Archean Eon Art Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Reality Or Imaginary

They thought that the information they leaked wouldnt have much of an impact. For example, this mass migration was carried out suddenlyone that would last months, Letting the demons learn of it a few hours earlier wouldnt have much of an impact. However, they had forgotten these trivial information leaks determined the war outcome. These information leaks could lead to big changes and ultimately determine humanitys fate.

Of course, there were a few Godfiends that felt like humanity would definitely lose. They were the ones that betrayed humanity completely!

"Thats why Archean Mountain issued the order at the same time," said Fan Cheng. "We didnt even know about it beforehand."

Very few Godfiends knew about this matter beforehand. Marquis Heavenstar had only told Zhang Yunhu and Meng Chuan! Before the Great Relocation Plan was initiated, only humanitys leaders knew of it. Later, it was the Marquis and Regis Godfiends, followed by the likes of Meng Chuan of Zhang Yunhu. Most Godfiends only learned about the Great Relocation Plan at the end.

"Master, the demon monarchs will arrive very soon." Liu Qiyue looked down. "Thirty-five demon monarchs will pass through the tunnel in thirty seconds and reach the human world."

"Let them in first before we kill them all," said Marquis Heavenstar. Although he was standing there, the mortal soldiers couldnt see him. This was also one of the Darkstar domains special abilities. The Darkstar domain was unique to Marquis Godfiends and above. It had many uses such as concealment, disguise, defense, offense, and flight.

Fourth Firmament demon monarchs had all sorts of divine powers, but they were slightly inferior to Marquis Godfiends because they didnt have a Darkstar domain.

Marquis Heavenstar stepped off the city wall, floating above North River Passs inner city. He retrieved his bow from his back as he stared at the World Entrance coldly.

"Oh?" Liu Qiyue frowned slightly and said, "Master, among the 35 demon monarchs, the spider demoness and ox demon monarch are gone."

"Oh?" Marquis Heavenstars eyes turned colder. "Has news of Marquis Godfiends defending medium-sized city passes been leaked? Or are the demons being cautious?"

After a while, 35 third Firmament demon monarchs entered. Among them were five elite demon monarchs.




All sorts of sounds were heard. Second Firmament demon monarchs and mortals exited the World Entrance crazily. Since they didnt suffer from any attacks, they quickly exited the World Entrance.

"No Godfiends are stopping us?" The 35 third Firmament demon monarchs exchanged looks.

"Charge, head up the city wall." A fox demon monarch gave the order.

They knew that this attack was rather special. 35 third Firmament demon monarchs, nearly 100 second Firmament demon monarchs, and countless demons began climbing up the wall.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The demon monarchs rapidly climbed up the walls by using each other as platforms.

"I originally thought that there would be big fish." Marquis Heavenstar watched this scene calmly. No demons could see him.

The Darkstar domain could block most probes. It also rendered one invisible to the naked eye.

Marquis Heavenstar pulled his bowstring taut, but he had no arrows in his hand. After pulling the bow taut, four flaming arrows took form.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The arrows became four burning streaks after they were shot out.

Marquis Heavenstar stayed in his current position and pulled the bowstring again. His hands were a blur as he pulled the bowstring. In just a few seconds, he had shot over 40 flaming arrows! These flaming arrows streaked across the sky at terrifying speeds. The third Firmament demon monarchs tried to dodge the arrows, but the flaming arrows followed them ever so slightly and struck them. One arrow even killed two demon monarchs!

35 third Firmament demon monarchs and 11 second Firmament demon monarchs died to the 40 flaming arrows.

"Run!" The remaining demons began retreating to the World Entrance in fear.

Humph. Marquis Heavenstar stood high in the sky and waved his hand. His Darkstar Quintessential Essence flew towards the demons.

His Darkstar Quintessential Essence caused the battlefield to explode. Over half of the mortal demons and second Firmament demon monarchs were killed. Since some were close enough to the World Entrance, many demons managed to flee back to the Demon Realm.

"This" Fan Cheng, Liu Qiyue, and the other Godfiends were astounded.

With his strength alone, Marquis Heavenstar crushed the demon army. It was no wonder a medium-sized city pass became impregnable with a Marquis Godfiend guarding it.

They are really careful. They only sent five elite demon monarchs. Marquis Heavenstar looked down and shook his head slightly. If they were 35 third Firmament elite demon monarchs cooperating with each other, even he would have to spend some effort to kill them. When that happened, the second Firmament demon monarchs and ordinary demons would be fended off by Fan Cheng, Liu Qiyue, and the other Godfiends.

However, this demon army had been too weak.

On the other side of North River Passs World Entrance.

The Demon Realm.

An old turtle demon with a walking stick stood waiting. Around him were elite demon monarchs such as the spider demoness. Over ten elite demon monarchs possessed divine powers.

The demonsthat had fled successfullyknelt down in horror.

"There were flaming arrows, a lot of flaming arrows. The third Firmament demon monarchs died in the blink of an eye."

"All the attacks came from the sky. We couldnt see which Godfiend it was."

"Any slower and we would have died."

The second Firmament demon monarchsthat managed to escapewere terrified out of their wits.

"Uncle Yun, an invisible Godfiends attacks rained down from above. It should be a Marquis Godfiend," said a nine-headed lion demon. The spider demoness and the other demon monarchs stood behind the nine-headed lion demon.

"They didnt give us a chance despite the mass migration," said the old turtle demon with a smile as he held his walking stick. "Continue waiting. When the Marquis Godfiend leaves, you will enter the human world in batches."

"Yes," the nine-headed lion demon and the other demon monarchs replied respectfully.

The demons had long guessed that the mass migration meant that the humans were abandoning the small and medium-sized city passes.

They didnt want the humans to turtle up, but the demons would naturally send their armies into the human world since the humans had done so. The human world was very dangerous for demons! Only a few would enter if they were given a choice. Therefore, various demon sages sent their descendants to lead the invasion. Smaller factions would send their own forces.

They would enter the human world on a large scale. The demons wanted to win as soon as possible because any delay might spell trouble for them.

In an ordinary tycoons manor in Jiang State Capital.

Meng Chuan, Zhang Yunfeng, and Yang FangJiang State Capitals three strongest Godfiendsread through the latest intelligence dossier.

"27th February. All small and medium-sized city passes have begun relocating their citizens." The white-haired Zhang Yunfeng read the dossier and said, "Every small and medium-sized city pass has been attacked by demons. The attacks arent very strong, but they have forced the Marquis Godfiends to reveal themselves. Some medium-sized city passes didnt have any Marquis Godfiends and were forced to use their defensive treasures."

"The demons must know that almost all Marquis Godfiends in the world are guarding the city passes," Meng Chuan said softly. "They should know that the state capitals are void of any strong Godfiends."

"Yes." Zhang Yunfeng and Yang Fang were solemn as well.

Although the states and prefectures still had Godfiends, they were much weaker than Marquis Godfiends.

"According to Archean Mountains estimates, the demons will soon attack prefecture cities and state capitals," said Zhang Yunfeng. "However, the demons are still too weak in our human world. Most are ordinary demons and second Firmament demon monarchs. There are very few third Firmament demon monarchs. Theyll probably rely on the Skydemon Sect."

"Thankfully, there are much fewer fourth Firmament Skydemons than Marquis Godfiends," said Meng Chuan.

Archean Mountain had already given him detailed information on the Skydemon Sect. The Skydemon Sect had 2 fifth Firmament Skydemons and 11 fourth Firmament Skydemons. According to their judgment, fifth Firmament Skydemons cherished their lives. They would not risk their lives when cooperating with demons.

If the Skydemon Sect was pressured by the demons, they might send fourth Firmament Skydemons.

Meng Chuan had read the detailed dossiers regarding all 11 fourth Firmament Skydemons. They were typically weaker than fourth Firmament demon monarchs, making them much weaker than Marquis Godfiends.

"We need to be careful. The demons and Skydemon Sect can attack the prefecture cities and state capitals at any moment," said Zhang Yunfeng. "Jiang State Capital is a large city. With a population of seven million, the demons definitely wont ignore it."

"Yes." Meng Chuan and Yang Fang nodded slightly.

Although they had a few backup plansas the strongest Godfiends at Jiang State Capitalthey were under immense pressure.