowan is unable to hide the dancing mirth in her eyes.

James snorts and says, "Bloody Slytherins."

Rowan flashes James a wolfish smile, "I've got Hufflepuff and Gryffindor in me as well."

James rolls his eyes and says, "I can never win, can I?"

"Nope," Rowan chuckled.

Then they hear a voice from behind them say, "Now if I can steal my girlfriend from you, Potter, I think all be well."

"She's all yours, Boone," James chuckled as Rowan gave him a dark glare.

Barrett and Rowan were left alone as she crossed her arms and stared at him. "When were you were telling me, you were back with Darcy?" Rowan pointedly asked. She hadn't missed, their not very subtle glances towards each other during the End of the Year feast.

Barrett flushes and sheepishly says, "I don't know how it happened, but it just did. One minute we were talking and the next we were kissing just like old times."

"Did you finally come clean about us?" Rowan said knowing that it sounded like she was the slighted one.

"Yes, he feels really stupid now about his childish behavior all year long," Barrett chuckled.

"What would you like to do, Barrett?" Rowan asked as she eyed her friend. As strange as it sounded, she'd become fond of the Ravenclaw. And like to think they'd become friends after all their time spent together.

"Slap me hard across the face," Barret sighed. "And then run off like you're on tears."

"Can I point out the fact that there's a problem with that statement," Rowan interrupted. "One, I'd never slap you. I'd break your nose. And two, I don't cry."

"Not ever?"

"Not in public, I don't."

"Fine, then give me your best shot."

"Are you sure about that?"

"I'm sure, what's the worst that you can do?"

There is a long pause of silence before Rowan pushes her morals right out the door. Barrett had asked for this after all. Without hesitation, she wraps her fist into his rib-cage as Barrett slumps onto the ground in pain at hearing a painful crack coming from his ribs. Leaning down towards his curled up body, she bends down and whispers, "You did ask for this, remember that," causing Barrett to let out a pained m.o.a.n of regret.

Clearing her throat, Rowan rises to her feet and loudly shouts, "Arsehole! I'm breaking up with you!"

The compartment doors swing open as they see Rowan Prince standing over the curled-up figure of Barret Boone. Several of the boy's wince, while the girl's eyes gleam at the juicy gossip. Rowan stomps away leaving the poor Barret Boone on the ground with a cracked rib or two.

An hour later on the Hogwarts Express, the news had spread across the entire train. Rowan Prince and Barret Boone had broken up! The female Prince heir was once more available. It'd be news that would greatly be approved by their parents, who would be sending their sons towards Rowan in droves.

However, none of the boys would mention said fact to their parents. Excluding the Slytherins, the rest of the males at Hogwarts were very aware that Rowan was not afraid to use physical means as a way to resolve a dispute. And frankly, none of them wanted to marry such a violent young witch, no matter what her valuable lineage was. As such, none of them mentioned said fact to their parents, while the Slytherins did the same for very different reasons. The Slytherins would respect and maintain distance until the Head of the Prince family said otherwise. They did not wish to offend the unspoken, but officially recognized leader of the Slytherins, Reginald Prince, the heir and descendant of Salazar Slytherin.

When Rowan returns back to their compartment, Severus glances up and says, "Where did you go?"

"Oh, nowhere," Rowan cheerfully said as she sat down.

"What did James say that left you in such a good mood?" Terry suspiciously asked.

"It wasn't him," Rowan said earning looks of shock and disbelief from the two boys.

The rest of the train ride went by rather quickly and before they knew it, they were pulling on jackets and jumpers. Eager for summer break they went their separate ways. However, Terry was rather pale as he approached the eerie glowing eyes of his four older sisters. They were no doubt already fighting to have him babysit their children. It was going to be a very long summer, indeed.

On the other hand, Rowan and Severus were greeted by the sight of their grandfather and Aunt Georgine. Reginald as usually gave them a hug, while Aunt Georgine fondly ruffled their hair. Though a single firm look from Reginald promised Severus that'd he be doing more than just waxing and polishing the family heirlooms, he'd be doing manual labor with Tadbey. And in Severus's books, manual labor was absolutely the worst. But alas, Severus did not tan, but he'd at least build some muscle on his thin, bony body.