Assassin's Chronicle Chapter 580

Chapter 580: Epilogue

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Minos was eliminated, and the Maho Empire had united all the nations, but peace did not follow as expected. Despite the religions' leaders working together closely, the conflict between the Church of Light and the followers of the Goddess of Nature had worsened.

However, the leaders of the religions did not let the petty conflict between the followers bother them, and still maintained a close friendship. Stan, who had recently became a cardinal, walked into a small bar in Sacred City. Inside, Mauso was already waiting for him.

"You're late," Mauso remarked.

Stan grunted. "Wester dropped by my place to give me the invitation to his wedding. I couldn't just send him away."

"I got it too," Mauso said. "Are you going?"

"Are you?" Stan asked, lifting a brow.

The two glanced at each other and chuckled. After Anfey defeated Minos, he had disappeared without waiting to claim his glory. However, disappearing didn't mean he stopped existing. No one can prom