A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 556

Chapter 556: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (16)

Out of courtesy, Ji Yi didn't push the doors open right away, but she reached out to knock on the wooden door.

Her fingers hadn't reached the door when He Jichen's distinct voice was heard from inside: "How's Ji Yi's situation going?"

Upon hearing her name, Ji Yi stopped mid-knock.

Immediately after, Chen Bai's voice came from the office. "It's still up on the top searches list, but it's dying down so it's dropping in rank."

He Jichen only asked Chen Bai about me because he's worried about me?

An indescribable sense of joy crept into Ji Yi's heart, making her lips unconsciously curve gently.

"We can't let the hype die down..." He Jichen spoke again with the same distinctly crisp voice.

Such simple words bewildered Ji Yi.

We can't let the hype die down... What did He Jichen mean by that?

" Got it, Mr. He. I have one more piece of news I can leak to 'I love eating mangoes." When Miss Ji was stuck on a scene, she hid away by herself. This can easily trigger people online. As long as we leak that, it'll definitely cause another uproar."

Leak to 'I love eating mangoes'... 'I love eating mangoes' was the person who single-handedly started this wave of public hatred. Why's Chen Bai leaking info to him?

Ji Yi looked panicked as her pitch-black pupils started to quickly flicker.

Did Chen Bai misspeak? Or am I hearing things?

With that thought, Ji Yi raised her hand and frantically rubbed her ears. Before she could stop, she heard He Jichen's voice from within the office again. "Mm, pay close attention to Ji Yi's popularity on Weibo. As soon as it drops, boost it up. If that doesn't work, buy out all the online media outlets to boost it. Basically, you have to blow this whole thing out of proportion until everyone knows about it."

"I understand, Mr. He."

After Chen Bai said this, the office fell into silence once again.

Ji Yi vaguely heard the sound of a lighter followed by He Jichen's muffled voice. Ji Yi figured he must have a cigarette in his mouth. "How are the latest ratings for 'The Tempestuous Grand Tang'?"

"It's already surpassed 'The Legend of Qingcheng' - it's number one in the ratings." Chen Bai paused for a moment then said, "Today, the shares for YC increased by a lot again..."

After Ji Yi heard this, she didn't dare to listen anymore. She took two steps back and put some distance between her and He Jichen's office. She turned around and ran back into the elevator.

The second the elevator doors closed, the words Qian Ge said in the salon and the words He Jichen and Chen Bai said in the office suddenly clamored around in her head like a curse.

"He had a whole week's time to think of a way to keep it down. But did you know? He didn't do anything."

"We can't let the hype die down..."

"I have one more piece of news I can leak to 'I love eating mangoes'."

"To him, you're just a money-making tool."

"How are the latest ratings for 'The Tempestuous Grand Tang'?"

"Today, the shares for YC increased by a lot again..."

"You don't have to believe me, but what I said is the truth. He Jichen had a part in all this!"