Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 25

25 Chapter 25
'Is this how people usually greet in here?' Clark was surprised when two melon sized delights melted quite favorably on one of his arms.

This was even more provocative than what Princess Ning Xi did earlier.

"Is this man the one you always tell me about, Xi'er?" Wan Fei addressed her daughter but happily purred the words softly on Clark's ears.

"Wha..." Princess Ning Xi almost swallowed her tongue down because of her mother's unexpected greetings unto her supposed boyfriend.

"Y - yes, he's the one mother. He is Clark. The one that i truly love." Ning Xi replied after a short stammer.

It was just funny to see how she uttered such devoted words and yet stood some three steps away from the darling boy she had just proposed her love unto.

After the shocking event earlier, Ning Xi could no longer appear that carefree towards the man she only knew as Master Clark.

"Nice to finally meet you, mother in law! Xi'er has been nothing but the sweetest nightingale as she loves to sing praises about you.

Indeed, she was not wrong when she said that you are truly one of the most beautiful women in the city of Haran." Clark made use of Lu Chen's specialty in luring the hearts of women away.

This has ever been his favorite play before and after he tasted the acts of the flesh with his dearest prostitutes in the Pleasure House.

Lu Chen loved to tease women and on the other hand, those paid gals were also trained to humor their customers.

Both participants acted on an unspoken drama to take them above and beyond their current deplorable states.

"Ohhh... you have got taste in picking your mate, Xi'er. Master Clark is indeed a man of many talents." Wan Fei smiled sweetly to show her appreciation on Clark's words.

She then gently led Clark deeper into the halls. Ning Xi followed behind while her three maidservants knelt in place to await their punishments.

The beautiful host, Wan Fei, of course did not want to ruin this first meeting with such a sour aberration in the mix.

"Tell your retinue to wait outside, Xi'er. We shall call on them again when the feast starts."

"THUD!" The large doors closed which left behind one family and a stranger.

"Is this your first time in Haran, Master Clark?" Wan Fei queried as she pulled the man towards a line of seats before the thrones.

Ning Bao at this time still hasn't stood up or even greeted the unwanted guest in their midst. The King wore a plain scowl as he was looking at how the events unfolded before his very eyes in distaste.

Clark did not pay any mind to the King's thoughts whatsoever. The King and the Queen were only at the seventh Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm.

If they were not the parents of Princess Ning Xi, the one whom Clark favored to be his first woman in this xianxia world, then he wouldn't be here or talk to them in the least.

Still, that has not meant that our good old Clark was totally numb at this point. Far from that in fact.

All his senses was very much alive and screaming in euphoria at how Princess Ning Xi's mother was clinging possessively at him.

The Queen could pass as her daughter's twin and none would have questioned such a statement. Wan Fei wore a sapphire colored dress that showcased her womanly allure for everyone to see.

The curves on her body could bring any man to many sleepless nights and more.

Even the golden crown on her head brought a sort of majesty that perhaps only born nobles could ever hope to embody in its fullness.

Alas, Clark had no idea about nobility and such topics but there was one that he was totally sure of. He was hard and tingling down south.

The Queen was a much learned seductress than Princess Ning Xi ever could.

While Ning Xi personified a woman's purity, Wan Fei on the other hand has already obtained the wisdom of being one.

The Queen knew what men want in a woman and at this time, she was not cutting any corners for Clark's sake.

'Well, maybe my Ning Xi could also be this hot and tempting someday.'

"I've been here many times, mother in law. It's just that Xi'er has been good at keeping our love close to her chest."

Clark had an honest smile on his face then looked behind at Princess Ning Xi who has now become too afraid to get near him after the ghastly show of violence earlier.

Not that Clark was bothered by it though. He has time and he could wait until the little innocent girl would grow up into the realities of this world.

'I have at least a hundred years more to live and after i reach the Foundation Establishment Realm, it would only extend longer until i become a True Immortal in the end. So yeah, time is my closest friend!'

Clark took a deep breath and was satisfied with how easy life has been so far with an op system cheat on hand.

When he turned his head back and found the expressive lovely stare of the Queen, Clark could not help but gulped unconsciously thereafter.

Perfect was a true understatement to define how charming the Queen looked at this very moment.

"Call me Wan Fei, Master Clark." The Queen made her request and it was one that Clark has not the heart to deny.

"Wan Fei." Clark complied.

"ENOUGH!" Ning Bao could not anymore take where the discussion was going between his wife and this man known only as Clark.

"Welcome to my House, Senior. Can we please move on from the concocted tale that you and my daughter has willfully produced?"

"Why have you come?" Ning Bao stood up and cupped his fist towards Clark. His eyes roamed on the body of this mystical Senior.

Long white hair and lengthy grey beard in the darkest of robes available to the eyes.

This has created a virtuous appearance unto their guest but Ning Bao was not one to let any wolf, rabid or tamed alike, within the confines of his home.

Especially not one who far exceeded them in power and cultivation attainments.

Ning Bao took the middle aged guise of Clark and determined that this man has had already been living on these earths for at least a hundred years.

"I..." Clark was about to answer but felt a tug on his arm. And again, the soft fragrant flesh was buried in abundance on that lone lucky limb of his.

Wan Fei of course took this chance to smooth any wrinkles that her stupid husband may have done out of spite.

"If you want to talk then step down from your lofty dais, Ning Bao."

"You don't want to disrespect our honored guest, do you?" Wan Fei raised a delicate brow that hinted her displeasure on how Ning Bao had lost his wits on his undying wish to possess her for himself alone.

They neither knew anything about Clark and usually men of power has not the tolerance for such blatant show of contempt.

'If you want to die that badly old man, suit yourself. But leave Xi'er and me out of your lunacy!' Wan Fei scolded her foolish husband in her mind.

"Please forgive Ning Bao, Master Clark. Sometimes i feel that he's gotten senile already." Wan Fei shook her pretty head and guided Clark to the last steps towards the luxurious chairs on the side.

Since Ning Bao had no smart comebacks to say so he could only follow the wishes of Wan Fei.

When all were calmly seated, everyone faced a line of empty chairs across the aisle that was draped in a gorgeous red carpet.

Being in the King and Queen's throne room, it was only natural that their subjects' position were on the side.

There was not even a single table in place as only the most important of tasks were tackled inside this dreary enclosure.

Nevertheless, this somber atmosphere has not at all affected the crazy position that Clark was in right now.

Wan Fei was still clinging like a snake at his right while Ning Xi composed herself also at the left.

He could smell the distinct fragrance of two beauties and if Clark was to be frank, he determined that it was not a bad idea to be surrounded by attractive goddesses like this mother and daughter pair.

"What are your plans, Senior? The Zhang Family of Canta City would surely exact their revenge after you killed one of their prince." Ning Bao asked.

His eyes wandered at how tightly his wife has willingly entangled herself at Clark and could only clench his fist in response because he was impotent to act otherwise.

"Hmmm... How strong is the Zhang Family?" Clark rubbed his beard with his available hand as the other was deliciously entwined by someone else.

"It is rumored that the Zhang Patriarch is close to a breakthrough towards the Foundation Establishment Realm." Ning Bao supplied.

"Patriarch, huh? Then what about Prince Zhang Mu's parents?"

Clark did not believe that a naughty boy at 6th Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm and 5 goons at 7th Stage would have a master far beyond their strength.

"King Zhang Jia is now at the Peak of the 9th Stage." Ning Bao answered.

"I see. Then you can leave the Zhang Family to me, father in law. If they dare come to Haran City, only cold corpses will return to their loved ones."

Clark smiled. He then looked to the side and when his and Ning Bao's eyes met, the King felt goosebumps rise over his entire body. This were the eyes of a merciless predator.

One that has already basked in the rivers of blood from the countless fallen he'd slaughtered in his lifetime.

"..." Ning Bao was left speechless after that. In the end, he could only nod in reply and be the first one to break eye contact with the suddenly terrifying Clark.

A short pause elapsed before Wan Fei bridged the silence with one of her concerns.

"What about my daughter, Master Clark?" she queried.

"What about her? Of course I'm going to marry, Ning Xi. How could i be a man and not honor my responsibility upon her after everything i've already taken before its time." Clark stated seriously.

'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...' Princess Ning Xi could only cry in silence.