Apocalypse: Picking Up Attributes And Becoming Stronger Chapter 438

Chapter 438: : Will We Meet Again In The Future

Rashomon is not just an underground organization, it also covers a wide variety of industries.

It can be said to be all over Jiangnan City.

For example, those large supermarkets, commercial plazas, etc. are all industries under Rashomon.

With this Supreme Purple Gold Card, you can enjoy everything for free in all Rashomon's industries.


Long Chen didn't want Luo Tinggan to waste his time any more, so he simply accepted it.

Anyway, if he didn't use this card, it wouldn't be considered a disadvantage.

"Now I can go?"

Long Chen said, Luo Tinggan hurriedly let his men make way.

Just when Long Chen was about to go out, the girl's voice suddenly sounded.

"Big brother, can you tell me, what is your name?"

Long Chen turned around and found that the girl was looking at him, her eyes showing resentment.

It seems that I don't want to leave by myself.

Long Chen knew that the sentiment hidden deep in the girl's soul was growing rapidly.

If he had contact with the girl again, the affection would be out of control.

But looking at the girl's clean eyes, he still couldn't bear to refuse.

"Long Chen."

Long Chen subconsciously said that he is still not used to calling himself Long Yang.

When the little girl heard Long Chen's words, her mouth moved, and she said Long Chen's name again.

Long Chen turned around and left, and the girl's voice sounded from behind again.

"My name is Luo Wen, everyone calls me Wenwen, brother Long Chen, will we meet again in the future?"

Luo Wen asked nervously.

In fact, she didn't know why she hoped that Long Chen would turn around and say goodbye.

But she has always done things with her heart, since she thought so in her heart, she said so.

She has been doted by her father since she was a child, and she has created this character, as long as she thinks in her heart, she will speak out.

Long Chen's footsteps stagnated, but a few seconds later he continued to walk outwards without looking back.

The soul fusion not only has an impact on Luo Wen, even Long Chen himself, at this time, is a little too slow.

Every time he looked at Luo Wen's innocent gaze, he would feel strange.

So he subconsciously chose to escape.

Seeing that Long Chen left without looking back, Luo Wen's eyes clearly showed loss.

"Hmph, this kid is too arrogant. It's his blessing for Wenwen to talk to him, so he dared to ignore Wenwen."

"Wenwen, do you want Uncle Hu to help you catch that kid!"

The backbone of Luo Shengmen who had scolded Long Chen before saw the loss in Luo Wen's eyes and was immediately angry.

When did this girl who grew up watching him as a baby be so wronged?

"Okay, this young man named Long Chen is indeed qualified to treat us like this."

Luo Tinggan waved his hand to stop Uncle Tiger.

He has always been grudges and grievances clear, Long Chen saved his daughter, and that is his benefactor, he definitely can't be rough with the benefactor.

Besides, Long Chen was able to cure Luo Wen in just a few minutes for things that even the genius doctor Bai Renshanbai couldn't do.

Such medical skills and such methods showed his extraordinary.

Such an expert can only be a friend, not an enemy.

"How's it going?"

Seeing Long Chen coming out safely, Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief.

Long Chen was appointed by the old man to see him. If Luo Tinggan really did not let him out, Su Shi was considering whether to take him away by force.

But in this way, Rashomon was completely offended.

If it is not necessary, Sioux City does not want to offend Rashomon, after all, this kind of power is really involved too much.

Even if he is the leader of Jiangnan City, he dare not easily offend him.