A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Why Does Cotton Candy Taste Like Alcohol (6)

For a long, long time, his sweat-drenched rugged body was spread out over her delicate body, and the room finally fell silent.

It wasn't clear just how long his heart had been racing until it finally calmed down. He sat up and reached out to grab a tissue from the bedside table. He wiped the sweat from both their bodies. Still gasping for breaths, Ji Yi laid on the bed.

He held her in his embrace and gently stroked her hair, filled with an intense feeling of love and affection.

Barely able to keep her eyes open, she relished his tenderness and sank into his embrace.

Her affectionate actions tensed his body up and restarted his wild feelings.

His fingers entangled in her hair couldn't help but slide down to her glossy, fair skin. With that, his fingertips touched hers, causing him to gulp and press her down with his body again.

She was obviously exhausted, but she couldn't fight his allure. Not long after, her breathing started to grow urgent.

She was moved and his desires became more intense. As their breaths travelled in the room, she instinctively grabbed onto his shoulders as she pleaded weakly.

He moved increasingly faster. She felt like she wasn't herself anymore.

The breeze that came in from the window grew stronger as it blew the curtains wildly in all directions. It stirred the atmosphere in the room into a mess, reflecting the state of their hearts.

He was now in a state of desperation like before as he kissed her lips hungrily. Then they felt both their bodies tremble and fall harshly into the clouds. In that very second, it was like there was just the two of them left in this boundless universe.


After He Jichen calmed down and carried her to take a shower, there wasn't an ounce of energy left in his entire body.

Maybe he was just overly attracted to her, or maybe it had been too long since he touched a woman that made him act so obscenely animalistic. With a sudden burst of energy, he couldn't help but take her violently again under the shower.

After doing it three consecutive times, Ji Yi finally felt the last ounce of energy leaving her body. After they finished, she leaned against his shoulders and fell asleep.

He cleaned her up and wiped her body down with a towel. Then he carried her back to the bed.

He was actually really tired too - so tired that he didn't want to think about or reflect on what happened tonight.

In bed, he tenderly held her in his arms, inhaled the scent of her body, then shuthis eyes.

The second he was about to fall asleep, he turned his head slightly and kissed the top of her head. Then as though he was talking in his sleep, he said, "Xiao Yi, I love you..."

She was incredibly still after drifting off to sleep ages ago.

He hugged her tightly in his arms before following her into a deep sleep.


Time turned back to eleven in the evening, in the hall for the end-of-production party for "Three Thousand Lunatics."

Today, Han Zhifan should have been on a flight to America, but he got a call from He Jichen. He figured that Cheng Weiwan was going to be at the party for "Three Thousand Lunatics." He thought about how work had been hectic lately, which meant he hadn't spent much time with her, although he had been sending a bouquet of flowers to the set for her everyday. He figured that he might as well call his secretary to postpone the flight to America by two days and travel from Beijing to Shanghai.