Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 18

18 Chapter 18
Clark took the time to change into a luxurious looking black robe.

He has not went out to get a fresh change of clothes from his personal belongings but only grabbed the gifts that laid dormant and unused in the closet nearby.

After that, he felt refreshed and once more laid down on the comforts of the bed.

"Was that boy the Sect Master of the Demonic Sword Sect?"

"Affirmative, host. His name is Gu Chun. The one who has founded the Demonic Sword Sect for almost 3 thousand years already." Nancy confirmed Clark's suspicions.

Nobody would of course be the main character in the important aspect such as the baptism of newly registered disciples in the Demonic Sword Sect aside from their very own Sect Master.

If Clark was on the shoes of that evil star, he would, without a doubt, do the same exact thing.

"Isn't he only at level 33, Nancy?" Clark's brow rose in incredulity.

"Affirmative, host."

"Then how in the world could he live for more than 2,000 years already?" Clark noted that with Gu Chun's strength, he was most definitely at the Aspirant Realm 3rd Stage.

And Aspirants only have 2,000 years of life expectancy.

'Is there a bug in the system that i don't know about?' Clark was thrilled with these thoughts.

One should know that game bugs, if exploited pretty well, could amass vast amounts of wealth and other such advantages.

These would be loopholes could provide cheats that could garner much exp, items or both that would launch a player's strength more than any of the normal means available.

"Gu Chun has taken longevity pills to extend his stay in this world, host. But sooner or later, he too, shall succumb to the inescapable chains of death." Nancy replied with absolute certainty.

"This world even have death defying treasures like longevity pills. Too op!" Clark shook his head and moaned in bitter disappointment.

His hopes of abusing the system spirit scattered in the winds as swiftly as it had come. However, that did not stop his steps at all in unraveling this world's mystery.

Clark took the booklet inside the cursed box. Even though the mindfuck had long been done and over but he still did not take any chances of reliving that nightmare.

"BANG!" an expensive looking box that had intricate designs and symbols on its body soared through the air and slammed hard into the walls of the room.

Clark could not have cared any less for the item and if truth be told, he felt significantly better after he had it discarded.

'Cursed items are so creepy.' Clark nodded in quick succession and quickly exited the room along with his prize. An archaic looking booklet about the size of his palm.

"Are you hungry, Master?"

"Should i prepare your breakfast already?" Old Peng asked like a good butler in the house.

"Call me for lunch, Lai Peng. Until then, don't let anyone disturb me for anything." Clark gave his specific instructions.

"As you wish, Master." Old Peng obeyed and bowed slightly at his master's retreating back.

* * *

Clark found himself a sanctuary of sorts that looked looked exactly as the last room. Nevertheless, he did not let the peculiar similarity bother him in the least.

As long as that he knew that the previous wretched box was nowhere near him right now then that was all that mattered to him.

'What do we have here?' Clark sat on the bed and with bated breath, slowly perused the contents of the notebook.

On its cover was the intimidating name of the sect that he was supposed to have an allegiance right now.

Demonic Sword Sect.

Outer Disciples' Writ.

The lines were handwritten and the words flowed like a sharp sword. Intimidating and direct in imparting its knowledge unto the newly recruited newbies in their fold.

Clark sat down on the bed and went directly to the first page of the booklet. The following words were about the strict guidelines of the Demonic Sword Sect.

Some precepts were quite brutal even to Clark's liberal mind.

"Honor the Demonic Sword Sect above all else. Slaughter anyone who does otherwise."

"Once a traitor, will always be a traitor. Forgive them and then take that unfaithful's life as penance to his sins."

"He, who commands strength above all, shall dictate what is right or wrong." There were other such cringey teachings but Clark has not the will to continue on diving deeper unto them.

After a quick read, he then arrived at the free cultivation manual that the Demonic Sword Sect has given to its outer disciples. The name of the technique was Invincible Asura Strengthening Technique.

Although it sounded pretty nice to the ears but Clark doubted that something allotted to rookies was as powerful as its name was.

'Now... let me try how cultivating to become an immortal really feels like.' He had read them only in Wuxiaworlds before but now Clark was finally the one doing the tedious task of cultivation.

It would be wrong to say that was he not excited. He was... and so he decided to do what this epic sounding manual portrayed.

There were instructions, complete with lifelike sketches on how to do the steps in cultivating this secret technique.

"Sit in a lotus position. Check!" Clark was now at the center of the soft bed. Legs crossed and his open palms resting gently on his knees.

"Close your eyes and open your mind's eye?"

"FUCK! What does that even mean?!" Clark cursed the damned creators of this manual for being vague af in their words.

"Let me jump over to the third step since only the author could have possibly make sense on whatever gibberish he wanted to convey in this book."

Clark murmured and palmed the book open once more to check the hows of cultivation.

"With your mind's eye opened, feel the vast energies around you."

"Breathe it in and hold it inside until the spiritual essence disperses unto the entirety of your body."

'Now this is a lot simpler to understand than the last.' Clark closed his eyes and did exactly just that.

He was well aware even at first step on how drastically different the atmosphere was between here and outside the magical formation, so this much was as uncomplicated as they come.

Clark took a deep breath and the rich flavor of the spiritual essence around him filled his lungs completely. The air even tasted sweeter and more vivid to his senses.

Bringing him higher and higher still unto parts unknown.

'What the...!'

'Am i getting an epic high by simply cultivating?'

'This is simply unbelievable!' Clark roared in his mind but he remained motionless because he wanted to get this right at first try. He held his breath and never relented in the process.

1 minute passed.




5 minutes of not breathing and the collection of life giving energies inside his lungs was finally depleted.

'How can i hold my breath this much?' Clark queried but swiftly dumped the cause behind his now superhuman abilities.

What interested him more or in this case made him upset was the notification he heard after his 5 minute cultivation.

"You have successfully cultivated, host has gained .3 xp!"

"Only .3 xp in 5 minutes of cultivating. What the fuck is that?!" Clark growled in disbelief. In one day, he could more or less only get 85 experience.

And that was if he would cultivate like crazy and do it nonstop all day long!

'Who is stupid enough to do that?!'

"SHIT!" Clark cursed for the umpteenth time as he realized how tedious this kind of life would be for the normal cultivators.

If not for his system cheat, there was no doubt that Clark would still not reach the first stage of Mortal Shedding Realm at this point.

'If absorbing the spiritual essence of the world doesn't give an instant high, i think no sane man would wish this kind of life upon them.'

'Maybe it's because this spiritual essence has come from the gods or the heavens or whatever, but it makes me feel a sense of euphoria that's too hard to quantify into words.'

'Perhaps the feeling that could rival close to it was that experience after i transmigrated.' Clark remembered how incredibly soft Qian Ru's flesh was and he felt the surge of desire rush into his veins.

Normally, he would have attended to this familiar task himself already but after taking a woman's fragrant allure into his arms, no matter how involuntary it had been on his part,

Clark has only ever wish to taste the same remedy as the last.

"Soon." he said and closed his eyes to cultivate once more.

"You have successfully cultivated, host has gained .3 xp!"

"You have successfully cultivated, host has gained .3 xp!"

"You have successfully cultivated, host has gained .3 xp!"

Fifteen minutes elapsed already and Clark has yet to stop.