A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Keeping the Whole World in the Dark About Loving You (6)

It was quiet over the phone for a few seconds before a particularly gentle and quiet female voice was heard. Through the phone, Ji Yi could sense the thick air of educated elegance as the person said, "Hello, Miss. Ji Yi. I'm Cheng Weiwan."

Cheng Weiwan... Ji Yi's mind went blank for a long while as she held the phone. She still thought what she heard was an illusion, so she asked hesitantly, "Cheng Weiwan?"

"Yes, I'm Cheng Weiwan." On the phone, Cheng Weiwan used the same gentle tone of voice. After giving Ji Yi confirmation of her identity, she went straight to the point, "I'm sorry, Miss Ji Yi, to suddenly disturb you like this. The situation is this: two days ago, a friend of mine here recommended you. I saw your previous work, and I think that your personality is a good match for our second female character on "Three Thousand Lunatics". As the screenwriter, I have some power in casting, so I want to ask if you're interested in playing the second female character? If you are, let's set up an appointment, and I'll arrange for the cast to talk with you in person. Would that be alright?"

Cheng Weiwan's speaking speed completely wasn't what Ji Yi imagined it would beshe didn't speak fast or slow. Just two days ago, Ji Yi had been thinking about this very TV show, and now, all of a sudden, the opportunity was right in front of her. Ji Yi's dreams came true so abruptly that she didn't have time to reflect on it. Though Cheng Weiwan had finished speaking, Ji Yi still hadn't replied.

Cheng Weiwan waited for quite some time before she spoke again, "Miss Ji Yi, are you still there?"

Ji Yi suddenly snapped out of it and replied, "Yes! Yes, I'm here."

After a pause, Ji Yi hurriedly said, "I heard what you just said, and I'm delighted to receive your interest. My schedule is relatively clear in the near future, so once you've made the arrangements on your side, you can contact me at any time."

"Great. I'll be contacting you shortly. Goodbye for now."

Ji Yi waited for Cheng Weiwan to hang up the phone before she slowly dropped her phone.

She didn't reply to her mother's question "Who called?" but instead, she picked up her coffee and took a big gulp. The bitterness coursed down her throat and into her stomach. That was when she knew everything that happened wasn't a dream but reality!

Cheng Weiwan, the author of "Three Thousand Lunatics", personally contacted me to invite me to an audition!

Which goes to say, she really did have her eyes set on me, so my chances of getting the role as the supporting actress are pretty good!

After three years of silence, she already lost her popularity as an actress long ago, so even though she wouldn't be the leading actress, this opportunity was incredibly surprising!

Cheng Weiwan's call kept Ji Yi in a pleasant mood all the way home. After she finished dinner, she took a shower and laid in bed.

She wasn't really sleepy, so she hugged her covers and tossed around in bed thinking about Cheng Weiwan's call. As she thought about it, Ji Yi became even more awake. Eventually, she just got out of bed, put on a thick jacket, walked over to the balcony, and stared out at the night view.

She stared and stared. She was unsure why, but the thought of Cheng Weiwan's words crossed her mind: "Two days ago, a friend of mine here recommended you."

She spent her entire afternoon and evening feeling pleasantly surprised, but she'd forgotten such an important piece of information.

A friend recommended me to Cheng Weiwan; that friend was...