Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 16

16 Chapter 16
A beat of melancholy drowned the scene. Clark looked around at the connected set of medieval buildings and it did not take long for him to reminisced a very familiar memory like this.

A home that he had just recently evacuated this morning. Nothing changed but more expensive furniture and bright coated paint on the walls.

Other than that, the emptiness around looked exactly the same as his home before.

'At least i wouldn't get too homesick in here.' Clark concluded as he lived more as Lu Chen than his original self ever could.

"Do you want me to get our things now, Master?" Old Peng asked when he saw his master walked into a nearby room.

"No need, Lai Peng. Let the servants do that after they arrived."

"Okay, Master." Old Peng stayed there to wait for the expected lady helpers while Clark roamed the big residence freely. The complex has everything anyone could need.

It even had myriad designs of cultivator robes to choose from.

And judging from the fresh smell of the garments, it was probably washed weekly even if there was no one inside to use such luxurious items in full.

'The clan really values its cultivators this much.'

'It's just sad that the Lu Family produces so few talented children.' Clark rubbed his long white beard as he accepted the fact that not everyone was born with spiritual veins in their bodies.

Just like everything else in creation, some were fortunate but most would be found wanting in luck and potential.

"Enough of that." Clark whispered then went on to do business as he'd intended in the first place.

"Show me my status, Nancy."


Host: Clark Colter

Power: 83

Experience: 12369/30000

Health: 450/450

Health Regen: 3/s

Mana: 450/450

Mana Regen: 2/s

Level: 8

Class: Necromancer

System Shop

Shop Points: None

Class Skills

Skill Points: 6

'Almost there.'

'I only need 2 more levels to reach level 10 and then the fun can finally start with a sea of bones and arrows!'

Clark was excited and it showed pretty clearly on the stupid grin that currently masked his face at the moment. This was the look of someone very very sure of his victory.

The creepy smile of a 50 year old man lasted for 4 breaths tops before Clark finally relented and continued being proactive in his actions.

"What were you about to say earlier, Nancy? Please continue." Clark instructed the hidden system with only the use of his mind.

He was rather getting used to his able partner in crime and figured that being vague with his commands was okay

as he supposed that Nancy could read all his unbidden thoughts well enough given that she could converse with him just as easily using the same faculty. Or at least that was what he'd hoped.

"The Sect Master of the Demonic Sword Sect is at level 33, host." Nancy answered promptly which at the very least verified Clark's wise conjectures.

'Seems like i really can't have any secrets from you, or can i... Nancy?'

"...." The system spirit was sentient enough to ignore Clark's rhetorical question right now.

"FUCK ME!" Clark made a helpless sigh before he proceeded on doing what he must. There was no sense in crying over something that couldn't be changed.

With little concentration needed on his part, Clark began to take note of the constant beeps that was now akin to white noise in his ears.

Blood Twin has killed a Bronze Spriggan... host has gained 39 xp!

White Wolf has killed a Bronze Spriggan... host has gained 39 xp!

White Wolf has killed a Bronze Spriggan... host has gained 39 xp!

White Wolf has killed a Bronze Spriggan... host has gained 39 xp!

'At this current rate, I'm gonna level up in more or less 1 and a half hours. A pretty neat trick indeed!'

Clark whistled a happy tune as he traversed the huge house to find a particular spot within its domain. The moment he found it, the middle aged man then flopped carelessly upon the soft mattress.

"Ahhhhh! What a good way to live!" Clark moaned in satisfaction as he felt neither fatigue nor drowsiness ever since he stepped into the Mortal Shedding Realm.

'Would i not need any sleep from now on?'

'Hmmm... That would surely be a welcome surprise to know soon enough!'

Seventeen minutes passed in monotonous wait before three soft knocks broke the otherwise uneventful early morn.

"Come." a man's voice called from within. A breath later, the double doors painted with the glaring hues of crimson opened to invite the elderly figure of Old Peng.

"Sorry for the intrusion, Master. The maidservants have arrived." Old Peng bowed along his customary apology.

He noticed that his good master has whistled some unknown tunes before his untimely disruption.

They took a fast beat and if he was to be frank about it, Old Peng deemed that this kind of music brought about an astonishing change to the slow dramatic songs that was quite prevalent in today's era.

Having said that, Old Peng would of course not admit that he stood stupefied at what he had heard for at least 30 breaths before intruding to do his duty towards his master.

"Did they bring something for me?" Clark asked as he slowly rose from his lazy posture.

"Only a box, master." Old Peng answered and gave the item to its rightful owner.

"Let them bring our belongings in the next room." Clark instructed but his eyes were now entirely focused on the exquisite box.

"Already did, master." Old Peng replied.




The unstoppable hands of time ran around in search for eternity and after five breaths, no one else said any word to mark its passage.

"Is that all, master?" Old Peng was finally the first one to budge between them. Not that the old servant expected any other outcome whatsoever.

"Yes... Thank you, Lai Peng." Clark's attention was still centered on the fascinating artifact on his palm.

"Click." and even after the doors closed, he stayed completely undecided whether to open the box or not. He could feel that there was something wrong within. Alas, his curiosity won out in the end.

But not without just caution.

"Is the box or its contents dangerous for me, Nancy? Perhaps even fatal?" Clark asked.

"Negative, host. A box and a notebook within. These will only provide huge benefits to your cultivation." and Nancy supplied the information as usual.

"Okay, then." Clark's worries was eased significantly. He opened the lavish container and when he did, his world was instantly engulfed in blood and violence.

"What the fuck?!" Clark jolted in absolute terror.