A Billion Stars Can't Amount To You Chapter 860

Chapter 860: He Jichen, Lets Have a Baby (10)

Thereafter, she fell asleep in exhaustion.

She thought he was just flirting with her last night and that the topic would be dropped after they had sex. She never imagined he actually remembered it...

"Have you forgotten again?" asked He Jichen. Seeing that Ji Yi didn't reply for so long, he picked up a grape and fed it to Ji Yi.

Ji Yi chewed on the grape a few times. "Then we'll have to revisit those positions again tonight. Only when you've fully answered the question will I help you play Kings," said He Jichen in a casual tone.

Ji Yi was so surprised that she gulped down the grape she hadn't even finished chewing then clutched her chest as she coughed a little. She turned and glared at He Jichen. "He Jichen, why do you think about this every day?"

In contrast to Ji Yi's anger and embarrassment, He Jichen's tone of voice was as calm as always. "Because I want to make up for our lost time."

Lost time... Those two words felt like a thin needle stabbing Ji Yi's heart and painfully pricking her chest.

But before that pain could subside, He Jichen's voice bore into her ears. "It's been almost seven years since our first time. There are fifty-two weeks in a year, so that's three hundred and sixty-four weeks in seven years. A normal married couple has sex two to three times a week. If we calculate using two times a week over three hundred and sixty-four weeks, that's over seven hundred times..."

So, this is the lost time he was referring to?

She was really mindblown; her heart actually ached when he said the two words "lost time."

Ji Yi didn't wait for He Jichen to finish as she bolted up and walked out of the bedroom.

He Jichen put his fork down then slowly got up and caught up to Ji Yi. "...But think about it. I have unusually good stamina. It's too little to push you once a week and twice a week would be looking down on my abilities, so let's go for three times a week. Three hundred and sixty-four weeks equates to one thousand and ninety-two times. I'll give you a discount, which means one thousand times..."

After getting changed, Ji Yi randomly picked out some clothes from the changing room and chucked them at He Jichen's face. "Thank you for your discount. Hurry up and get changed then come with me to the supermarket to check out those discounts."

He Jichen pulled a top over his head while he said, "You're welcome. ...Think about it. A thousand times! If I don't work hard now, I'll never make up for the lost time. I reckon that in this lifetime, we'll never make up for it..."

Ji Yi didn't wait for He Jichen to finish speaking as she grabbed her purse and walked out of the bedroom then out the front door.


It was Thursday so most people were at work. There weren't many people at the supermarket, which made it easier to shop around.

When she passed the frozen foods section, Ji Yi went to pick up some yogurt while He Jichen went to look at the fruit.

When He Jichen picked out some fruit and was about to go find Ji Yi, he incidentally overheard two girls murmuring as they stood next to him picking fruit.

"Look at this headline. I'm speechless!"

"What headline?"

"A woman actually slept with someone to become the King. Everyone's teasing them; one bang to become the king..."

He Jichen slowed down his footsteps for a moment then slowly sped up.

He took the yogurt Ji Yi handed him and put it into the cart. As they walked over to the vegetable section, he sluggishly said, "Xiao Yi, you don't have to answer my question. Promise me something else and I'll help you with Kings."

"What's the catch?" Ji Yi stopped at the frozen foods section and picked up a box of white Ji mob shrimps.

He Jichen wanted to say "one bang to become the King," but he figured that wasn't so classy. He hesitated for two seconds then said, "A thousand miles to Jiangling."

"What?" Ji Yi asked. "What do you mean by a thousand miles to Jiangling? A thousand miles to Jiangling..."

Ji Yi instinctively wanted to say "what the hell do you mean by 'a thousand miles to Jiangling'?" But as she said this, she suddenly thought back to the Chinese idiom "a thousand miles to Jiangling repaid in a day." Then the words in her mouth suddenly stopped there.

"But what are a thousand miles anyway? Think about our lost time. A thousand times will take us at least ten thousand miles to Jiangling..."

A thousand miles to Jiangling repaid in a day would mean it'd take ten thousand miles and ten days to be repaid... Ji Yi raised her foot and fiercely kicked the cart He Jichen was pushing around. She gritted her teeth and cried "In your dreams!" Then she left He Jichen, sped up, and headed for the vegetable section.

Ji Yi picked out some vegetables for a while then turned around to see if He Jichen had caught up to her.

She looked all around but couldn't find He Jichen's silhouette and furrowed her brows. She put down the vegetables in her hands and was about to pull out her phone to call He Jichen. Then she suddenly heard the hesitant voice of a woman. "Ji Yi?"