Advent Of The Archmage Chapter 693

Chapter 693 Unwilling To Be A Slave

Whoosh, whoosh.

Wind rose up on the Verdant Plains, and the clouds rolled. The sky darkened as a show of betrayal and loyalty was performed at once. Evil and justice, chaos and order were at a stalemate.

Buzzing slightly, Saroviny’s sword shook. Countless bolts of purple-black lightning flowed out of it while the tip pointed straight at Link. “This is the last chance. Life or death?!”

Link looked down but didn’t reply. This conflicted Saroviny. Her father wanted her to catch him alive. She also didn’t want to kill her old enemy so easily. It would be great if she could capture Link and make him her subordinate.

In this mindset, she didn’t move when Link didn’t reply. She still had the tiny hope that Link would turn back.

Clearly, this was impossible.

Taking advantage of this rare chance, Link’s thoughts whirred. In his vision, the game system showed him various spell cards while a mission popped.

Activate Ultimate Mission: Choice (After this mission, the Light System will be completely unlocked)

Mission Content: Choose your own path

Mission Reward: 1000 Omni Points (Can be given beforehand)

In the past, 1000 Omni Points could instantly boost Link’s power. But now, they could only raise his upper limit a bit.

In truth, he could use these points to buy Level-19 spells. However, they would be too inflexible, and he wouldn’t even have time to cast them. Even if he could, his current power wasn’t enough. Even burning his soul wouldn’t provide enough power.

Nozama was the incarnation of the God of Light’s darkness. He was also Saroviny’s father. Saroviny most likely knew Link had this system and also knew its weaknesses.

Indeed, after a few seconds of silence, Saroviny said, “It’s useless. Link, don’t struggle anymore. The God of Light’s blessing has ended. It can’t save you at all.”

Link sighed too. Saroviny was right, but she’d judged him incorrectly. She’d also missed a spell from the game systema dark spell.

Link had bought this with a high price from an auction to learn just so he could have an unexpected hidden card.

Bright cards flew past his eyes. Soon, it stopped on a dark blue card. Its surroundings had blue flames rather than dazzling light. The flames kept changing, sometimes forming a howling skull, sometimes sketching a struggling figure. Its evil was obvious.

Level-18 spell: Flame of the Soul

Flame of the Soul

Cost: 0 points

Effect: Choose a target and ignite their soul. The light and heat from burning the soul will transform into the spellcaster’s own strength. This spell’s efficiency at converting power is above 80%. If the target cooperates, it can reach 95%.

Side Effect: After using this spell, the player’s Mana will completely turn into Dark Mana, and the player will be branded with the Dark Camp. The player’s mind will forever be affected by darkness.

(Note: Strong power must come at a high cost. Young man, are you ready?)

Link took a deep breath and chose to learn this without hesitation. The card in his vision dissipated, scattering into countless will-o’-wisps that floated into Link’s body.

He shuddered. When he raised his head again, black and silver flames were dancing in his pupils. He looked just like a Necromancer who could turn himself into a warlock.

Seeing him like this, Saroviny burst into laughter. “Good, good. You finally chose the dark path. Link, this is a wise choice. You won’t regret it!”

Earlier when Ice Queen Lily heard Link say that he wouldn’t change his heart, she’d thought that this Magician was pretty good. She didn’t expect that he would turn straight into darkness.

The world is filled with mist. I hope we will not change our hearts. She realized now that this phrase hadn’t been a vow but rather a helpless lament.

Lily’s eyes were dark, but her determination was stronger. “There’s nothing else to say. Just do it!”

Saroviny pursed her lips. She was ready to kill this stubborn woman, but before she could act, Link called out, “Let me do it.”

Saroviny instantly smiled. “That works too. Go for it.”

Link looked at Lily. “I know a spell that can burn one’s soul,” he said. “It will bring about endless pain, and I want to try it today.”

While speaking, he also used the Telepathy spell. There’s no way I can defeat Saroviny with my own strength. I was forced to choose the dark path.

At the same time, Link sent an image that clearly showed his plan.

The plan was good, but it also had a cruel part. It was the critical step and also the darkest oneigniting Lily’s soul to turn into power for Link to use. This was the only way for Link to counter Saroviny and give the Divine Fragment to the Snow Mountain Archmage.

The image was straightforward; Lily quickly understood. She stared at Link, and Link met her eyes confidently. The black and silver flames danced, but his eyes were as resolute as ever.

Clang. Lily tossed her sword onto the ground and closed her eyes, not saying a word. She chose to believe Link and sacrificed her soul without hesitation.

Link walked over and hoisted up the Ode of a Full Moon. He pierced Lily’s chest and activated the spell. Lily’s soul was ignited instantly, burning with frosty white flames.

Even the strongest person would lose their calm when their soul was suffering. Lily was the same. She grasped Link’s sword and cried out chillingly. Her body writhed uncontrollably, instinctively trying to escape from Link’s control.

Unfortunately, the spell was activated. Everything was over.

While the frosty white soul fire burned, pure dark silver power flowed across the Ode of a Full Moon and surged into Link’s body. It quickly bolstered his strength.

A Level-16 figure like Lily had extremely powerful souls containing incredible power. As the white flames died down, Link felt unprecedented power.

He checked his stats.

Link Morani (Ferde Lord, Dark Dragon King, Avatar of the Realm)

Level-16 Pinnacle Master Magician, Level-16 Pinnacle Assassin

Energy Type: Dark Realm Essence

Energy Limit: 52380 Points

He’d been at mid-Level-16, but now he was at the pinnacle with only a step away from Level-17. His power had increased by 30%!

By now, Saroviny finally felt something wrong. Furrowing her brows, she looked at Link. “You”

Link indeed possessed dark power and even did something as cruel as devouring a soul. Only a Dark Magician would do that. But something felt wrong Yes, the Ice Queen never protested!

Now, only a bit of Lily’s soul remained. Link stopped the spell and using his thoughts, the soul’s remnant entered his sword.

A determined thought from the soul entered Link’s mind. Darkness has fallen. I hope you do not change your heart.

I won’t, Link replied.

Looking up at Saroviny, the flames in his eyes stopped dancing. Instead, they became steady light. “Even if I join the darkness, I will be the ruler!”

Slave? No, he wouldn’t even become the slave of the God of Light!

Link’s voice contained unchangeable determination; his tone was indescribably ambitious. The dark power in him condensed and settled like the darkest night.

Faced with such resolute will, Saroviny stepped back involuntarily. In a fight of will, she was defeated.

Afterward, she lost her cool. Realizing that she’d been played, anger seized her. “Link, you’re dead!”

Boom! The dark territory instantly expanded to its max. Black lightning cracked endlessly in the sky, and a heavy fog rolled out from the Abyss of Despair battle robe. Saroviny disappeared from her spot. She charged towards Link, sword pointed between his eyes.

Clang. With a huge sound, Link blocked Saroviny’s sword. Rather than clashing directly, he’d cut in from the side, shaving off Saroviny’s strength.

Scrape, scrape. Sparks flew under the grating noise. The two sides entered an intense fight.

Therodeau, having just joined the darkness, couldn’t participate in the chaos at all. He was Level-16, but he was only in the lower level. Both his skills and his will were far from the two fighting. He could only avoid the clash from afar.

In the chaos, no one noticed that the Divine Fragment hanging at Link’s waist suddenly rippled abnormally. A shred of light shone from the wooden box.