A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Keeping the Whole World in the Dark About Loving You (5)

Ji Yi was so focused on her phone that she didn't notice He Jichen come close. It wasn't until he put the medical kit on the desk that she raised her head and looked over at "He Yuguang."

He Jichen stared at Ji Yi's phone screen.When He Jichen heard her speak, he silently averted his eyes, typed a few words into his phone and handed it to Ji Yi: "Let me change your bandages."

With that, He Jichen pointed at Ji Yi's wrist.

Ji Yi understood what he meant, so she hurriedly put her phone down and said "Thank you," then obediently reached out her tightly bandaged wrist.

He Jichen's hands were too busy to type, so the two of them didn't communicate, leaving the room completely silent.

After medicine was applied to the wound and He Jichen bandaged it up again, Ji Yi said, "Thank you."

Their marriage was fake. Even though they now lived in the same apartment, they had different rooms.

It was late, so Ji Yi thought that after thanking him, "He Yuguang" would leave. She never imagined that he'd sit on the sofa and stare at the black screen of her phone without any indication of leaving.

Ji Yi wanted to ask "Yuguang Ge, is there something else?" but He Yuguang's line of sight turned back to his phone. He tapped the keyboard for a while then handed the phone to Ji Yi. "When I came in, I saw you on Weibo searching about 'Three Thousand Lunatics' and YC?"

Seeing as He Yuguang had seen her phone screen, she showed a little annoyance as she said, "Mm, yeah."

After hearing her reply, He Jichen started typing on his phone again: "You're interested in 'Three Thousand Lunatics'?"

"This story is pretty popular. What's more, the author is really popular. Right now, it isn't a bad choice to me," said Ji Yi.

He Jichen took the phone, tapped on the screen, then stopped again.

If she found out his company shot this TV series and that he was the director, maybe she'd give up on "Three Thousand Lunatics" entirely.

He Jichen was deep in thought for a while, then deleted one character at a time and changed his message to: "Oh, I see."

Ji Yi didn't think too much about his behavior. When she saw those three words, she smiled in return.

He Jichen didn't stay for long. He typed the two words, "Goodnight," got up and left Ji Yi's bedroom.


Ji Yi's illness left just as quickly as it came. On the third day, she was completely fine.

He Yuguang must've had a lot to do in Sucheng because he flew back to Sucheng that afternoon.

The next day was a Saturday. There were no classes, so Ji Yi went back home.

On Sunday, Ji Yi went out with her mum since it'd been a long time since she went shopping with her. It was three in the afternoon and she was sitting with her mum at a cafe having afternoon tea when she received a call from a stranger.

Recently, Ji Yi had been receiving a lot of harassment calls. She was in no hurry to take the call, so first, she put some non-dairy creamer in her drink. Then she slowly swiped her phone screen and asked, "Hello, Hi, I'm Ji Yi. May I ask who you're looking for?"