Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 26

26 Chapter 26
"Do you really love this man, Xixi?" Ning Bao asked softly. Although he knew that Senior Clark may have only met his daughter tonight but nothing really ever changed to his daughter's fate.

It was just another tyrant replacing the old one.

"Father... I..." Princess Ning Xi halted. She took her time and paid special attention to the man whom she would possibly share the rest of her life with.

Clark was a handsome man and extremely powerful at that.

'Should i just surrender to my fate?' Ning Xi lamented and sought guidance from the one who understood her the most. A mother met her daughter's gaze and smiled sweetly unto the latter.

"Do you remember the tale i told you about, Xi'er?" Princess Ning Xi nodded as tears were beginning to overflow from the windows of her soul.

"About you and father." Ning Xi mouthed the words up. Without ado, Wan Fei's pretty face was marred by the shadows of her past for a moment. There was regrets mixed with fondness.

Of a time when she was exactly like Xi'er. Wondering whether any action she could have done would have change things differently in the present.

Alas, three breaths was all she needed before arriving once more at a conclusion that she had already come into terms for many years but still could not help but challenge its indelible mark even today.

"Some people are born lucky that they could choose who they want to be with, Xi'er."

"But... people like us... we are not fortunate enough to be granted that precious gift to choose." Wan Fei may be smiling at the moment but her eyes spoke volumes of myriad emotions but joy.

In a world where lives were as cheap as flying dust in the wind, those in power always tried to find ways to stabilize their positions even further.

Wan Fei and Ning Bao's marriage was exactly a political strategy to bind two families together.

Sometimes she thought strongly that perhaps why her love for Ning Bao has not stood the test of time and circumstance was exactly because it was founded with sand castles along the shorelines.

There was really nothing more to say about that bygone unchangeable life.

A depressed atmosphere dawned on the halls yet nobody was willing enough to break the deafening silence that ensued.

Until finally, Princess Ning Xi has decided to end this long-drawn affair that has taken the lives of 6 men already.

Although those hapless dead was reaped not by her own hands but Ning Xi shouldered a part of the blame in their demise also.

'I don't want anyone else to die because of me.'

"I accept your proposal, Master Clark. Please take care of me from now on."

Though Princess Ning Xi smiled yet it was curious to see them colorless waters slipped by her cheeks and down unto the unfeeling floors beneath her.

A single tear fell.

And then another.

But Wan Fei waited not for the third drop.

"Let the engagement feast begin!"