Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 22

22 Chapter 22
"My fair lady, you must have mistaken me for somebody else."

"This is first time we've even met." Clark tried to reason out with these NPC characters.

If not for the presence of this matchless beauty before him, there was no doubt that he would have easily gone on a rampage and end the lives of these mindless fools. Alas, Clark was still a man.

And with Lu Chen's influence on his psyche, beautiful women was exactly one of that old man's weaknesses.

"You naughty man, how could you do all that to me and leave me hanging just like that?" the luscious looking young girl's attitude took a hundred eighty degree turn.

"What?" Clark had question marks clearly hanging on his face right now. Unfortunately, not one reply enlightened him on this epic misunderstanding.

"WHOOSH!" a fragrant shadow merged within the guiding luminescence of the room and materialized thereafter on Clark's side.

A half breath later, a soft mountainous terrain laid comfortably crushed on the left arm of Clark.

If this woman was a little bit stronger, she would have definitely turned into a meat patty given Clark's obsession with his safety.

Lucky for her that she was still at the fifth stage of Mortal Shedding Realm and was not foolish enough to attack.

'Other than dragging me into this mess that is.' Clark moaned his only complain but could not help but take deep breaths to inhale the freshness of this soon to be named woman by his side.

"What seems to be the matter, young lady? Are you running off from your wedding or something?" Clark whispered on the ears of the precious little miss.

She was a perfect example of what goddesses should look like. She wore a white gown that totally highlighted the sculpted figure of the deities above.

Her face was angelic and innocent but more obvious than that was her sexy ripe body that would drive any man insane with lust. Clark was of course not exempted by this woman's innate gifts.

Although at this time, a lovely pout marred the woman's flushed countenance but that has only urged further the animal that laid dormant within any man, woman, and beast.

Clark felt a strong will to possess this girl just like any other teen that would be put in this very same situation.

It did not help that the lusty Lu Chen has all but corrupted Clark's mind also as vivid scenes of sexual exploits ran rampant for a few breaths before he forcefully stopped his daydreaming right then and there.

"Help me this one time and i will owe you a favor." the unnamed beautiful lady whispered back.

'How?! SHIT!' Clark was certainly not that stupid. With how lively the people were in this city, it was simple to know the reason behind the festive atmosphere tonight.

The royal family's only successor, a woman, had gotten engaged to marry this very same eve.

The groom to be was here in Haran City to plan the details on the wedding and surprise surprise, Clark was caught in the middle of this olden undying drama.

He was speechless for a moment until his eyes found a deep valley between two proud juicy fruits that made him even more reluctant to open up his tongue. Too afraid for his spittle to dribble down his chin.

The princess was of course aware of how Clark's eyes had wantonly strayed but she could only look up with a silent criticism on her would be savior.

Clark was totally not to blame for this because the woman was indeed a priceless treasure in the flesh. Her body exuded the primal peak of what femininity could be.

It was as if she was molded not by circumstance but by the hands of the Divinities itself.

It did not also help that she wore a long flowing white gown that clasped tightly at her mannequin figure which exposed the lot of her allure in more ways than words could ever possibly hope to describe.

Clark gulped as if a man dying of thirst.

'A pig. Are all men really like this?' The seductive princess sighed. Although she was used to getting stares like this but it has not at all comforted her in the least.

"Princess Ning Xi, please don't make this hard for all of us." one of the servants slash lady guards that came along with the princess finally stated her opinion on the matter.

There were three of them and if Clark would be truthful, there were definitely no bad pick among these lot of cherries.

"Liu Feng is right, Princess. Please. You need to come back with us to the palace." another maiden pleaded. She could not fathom how this controversy would affect the planned marriage a few weeks from now.

Alas, her imagination was shortsighted because what came next had totally broken all avenues of retreat whatsoever.

"Why don't you all believe me? This man has already taken all of me."

Princess Ning Xi replied and to add credence to her words, she grabbed Clark's face and did the most unexpected thing she could.

Clark felt Ning Xi's soft fingers pulled him down and unto even softer lips that started the wrestling of emotions between two total strangers.

'My first kiss!'

'Stolen just like that!' Clark was stunned by how fast everything happened. Yet although he had some complains to say but his naughty lips has not at all halted in the least.

With Lu Chen's 100 years of experience with women, how could Clark be at a disadvantage in doing such a happy exercise.

"Hmmmm..." the sweetest of moans escaped from someone's lips.

"Isn't that Princess Ning Xi?"

"Hasn't she just gotten engaged tonight?"

"Is that man Prince Zhang Mu of Canta City?" This public display of affection has garnered the curiosity of the busy shoppers and they too, wished to see the root and climax of this whole affair.

"You..." Ning Xi muttered after the kiss had finished. A rosy blush colored her face to an even prettier shade.

She gently touched her lips and knew even without touching that it was numbed raw with how ferocious the short battle had lasted.

"You asked for it." Clark teased the beautiful girl with a smile. He should have been the one to shout foul because Princess Ning Xi was the one who initiated the contact to begin with.

But after all has been said and done, Clark decided right then and there that no man can ever touch this foxy princess ever again.

'Not after she stole my first kiss away from me.' Clark's smile grew even wider at how wonderful the experience was.

It was unplanned and very much unexpected which made the memory more precious than anything Clark could have ever imagined.

'Definitely better than the original Lu Chen's first tumble with a woman.' The middle aged man nodded as he continued to gaze at the willing captive in his arms.

"It's all over." Liu Feng whispered hopelessly.

"What are we going to do, Cui Meng?" she looked at one of her partners and witnessed how tears were already dripping at the woman's healthy cheeks.

"The Queen is going to kill us. That at least i can foresee with absolute certainty." Cui Meng brought her sleeves to her eyes to dab away at the wet signs of her lament.

'How could Princess Ning Xi escape their notice and had the time to be in a relationship with this unknown man?'

Cui Meng thought in wonder but the very realization of what had come to be urged another spring of tears to flow freely from her clear sorrowful eyes.

"We need to get back as soon as possible. Preferably with the Princess and her lover. Let them be the ones to explain themselves to our masters."

The last one who had yet to speak finally gave her piece at last. This final lady guard was at a whole nother level compared to the first two.

While Liu Feng and Cui Meng seemed soft and delicate, this one held an icy persona that pushed anyone away from her without even the need to say it.

One look at her and an ignorant beholder could immediately feel the frost that had wantonly covered this woman's heart in thick impenetrable blotches of ice.

There was an open challenge around her that would have dared any man to conquer this woman. Alas, our good protagonist did not like any hassle at all in conquering a woman of this kind.

'Why take the hard way when i can have it easy?' Clark mused as he looked at the trio of lovely lady servants.

"Let's hope that the Princess would oblige us this time, Xiao Yi." Cui Meng said unto the third guard who was blanketed by a chilly atmosphere.

"Princess Ning Xi, will you come with us to meet your parents together with your... this... man." Cui Meng bowed low together with her request.

"Okay. Let's go." Princess Ning Xi nodded and dragged Clark's arms along for the ride.

The beta male in Clark also had no choice but to follow as it gave him a good feeling to have someone so sinfully attractive need him this much.

Still, there was really no danger inside this city because the strongest man on site was someone Clark had already met. An 8th Stage Mortal Shedding Realm.

He was none other than Pill Grand Master Gao Guanyu of course. Other than him, the majority of the millions within Haran City has at least just stepped on the 1st Stage of cultivation.

In comparison to Nexus City, there was no doubt that Haran bragged a more progressive haven in terms of cultivation resources.

"What's your name?" Princess Ning Xi asked softly while Cui Meng and Liu Feng led the way and having the icy Xiao Yi to guard the back.

"I'm Clark. It was pleasant meeting you in such a unique way, Princess." Clark smiled and his perfect white teeth added more charisma to his otherwise already handsome face.

"Don't misinterpret what i did earlier, Master Clark. I only did what i should do given the circumstances.

After Prince Zhang Mu breaks the engagement tonight, then you shall have my utmost gratitude. And I will give a reasonable reward of course." Princess Ning Xi bribed.

She did not know the man but only knew that he was strong. At least much stronger than she was and all the other people in attendance earlier.

This was the reason why she picked him among the throng of other available guys within the Pill Pavilion.

'I just hope that he knows how to act well in front of my parents.' Princess Ning Xi offered a silent prayer as she truly dreaded the meeting that would happen later on.

The party went out of the Pill Pavilion without a drag but when they was about to ride a luxurious carriage, a new group barred their way to confront them.

A young boy about 20 or so spearheaded the accusers while five of his bodyguards followed obediently behind.

"It seems that the news i got is correct. So you really have a lover, Ning Xi! You slut!"

The youth roared like he was in pain but it would be safe to say that it was, most definitely, his pride which bore the brunt from this open betrayal.

"I'm sorry, Prince Zhang Mu. Although i am flattered of your admiration but I don't love you. You are a good man and any woman would be lucky to have you.

It's just that you and i, are not simply meant to be." Princess Ning Xi knew how to downplay her rejection of Zhang Mu's feelings that showed aptly how effective her upbringing as a princess had been.

"HAHAHA! I, Zhang Mu, has never been bullied in my life! Cripple that man but don't kill him.

I will take this slut as one of my playthings and let her lover witness how i fuck her until she is no more than a bag of flesh.

And when i grow bored of you, my dear Princess Ning Xi, i will send you to my dogs as their new bitch to ravage.

This is the price of your betrayal!" Zhang Mu clenched his teeth and looked at Clark with fire burning in his eyes.

"Do it!" The good prince from Canta City ordered his men.

"Master, I'm afraid that this man is stronger than all of us combined." one bodyguard said.

"DAMN! Let's go! I will remember this shame!" Zhang Mu turned around and has planned to get some more men on the morrow. He will not allow this disgrace to remain unanswered for long.

"Really? After you said all those threats, do you think that I'll just let you walk away like that?"