A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Keeping the Whole World in the Dark About Loving You (10)

"Of course I have time," replied Ji Yi politely.

"It's like this. Tonight, there's a party that the main investor, producer, and director for 'Three Thousand Lunatics' as well as the chairman of YC Corp and important actors will be attending. Tomorrow morning, I have to fly to America, and I probably won't be back for over half a month. Before I leave, I want to finalize this contract. What's more, you're the supporting female, so you need to meet the people who are responsible for their respective roles. If you're available, how about we meet tonight at seven at the China World Hotel?"

Ji Yi hoped to quickly finalize the contract even more than the casting director. She didn't hesitate at all to meet.

To give the production crew a good impression, Ji Yi arrived at China World Hotel, Beijing at half-past six.

She didn't think the casting director would already be there. After she took a seat, they immediately ordered the assistant to bring over the contract.

"Miss Ji Yi, take a look at the contract. If you have any questions, please do ask."

Ji Yi responded with "Thanks" and took a serious look through the contract. There wasn't really a problem with the contract; in fact, the remuneration was higher than she expected.

Not long after signing the contract, people started entering the party room one after the other.

At almost seven o'clock, there were only two empty seats at the dining table; the other seats were already full.

Aside from Ji Yi, the others knew one another. From everyone's introductions, Ji Yi learned that besides the chairman of YC, the director, the leading actress, and the other actors were all present.

Aren't we waiting for three people? Why are there just two seats? Could it be someone's not coming at the last minute?

Even though Ji Yi was curious, she didn't bother to ask.

The person responsible for today's party ordered the food in advance. As soon as it turned seven, the waiter started to serve food and alcohol.

At ten past seven, the doors to the party room were pushed open. Before Ji Yi could turn her head to see who it was, she heard a familiar female voice. "I'm so sorry for being late. There was traffic on the way here."

While holding her phone, Ji Yi's fingers suddenly tensed up. Among all the chitchat in the room - "Don't worry," "Oh! Our leading actress is here," "We have to punish you with three shots later on"... Ji Yi slowly turned her head and saw who it was.

As the elegantly dressed Qian Ge came into sight, a phrase came to Ji Yi's mind: The road of enemies is narrow.

Not only was the road of enemies narrow, she was practically meeting her enemy face-to-face!

She never imagined that her second TV series upon her return to the entertainment industry would be with Qian Ge!

Qian Ge leisurely and boldly greeted the people in the party room then pulled out a chair and took a seat.

She reached her hand out for a hot towel, and just as she was about to wipe her hand, she noticed Ji Yi sitting not too far away from the corner of her eyes.

As she paused, a hint of astonishment evidently flashed across her eyes, but soon enough, she calmed down. She tilted her head, stared at Ji Yi, and as though she had bumped into someone familiar, she said in a pleasantly surprised and a friendly manner, "Xiao Yi?"