Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 12

12 Chapter 12
Clark and Old Peng went unmolested inside the halls. This place was not only a gathering place for stall masters but it served also as the headquarters for the entirety of Lu Family's business network.

People who usually enter these corridors were important personalities that held the reigns of power in one way or another. But that did not at all mean that these lot were cultivators. Far from that in fact.

After all, these valued beyond human supermen and women could simply not waste their time with mortal affairs any longer. At least this was true for most of the cultivators in the Lu Family.

"Good morning, master. How may i be of service for you today?" a lovely young girl said unto Clark.

Although there were many visitors around but the attendants on the place was not at all lacking to serve these guests. It did not take long for Clark to find an available table to convey his needs for the moment.

"Young Lady, I am Lu Chen from Aspen Estate. Please invite the Hall Master as i have an important news for him." Clark said to the beautiful girl.

"Please wait a moment, master." the girl replied and grabbed a thick book in front.

Her candle like fingers flipped the pages from the ancient records inside and within moments, she found the information she wanted.

Lu Chen,

Benevolent Buddha Calendar, Year 265,

Aspen Estate, Duton Area

Salted Fish Shop Owner,

Annual Levy: 10 gold coins

"Duton Area? The slums?"

The girl whispered but when she saw the date of birth that was printed in clear stylish calligraphy, she could not help but take a second look at the man who sat opposite her table.

Today was Year 366 which would have made this master at least a hundred years old or so.

'But he still looks so young! No more than 60!' The young girl screamed in her mind and knew exactly what Lu Chen was.

A cultivator!

"Please wait a moment, Master Lu! I will go find the Hall Master right away!" The girl left with a deep salute and almost tripped on her way out. Clark of course turned a blind eye to the young lady's panic.

This has always been the ways of the world. Power and prestige forever brought a sense of awe down unto people who could only stay mediocre in their lives. Not for their lack of trying though.

Clark looked on the side and saw the bowed figure of Old Peng. The good servant stood there in silence and embodied the spirit of a true helper.

Clark knew that the old man would refuse his command if he were to order the old slave to sit together at his level but that has not denied Clark's will to try though.

"Why don't you sit with me, Lai Peng."

"I'm okay right here, Master Lu. Your servant is used to standing. It's good for my bones as it is." Old Peng showed a rare smile, shaving off decades from his wrinkled aged face.

"I see." Clark repaid the smile with one of his own. After that, he once more contemplated on his plans for the immediate future.

Innovating all along because time was ever dynamic and not actually still and stagnant.

Those who remained hardheaded and could not change along the tides of time would only succumb to early failure, if not instant demise in the plight called life.

"How come the cultivators in the city are this weak, Nancy?" Clark asked his faceless aide using his thoughts.

He would have no doubt remained discreet if there were stronger people above him in Nexus but that seemed not to be the case. Clark found out that he was already on the top of the food chain.

A lion amongst millions of prey!

"The Lu Family has already existed for ten thousand years, host. They..."

"I'm aware of that." Clark interjected. Family history was a must learn in the beginning of Lu Chen's childhood.

"But do you know that the most outstanding prodigies are sent into the Demonic Sword Sect?" Nancy punched back with a question.

"Well... that's news for me." Clark was indeed taken aback by the shocking information he received. In the century he'd lived here as Lu Chen, there was nothing but peace and prosperity in Nexus City.

He would have never thought that such a lively city was within the purview of an Evil Sect.

'A facade of growth and wealth but behind the shadows was the reeking filth of decay and malevolence.' Clark concluded inside.

Alas, this deep words may have probably sprouted from Lu Chen's bitter views on the world in general.

But that has not bothered Clark in the least because perhaps a part of him agreed with his predecessor's sentiments.

"How strong is the leader of the Demonic Sword Sect, Nancy?" Clark asked the most importation question of all. Of course he was not at all a fool to join the mindless parade into that unknown pits.

If fortune would smile on him, Clark would most probably conquer Nexus City first and stay here for years until he matured in power.

A fully constructed system was after all a whole lot more beneficial than setting a fresh influence out from scratch.

"The Sect Master of the Demonic Sword Sect is at lev..."

"Lu Chen?" Nancy's words was drowned out by a newcomer. Clark looked for he source of the interruption and it would be a lie to say that he was not surprised in what he found.

"Lu Fang!" Clark uttered the man's name and he could feel the hate rise from within his heart.

"Congratulations, host. You gave gained a new level. Please visit the system menu for further details." Nancy announced with her usual lovely voice.

'This is a day filled with surprises indeed!'