A Bend In Time Book 5 Chapter 467

Volume 5: Volume 5 Chapter 467 Teatime?

With their conversation over, the two of them remained silent for the remaining lapse of time until Georgine returned. Seeing the two of them sitting across from each other, she nods her head and takes a seat between the two of them. "Well, have the two of you finished discussing all your matters?" Georgine sharply asked.

Rowan sniffs and says, "Yes, Aunt Georgine. That being said, on Avery's behalf, I wish to request that you accept the position of Godmother to his newborn son."

Georgine snorted as if annoyed, before pouring herself a cup of tea. Leaning back in her seat, she elegantly sips at her tea, before coolly saying, "Suppose I consider this, Avery, what will the Prince's have to gain?"

Evan nods his head in plain understanding and swiftly answers, "My father, a pureblood has yet to officially change sides and remains steadfast neutral. With the position of Godmother filled by a Prince, the Avery family and all its branches will side with the Prince family. Not only will this solidify the Prince's inner power but cement the Prince's position within pureblood society."

"But the Prince's do not have any need of the Avery family."

"True, but the Prince's have only recently become active in pureblood society once again. There are many voices of complaint that the Prince's do not socially abide with us. Such a show of unity would silence the opposing voices."

Georgine narrows her eyes at the young fifteen-year-old widower's words. Evan Avery was not considered a child anymore, and nor were his words of one. No, this showed the promise of an excellent politician or the proper head of any pureblood family. It was most vexing, to say the least. They tended to be the most troublesome of buggers to deal with.

Not quite relenting yet, Georgine with a hint of mockery in her tone of voice says, "That is exactly why we have an alliance with the Malfoy family. I am not the least bit sorry to say, Avery, but I do not see any other added benefits to Avery's proposal."

Not one to take things sitting down, Evan flashes Georgine a white glistening smile. "Well, there is one more thing," Evan slowly said, "and it is something that the Prince family have always wanted."

Georgine's eyes narrow, while Rowan's eyes widen in shock at the statement. Just what was it that the Prince family desired? Whatever it was, it had caused Aunt Georgine's expression to change.

Leaning back, Georgine flashes a cold, frigid smile. "The sharing of the shipping routes of the Avery family would be a most tempting offer, yes, but we already own several shares in other successful endeavors. And nor do we seek to invest any further in the shipping industry than we already have."

"The Avery family is well aware of that," Evan replied without having lost his glittering expression. "However, what the Prince family lacks most is not power, but footholds on other continents. The Avery family is willing to share and make any necessary introductions to create these valuable trading channels."

Georgine hides her delight at Avery's words as that is precisely at what she was aiming for. But she was a Prince, and she would not be captured quite so easily. No, it was all or nothing, and negotiate she would.

Georgine laughs as if in jest, before taking another sip of her tea. "That is certainly a valuable and priceless offer, Avery. However, the Prince's do not own any trading enterprises and nor are we seeking to open such a risky venture at this time."

"We are aware of that," Evan confessed, but still did not give up. "That is why we will offer a tenth of our existing shares with Kain Shafiq. And introductions will be made at that time as Kain Shafiq has accepted the role of godfather to my son." (And the role had only been given to him when the uncle of Marceline had declined the position arguing that it should go to someone with more power. And Evan had, had no choice but to accept the said decision.)

The name Kain Shafiq caused Georgine to startle for a variety of reasons as said opportunity represented an untold treasure trove of wealth and information. Kain Shafiq owned the most valuable wizarding shipping enterprise but was notorious for almost never taking partners nor sharing shares of his trade. Even the Prince family had been unable to negotiate a joining, nor much less purchase any shares. Even if the offer of the Avery's was only a tenth of their shares it was enough to get the Prince's inside the door. And after that anything would be possible with enough time.

However, Rowan grew rather pale, and still at the name of Kain Shafiq. It was one of the names on her list, but more importantly, it worried her. What if it was Kain Shafiq? And if so, wouldn't they be walking into the lion's den?

Rowan is pulled out of her thoughts by Georgine saying, "Very well, I shall agree, however, there will is a need for a formal godparent arrangement via contract."

"Of course," Evan replied, and without any hesitation removed two already prepared goblin contracts. "Please view the contracts and ensure that they are to your satisfaction, Madam Prince."

"Before I begin to read," Georgine remarked as she neatly unfolded the goblin made contract. "What other duties will be required of me to fulfill beyond the standard Godmother duties?"

"I'm glad you asked, Madam," Evan replied with a bit of relief. "As the Avery family and Prince family will become allies. We hope that the Prince family will side with us within reason of course and become regular patrons of our family events. Naturally, all events will be posted for a year until the time of my mourning period is over."

Glancing down at his cup of tea, Evan runs his finger around the teacup rim and says, "Beyond any gift-giving, and fulfilling the role of a doting godmother for my son, I request private tutoring once he is of age."

Georgine furrows a bit at that as she was not good with children. But she would do her best to be at least protective and protect the Avery child. She had never been a godmother, before but she took her the position seriously and she would fulfill the required duties. (And she had not done too bad with the twins.)

Bending down to reviews the contract, Georgine begins to intently read, while Rowan contemplates on whether mentioning anything to her aunt. In the end, she could not prove anything, and nor could she confirm that he was guilty either. And the Prince family could lose an invaluable connection that was irreparable, all because of her statement.

Nor could Rowan destroy the hopes of her grandfather and aunt. From the little she had learned from the ongoing conversations; this was important to the interests of their family. She would not become the vehicle that would destroy their hopes and dreams. All she could do was wait, and trust in her grandfather and aunt that they would be able to see through such an individual if they were in fact dangerous. Still, that did little to put, Rowan at ease.

Having read every single article and clause and ensured that the godparent contract matched that which Avery had previously stated during their conversation, Georgine signed the two exact contracts. One was a copy for the Avery family and the other for the Prince's.

Finished signing them, Georgine steps back as she glances at the relieved expression of the Avery boy. Sniffing, she says, "When will the godparent ceremony be?"

"In five days' time," Evan swiftly replied.

"The children may or may not be present," Georgine matter-of-factly stated, "but my brother and I will both be present."

"That is understandable," Evan murmured, before rising to his feet and bowing. "I must now excuse myself, Madam Prince, and Miss Prince. I have my errands to run before that date's time."

Georgine gestures that he is free to leave causing Evan to bow once more and depart with the godparent tightly held in hand. Noticing that her great-niece is staring at her, Georgine grabs another biscuit, before saying, "You must be wondering, why I refused the position to be godmother without such conditions?"

Rowan slowly nods her head, while Georgine bites into the biscuit. After chewing for a moment, Georgine finally replies, "Becoming a godparent is more than just a simple pleasantry, but it is in fact a joining of two pureblood families in an alliance. It is not a matter to be taken lightly, and unlike a marriage, the alliance between the two families will only last until the child is grown."

Georgine paused as she flicked a crumb off her hand. "However, unlike a marriage contract, a godparent contract requires a bit more negotiations. As a Godparent, I will be responsible for aiding in education, gift-giving, and attending all important events in the child's life including even becoming another mother figure for the child. And especially in this case, where the child's mother is dead, it will be expected of me to take a much more prominent role in the child's life. Therefore, any lapses in the child's judgment or errors will be directly reflected onto those that raised him."

Rowan's eyes gleam in understanding as she says, "Then if that is indeed the case, why exactly are Severus and I gaining godparents so late in life?"

Georgine pointedly stares at Rowan, before smirking, "And brother says that neither of you listens in doorways," causing Rowan to innocently grin back. "Well, I suppose it's a terrible ingrained habit in our very nature's. No doubt a byproduct of when we were still Percussor's."

Pausing to take a sip of her tea, Georgine grimaces at finding it cold. Murmuring a spell under her breath, the cup quickly heats back up to her satisfaction before she takes a sip. "If you must know, it is because of the incidents that occurred during the past year. Brother is old, and there are no others beyond the two of us to protect you, both until you are of age. As such, arrangements have been made to find suitable guardians if anything unexpected should transpire. And we Prince's do like to be prepared for any possible and eventuality especially given the present circ.u.mstances, it is not a distant impossibility."

Rowan sighs in understanding, before taking a sip of her cold tea. She would have warmed her teacup, but it was painful to use magic because of her left eye. However, if things continued to progress like this, she would have no choice, but to confide in her grandfather.