Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 11

11 Chapter 11
Approximately 45 minutes later and a well maintained ancient carriage entered a huge establishment bearing the insignia of the Lu Family on its entrance.

The building was heavily populated with men and women alike but with just one glance, any passerby could differentiate them from the normal breed of people that was ever so rampant in the city.

These breed of individuals had proud bearing and were garbed with only the most luxurious of dresses.

The robes ranged from myriad bright colors and the artistry behind each craft resonated the creator's freedom in the styles they brought to the eyes.

Some women were basically veiled only with thin garments that left little to the imagination of their pleased viewers.

And same as everyone who can still feel and breathed to appreciate beauty for what it was, Clark also took this chance to admire the lovely flowers in his midst.

'I need to get myself a beautiful girlfriend also.' Clark was thrilled inside.

Although this was more Lu Chen than him because of the old man's propensity for sexual affairs but that has not diminished Clark's interest in this particular field.

"We're here, Master Lu." Old Peng would have wanted to shout the words out but grew meek before the set of expensive vehicles around their modest one.

Some of the carriages that neatly lined beside them even had tamed monsters to pull their master's cabins. Of course most, if not all coachmen, stayed to guard the pricey possessions with great diligence.

'I'm an old worthless man. Please don't stare at me that much.' Old Peng bowed his head low to escape the judging eyes of the crowd of drivers around him.

Not a few muttered mocking jests his way as he tied the horses down on the side.

"A pair of poor stinking animals and an old dying slave. I wonder who's the honored master behind this extravagant party."

"Who knows? Maybe it's a powerful Grandmaster who has just exited his closed door cultivation of 500 years or so!"

The irony was deafening in the place, shamelessly inviting provocation unto the newly arrived travelers. Old Peng dipped his head even lower and engaged not one of the brazen offenders around him.

He did not even look at anyone's eyes in the vicinity save of course his master inside the carriage. Old Peng opened the vehicle doors as expected of his station.

He was indeed a good old servant who knew the ins and out of his job. Clark was only too aware of how much his faithful slave had suffered through the years for him.

And he was not one to easily forget Old Peng's long service.

"Come with me, Lai Peng." Clark said after he set his foot on the ground.

His vision scanned the bunch of small minded goons in the area and paid them no mind after he realized that they were just ants with big mouths.

He could kill them in a few breaths but he doubted he would get much exp from these mortals.

'I'd only end up wasting my time.' Clark shook his head and barged slowly into the premises.

"But... what about the horses, master?" Old Pend echoed behind. His concern for the lives that he nurtured for almost 20 years was real in the emotions he'd openly voiced out in this moment.

"I guess our friends in here could help us keep an eye on our precious carriage, or won't they?"

Clark gave his best death stare on the group especially to those who had openly ridiculed them but it has not resulted in what he'd expected it would.

"HAHAHA! Are you dumb or something?"

"Why would we even do that? We don't even know you at all!"

"In our eyes, you are no better than your aged slave!" The brave men looked contemptuously at the duo.

'Seems like I've not yet fulfilled the criteria to bear some killing intent unto my foes. Or maybe such notions aren't even real.' Clark sighed when he realized how wrong his assumptions had been.

Yes, he had mercilessly murdered the three men from before and found no guilt whatsoever in his heart.

Perhaps it was also due to his connection with his summons that had already siphoned rivers of blood into their quests.

In the end, Clark has not wasted anymore thoughts on useless things that bore him no positive returns.

For him, the men he killed were nothing but mere NPCs that served no purpose but to give him exp and nothing more.

Since he was toyed to live a xianxia life then he would at least fulfill the duties expected of him from the one that had sent him in this world.

'Am i just a game character dancing like a monkey on strings for a god's amusement?' Clark entertained this idea for a moment but quickly set it aside for now.

Brooding over pointless things like this was a mistake he'd rather not do. He would get all the answers he want if and when he arrived at the peak of strength in this realm and not a minute before.

'So lets do this.' Clark inhaled and proceeded to teach a few sharp tongued men some manners.



"PAK!" A string of slaps resonated in place as a ghostly shadow visited mayhem unto the hapless uncultivated mortals.

One tooth flew like an arrow towards parts unknown and unfortunately for all people concerned, it was only the start of the barrage of flying teeth in this otherwise normal day.


"How dare you hit me?! Don't you know that my master is...!" a man tried to do the usual blabber.

"PAK!" and was gifted by a crisp slap for his efforts.

"HELLLLLLLPPPPPP!" Torture was suffered by six men but no one was foolish enough to lend a hand in their rescue. Not even their fellow coachmen who was wise enough to shut their mouths in prudence.

In the end, half a dozen males sported pig faces as just payments for their deeds.

'That was exhilarating as usual.'

'I know that this love for violence is bad but it's so good to punish evil freely without any consequences in turn.' Clark had an unconscious smile on his face as he reviewed the masterpiece he'd created.

Moans of pains serenaded his ears and he deemed his actions thoroughly fulfilled after witnessing this outcome.

'I could almost move instantly within the radius of 10 meters at the Mortal Shedding Realm, how much more when i reach the Foundation Establishment Realm?'

Clark recalled on how time seemed to slow down after moving so unbelievably swift for a few breaths.

The mortals he'd punished seemed to be lagging in still frames which earned them no respite to dodge a single of his strike at all.

'And this is only the beginning of my path towards absolute strength! Even if i fail to reach the apex of power, if only i could return to Earth once again then that would be more than enough for me.'

Clark looked up and gazed at the fearful countenance of the untouched drivers in the scene.

"Will my friends also take care of our carriage in our absence?" he called for the crowd's attention. A second of silence passed by before a smart man began to honor the request of the strong.

"You can count on us, Master!"

"Leave your carriage to me! Not even a fly could dirty your exquisite vehicle, Master!" seconded another wise guy.

"Hmmm... That's good to hear then. Thank you everyone for this favor!" Clark nodded and turned his back on the masses.

"Come, Lai Peng. A new life awaits us!"

"Of course, Master Lu." Old Peng's bowed back straightened for a moment as he took pride in having such a good master like Lu Chen.