Bank Of The Universe Chapter 125

Chapter 125 I Will Wait For You All At Dragon Gate

In the small village on top of Dragon Hiding Mountain, the few of them were all shocked.

A streak of sword energy appeared in the air. It landed from the sky with a terrifying aura and was pointed right at the Crown Prince.

It was obvious that the sword energy was to save Long Mixu.

"Preposterous! Is this place somewhere you can behave so arrogantly?" The invincible Dao Saint from 300 years ago stood up straight and punched 10 fists at it, causing the air around to explode.

Hong hong hong!

The 10 fists savagely smashed into the sword energy.

But the sword energy didnt back down; the fists were violent but it just continued to slice apart it.

Peng peng peng!

This sword energy sliced apart the 10 fists as fast as one sliced vegetables. It even split out another streak of sword energy, turning into an illusion to attack.

"Scram!" Li Xiandaos voice rang out and reverberated in the air above. An unbelievable scary explosion of energy burst forth.

The invincible Dao Saints body flew backward and smashed dozens of houses in the village. Dust and smoke bellowed.

The momentum of Li Xiandaos sword energy didnt reduce at all and continued to head towards the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was scared silly. He was covered by the sword energy, and at this point, he recalled how terrifying Li Xiandao was. He recalled the terrifying blow at the black soil area and thought back to how mysterious the Bank of the Universe was.


His legs went soft. He didnt even kill Long Mixu even though he had the chance to slice off her neck right now.

But he had no courage at all. He could only kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness.


The sword energy was really berserk and swept forwards, instantly killing the Crown Prince.

Li Xiandao didnt even give him a chance to argue for himself.

He had given him a chance in the black soil land but he gave up on it. No matter what he said now, he would still have to die, so there was no point at all listening to his nonsense.

The Crown Princes body was pierced by the sword energy. His body shook and he was held up in the air. The sword energy turned into thousands of pieces of sword threads which sliced his limbs off.

When the dozens of elders in the village saw this, their eyes seemed as if they were about to pop out from their sockets in rage. They were filled with hatred and anger.

This sword energy flew over from so far away, forcing away a Dao Saint and then killing the Crown Prince. That was an outright insult to all of them.

A slap to Ten Thousand Dragon Empires face!

A slap to their faces!

At that moment, all of them stared at Long Mixu in rage.

This was because they couldnt find Li Xiandaos voice and the sword energy had disappeared.

"Are you all even worthy enough to kill my subordinate?" Li Xiandaos overbearing voice rang once more. It was like thunder rumbling in the sky above the village.

"Master!" Long Mixu looked up emotionally. At that moment, she sensed a feeling of belonging and safety that she had never felt before.

"My Ten Thousand Dragon Empire Royal Family is teaching our descendant a lesson, so why are you interfering?" The Emperor from 1,000 years ago raged.

In the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandaos face was cold. He spoke to them from such a long distance away, "She is mine; all of you dont have the right to teach her a lesson!"

"Arent you a little too arrogant?" The Emperor raged.

"When you let the trash Crown Prince kill her, that was already arrogant. Since that is the case, then I will behave even more arrogantly." Li Xiandao didnt mince his words at all.

"You are thousands, tens of thousands of miles away, and can save her once, but can you save her a second time?" A tall but thin, bamboo pole like old man walked out.

"Old Ancestor!" The Emperor from 1,000 years ago said respectfully.

The other people looked on with respect. This person was the village head, the true protector god of the Ten Thousand Dragon Empire.

Long Yu!

Long Mixu said right away, "Master, this person is Ten Thousand Dragon Empires protector Long Yu."

"I heard that he broke through and entered the level above Saint Realm." Long Mixu betrayed her old ancestor without any hesitation.

"Trash, you really are a disgrace to the Long family." Long Yu looked at Long Mixu coldly. He threw a slap, wanting to smack Long Mixu to death.

A slap from someone who was above the Saint Realm.

Long Mixu definitely wouldnt be able to take that and that slap would kill her.

"I told you that you arent worthy to kill my subordinate in front of me. Do you think I am joking?" Li Xiandaos voice rang out. From who knows how many thousands of miles away, he used his fingers as a sword and slashed.


This strike was a huge surge of energy, turning into a river that swept forwards.

"Do you really think no one from Ancient Desolate Land can teach you a lesson?" Long Yu hollered in rage. He reached out towards the sky with one hand like he wanted to pull down half of the heavens to fight alongside him.


This strike smashed right into Li Xiandaos Big River Sword, causing the sword energy to splatter. Both the sword energy and the strike scattered.


The entire village was nonexistent. Like after a tsunami, a city would be left in ruins, there werent any unscathed buildings left at all.

"Today, you wont be able to bring Long Mixu away alive!" Long Yu looked at how he blocked Li Xiandaos strike and felt confident.

"Do you really think that you are at an advantage just because I am fighting you from far away?" Li Xiandao mocked.

"Since that is the case, then take another sword!" Li Xiandao didnt hesitate and sliced once more. At the same time, the ability of the Bank of the Universe was activated. It covered Long Mixu and wanted to bring her away.

"How bold!" Long Yu found out what was happening and wanted to stop it. But Li Xiandaos sword energy was really ferocious and he had to go all out to block it.


When the sword energy was blocked, Long Mixu was successfully taken away by Li Xiandao. Only ruins were and an exasperated Long Yu were left behind.

"You coward; what is the skill in hiding? If you have the balls, then announce your location!" Long Yu shouted.

In the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao wanted to end this conversation, but when he heard this, he laughed coldly, "Since you want to die, then I will let it happen. I will wait for all of you outside Dragon Gate. If you have the ability, then come and try."


After saying this, Li Xiandao switched off the image in front of him. He stood with his arms behind his back and just stood there quietly.

Long Mixu felt guilty. "Master, I was wrong to trust the Crown Prince and I messed everything up."

She felt really guilty, especially after seeing Li Xiandao fight the old ancestor for her, she felt even more guilty.

Li Xiandao waved his hands and said, "Even if you didnt mess it up now, I was prepared to finish the plan. At least we are drawing them here now and can wipe them out in one stroke. All your obstructions to the throne will be cleared out."

Long Mixu was stunned and said, "Master, do you have confidence?"

"Your Old Ancestor is strong but I still managed to save you from so far away. If he fights me head-on, he will have no chance to retaliate at all." Li Xiandao said confidently.

"Then, Master what should we do?" Tian Guangming asked excitedly.

"You dont have to do anything but cultivate. Stop being such a sissy, otherwise, I will go against the contract and abandon you." Li Xiandao threatened.