A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 499

Chapter 499: YC Exists and Dies With Her (9)

After about ten seconds, she raised the file to eye-level and scanned the three words "Leave with nothing." She stared at those words for a long time without blinking before her gaze gradually fell to the bottom of the page, signed "He Jichen" in black ink. Her fingers trembled as her eyes shot up again to the top of the document.

It was there in black and white, clearly printed. Ji Yi skimmed the contents of the file from top to bottom then her eyes locked onto the three words "Leave with nothing."

The people at the table behind her in the afternoon at the canteen said that He Jichen insisted on keeping her at YC in front of all the shareholders who wanted her out. She overheard them say that they signed an agreement that if she didn't generate profits for YC within a year, He Jichen was willing to give up his place as CEO of the company.

At the time, it wasn't like she wasn't moved by his gesture, but she assumed it was just an informal wager he had with YC's board of directors. However, she never imagined that behind the wager were three words she knew nothing about: Leave with nothing.

Leave with nothing... This went to say that if she wasn't able to generate profits for YC within a year, He Jichen would lose everything.

Chen Bai told her before that He Jichen gave up attending a prestigious school, having a great future, and argued with the He family all to create YC. He sacrificed countless nights for YC.

He sacrificed so much for YC including his blood, sweat, and tears. It was his enterprise and the most important thing in his life, but to keep her at YC, he was actually willing to use YC as a bargaining chip.

Even if he did it for her, Ji Yi felt like it wasn't really worth it...

She had to admit that she felt down from ruining the great future He Jichen and YC set up for her yesterday.

She had to admit that her heart was filled with hatred from Qian Ge's gloating phone call and Xie Siyao's takeover of her shoot.

She had to admit that she felt unfairly treated when director Lin lectured her severely in front of all the executives at the office, not to mention when she called her trash and assumed she used He Jichen to make it to the top.

Furthermore, she had to admit that in the canteen, she couldn't act like all the rumors and gossip were nothing and that she didn't take it to heart...

So when he appeared by her side and cheered her up so patiently and with such a good temper, she not only felt guilty but also like she was truly a mess.

Yet, he unconditionally indulged her in her acting out all afternoon without the slightest bit of impatience.

Her heart was already warm and moved by all this, but she never imagined that behind her back, he actually made this bet to "Leave with nothing"...

All of a sudden, Ji Yi's eyes heated up and she instinctively turned her head to look out the window.

Her fingers creased the document as her agitated emotions made her tighten her grip.

The office doors suddenly opened. He Jichen was back from throwing out the trash.

When she heard him enter, Ji Yi hurriedly put the document back on the sofa.

Not having seen her movements, He Jichen walked into the washroom to wash his hands then went into the lounge to find his car keys. After putting his phone and wallet back, he walked over to Ji Yi. "Let's go."

He walked around the wheelchair after those two quiet words then he raised his hand. Just as he was about to push the wheelchair out, Ji Yi suddenly reached her hand out and grabbed his wrist.