A Bend In Time Book 5 Chapter 463

Volume 5: Volume 5 Chapter 463 Acolytes

Inside the pub in the muggle town of Tintwell, Reginald studies the three hooded Acolytes sitting before him, Grimmson, Krafft, and MacDuff. Staring down his nose at them, he says, "It would seem that the rumors of your deaths are simply just that."

"It is to be expected," the rough, cold merciless voice of Grimmson answered, "with the fall of Gellert."

"Traitor," spat, the medium-sized wizard known as Krafft.

"Traitor?" Reginald coldly smirked as if he found the comment rather funny, before coldly leaning forward. "I did not betray him, nor did I fight against him. And unlike all three of you, I did not have the luxury to belong to the cause out of mere pleasure or belief. I was the last living male descendant of the Prince family line, and I had a duty to fulfill."

The third and shortest figure, MacDuff clutches something in his pocket that looks like a lucky talisman of sorts, before leaning back into his chair. "No one should know that we are still alive, Prince, old friend," MacDuff cunningly remarked. "Just how did you come to know of our existence? And just why have you arranged this clandestine meeting of sorts?"

Reginald leans back into his seat, before flashing a cold smile. "It is amazing what one can buy if one knows the right person," he truthfully answered. "And as for the latter, I have several questions that I wish to have them answered."

"And that is all you will ask Prince?" MacDuff sharply inquired. "I nor any of us wish to have such another repeat. And we would respond in turn, Prince, do not take us lightly."

"I do not," Reginald icily replied with a dangerous glint in his gaze. "But I can assure you, there will not be another repeat."

MacDuff waves his spot marked hand as if convinced. "Very well, ask away, Prince," the elderly wizard rasped. "But be warned, we may or may not choose to answer thine questions."

"Understood," Reginald coolly murmured, before leaning back into his seat. "I am at present leading the Purebloods, and I wish to ascertain that none of the Acolytes will aid the dark wizard known as Lord Voldemort."

Krafft lets out a sharp burst of laughter. "The half-breed? Please, Prince, who do you take us for? Those foolish pureblood's, who know nothing of the world?!"

Suddenly leaning forward, Krafft slams his fist against the table. "We like Gellert understood that for change to be possible action must be taken. We all understood that," Kraff growled as he glared at Reginald. Because in his personal belief, Reginald was a coward to the cause for abandoning Gellert.

Seeing Reginald's cool expression, MacDuff pats the shoulder of his friend as if in consolation, before withdrawing his hand. However, MacDuff slyly says, "Though, you would know would something of that would you not, Prince? Your daughter wed a muggle squib, and your two grandchildren are half-bloods are they not?"

Reginald's eyes grow frosty as he says, "Half-bloods or not, they possess the best of the bloodline's that any British witch or wizard could ever aspire to possess."

MacDuff inclines his head towards Reginald not in apology merely in acknowledgment of the truth of that statement. For it was indeed the truth. And even Gellert would not have turned away a magical child with such ill.u.s.trious bloodlines that would have the potential to be so much more.

Impatient or perhaps bored, Grimmson briskly interrupts, "Ask your next question, Prince, I grow weary of this conversation, and I will depart once it grows far too tedious to withstand."

Reginald inclines his head in understanding, before saying, "I only have two more questions."

"Ask away then," Grimmson grunted impatiently.

"Gellert was rather talented in many aspects both intellectual and in all sorts of magic's be it spells to even elemental mastery not excluding his gifts with magical creatures and the greatest gift of all, his foresight. There was also Occulmency, his transfiguration, and apparition abilities. However, beyond those many gifts, I must ask was there a rare other?" Reginald pointedly inquired.

"What exactly do you mean, Prince?" Krafft suspiciously asked.

"It is not a threat, nor do I mean Gellert any harm. However, this is something that I must know," Reginald plainly replied.

Grimmson snorts, but grumbles, "There will never be another Gellert. And Dumbledore for all his power could only defeat Gellert in a duel and never slay him. I do not know what is that you are asking, Prince, but I cannot answer. Gellert's vision was perfect, but rather we were the weak ones that were unable to achieve the glorious future which he foresaw."

Seeing that he is not going to receive an answer, Reginald instead says, "There is one other question. And though this may offensive to some of you, let us all be candid on the subject. We all know that Gellert did not have any interests in the likes of the feminine flesh."

There is an uncomfortable silence and the sound of rustling from the three Acolytes. Seeing that none of the three wizards wish to interrupt him, Reginald goes on, "That being said, I know that Gellert wished to pass down his heritage. There was a period simply unaccounted for where Gellert simply vanished. There were rumors that he was conducting a very secret experiment. I must ask, were they related at all in the creation of a child?"

There is a long pause of silence as Grimmson frowns and replies, "I know nothing of such topics, it would seem that you were lied to, Prince."

Krafft mutters in agreement with Grimmson, when suddenly MacDuff says, "Well, that may not be an entire lie."

The three other wizards turn to stare at MacDuff especially the two other Acolytes. MacDuff's robes rustle as he says, "In 1922, there was a muggle boy, I was once sent to retrieve for Gellert. There was nothing interesting about the boy, but Gellert studied the muggle boy for an exceedingly long time, before having the boy killed. I, myself, found it rather strange, but I did not further inquire about the subject as it would no doubt serve a purpose. Still, I was curious and later in time further investigated the muggle boy in my spare time. And I found that the case, to begin with, was rather curious and only grew more peculiar the further I looked into it."

There is a lapse of silence in the pub as not even the other two Acolytes were aware of such news. However, Reginald's heart plummeted even further at hearing those words. It was a confirmation of that which he had already known but did not truly wish to confirm.