A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 203

Chapter 203: The Right to See You (3)

"He Yuguang" replied quickly as usual, but he didn't answer her question. Instead, he asked what was on his mind: "Manman, are you all on your own?"

"Mhm..." Ji Yi sent just the one word. She was just about to explain how she wasn't in Hainan to give her parents some space.

But she only managed to type a few words before "He Yuguang" sent another message: "Where are you now?"

Ji Yi didn't think too much of it and casually typed just two words: "Lijiang."

"He Yuguang": "Where in Lijiang?"

"Do you know your exact location?"

"He Yuguang" sent two consecutive messages as though he was anxious.

Before Ji Yi could tap the reply box, a notification popped up on WeChat so she casually clicked on it. Having just seen the three words "He Yuguang," she clicked "agree" before she could clearly see what was sent. When she tapped it, she realized that she shared her location.

Ji Yi instinctively typed a reply to "He Yuguang": "Yuguang Ge, why did you send a location share request?"

She wasn't sure if "He Yuguang" saw her message, but he was slow to reply.

About a minute passed when "He Yuguang" stopped sharing the location.

That was when Ji Yi knew he on WeChat, so she sent out a question mark.

She waited for quite some time. Seeing as "He Yuguang" didn't reply, she thought he probably clicked it by accident, so she didn't message him again.

The phone was quiet for about five minutes. Seeing as "He Yuguang" didn't reply, she figured that he might've fallen asleep by now, or he was busy with something, so she put her phone away.

She endured the pain in her ankle as she tried to get up. She gritted her teeth and pushed her way back to the hotel. However, she still couldn't get up. All of a sudden, her phone started to ring.

She quickly stopped what she was doing and pulled out her phone to see that "He Yuguang" had replied to her message: "Manman, are you still where you were before?"

Why's he asking where I am?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows in confusion and replied: "Yeah, why?"

"He Yuguang": "Manman, stay there and don't move."

Why does Yuguang Ge not want me to move?

Ji Yi was just about to message "He Yuguang" to ask, when she received yet another message: "I'll call you to be with you."

Then Ji Yi really did get a call. It was "He Yuguang."

Ji Yi took the call, and out of habit, she cried "Yuguang Ge," but she was met with a wall of silence.

She knew He Yugung couldn't talk, so she didn't say anything more.

On the other side of the phone, it was ridiculously silent. She could hear rustling from his end of the phone every now and then.

Ji Yi knew he was using these little noises to tell her that he was there.

In actuality, the sounds from his end of the phone didn't sound good, but Ji Yi thought they were heavenly, and it lifted her up from the terrible mood she was in because of Lin Ya. Little by little, she started to warm up.

Although Yuguang Ge wasn't perfect and there was no way for him to have a comforting conversation with her, he could use this call to silently be with her. This made her heart feel unbelievably calm.

Ji Yi felt like her heart was carefully held by a pair of large, warm hands. Her mood became unusually delicate and soft.