Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 27

27 Chapter 27
'Ah... This brings back good memories.' Clark leaned on his chair as he smiled, nodded, and clapped at times to the cheery ambiance within the large expanse of the dining hall.

Food and beverages were in abundance. Music filled the air and at the center was more than a dozen loving pairs who swayed to the romantic symphonies aroused by a lone zither in the side.

Although almost everyone seemed busy but most, if not all, would peek from time to time at Clark's position in the main table.

There was no doubt that his infamous deed has already spread amongst these men and women of power and yet Clark was instead comforted amidst these people's curiosity.

It had reminded him of a time when he was still on Earth and garnered the masses' adoration whichever way he went to or entered.

'Yup. Not a bad feeling at all.' Our good protagonist closed his eyes and took the pleasant atmosphere for what it was.

He inhaled deeply then got another glass of wine the moment he opened his eyes. He relished the strong liquor while watching more than a hundred handsome NPCs around him.

If he was to be struck dumb for a second, there was no doubt that he would think this was no longer the mortal world but the Sacred Heavenly Halls of the Divines.

The men had all sculptured bodies that would put Leonidas and his 300 Spartans to shame.

Of course, the ladies were pretty delicious themselves that they could even outmatch any hentai character that Clark has ever seen in his life.

A lowly servant in here was even more lovely than the most beautiful celebrities on Earth.

'There was really no comparison to be had.' Clark nodded in appreciation.

A bunch of them perfect male idols and gorgeous female dolls jumping around would have definitely cause this sense of fictitious reality unto anyone.

And yet here was Clark, in awe of how vastly he underestimated a room full of cultivators.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Clark?" Wan Fei asked beside him. Clark has already reciprocated the favor to his soon to be mother in law and got rid of the rubbish honorifics to his name.

With how young and enticing Wan Fei looked at the moment, Clark has no reason to get awkward about it at all.

"I am." Clark nodded and sipped slowly at the intoxicating liquid at his lips.

Princess Ning Xi never said a word to him after they exited the throne room but Clark did not feel alienated because the ever kind Wan Fei was there with him.

And if truth be told, it has only made Clark all the more grateful of Wan Fei's efforts. That was not to say of course that he was blind, deaf, and numb to the Queen's purpose.

Perhaps even a loony could not have mistaken these good graces for something else. Especially with how Wan Fei's hands would at times wander at Clark's legs and beyond.

She even held his raging tool for a short fleeting second before acting as if nothing happened in the next breath.

'Seems like someone has a devious plan in mind.' Clark smiled happily and thought no more about it.

There would be a time when he was going to confront Wan Fei about her motivations but that was definitely not tonight. He finished his drink and savored the sublime experience of tonight's celebration.

His cheeks took the color of roses but that has not inhibited his faculties in the least.

He concluded that there was a high chance that Mortal Shedding Realm Cultivators need no more food and drink to survive.

Even the prodigious amounts of alcohol he'd already taken has not at all affected his body right now.

"BOINK!" and just like that, Clark's glass was once more filled to the brim with Wan Fei's eager attention.

"Thank you." Clark gave his thanks then sliced a piece of roasted meat and tasted its delights thereafter.

He felt the meat melt inside his mouth and a deluge of spiritual energy flowed from his throat and unto his belly. Eating the meat of wild beasts was really a unique experience for Clark.

'Even better than the most expensive beef on Earth.' He determined. Five songs later and even more glasses of liquor emptied, a beautiful pair slowly approached unto Clark's table.

Clark totally ignored the man but the lady was a whole nother matter entirely.

If Ning Xi could be compared to a gentle spirit and Wan Fei to a wily seductress, then the newcomer was the epitome of haughtiness.

Clark could feel the disdain in this woman's eyes but he neither cared for it nor moaned in pity simply because the good lady was so bewitching in Clark's eyes.

He had noticed this fair lady from the beginning and together with Princess Ning Xi and her Queen mother Wan Fei, the three were absolutely the cream of the crop of tonight's gathering.

"A propitious evening, my King and Queen." The delicious woman curtsied in place while her escort also bowed in conjunction.

"Hello, Xu Min. You look prettier every passing day. Is your father well?" The King who has felt boredom eat his soul was now invigorated by the beautiful woman's presence.

'Still as lecherous as ever!' Wan Fei rolled her eyes whereas Ning Xi's angelic countenance was tinted by a cute pout. Xu Min exchanged some words with Ning Bao and so did the Queen.

After that, Xu Min finally directed her gaze at the real purpose of her visit.

"So you're finally going to marry, Ning Xi. I offer only my sincerest wishes. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy."

Xu Min had a mysterious smile on her face but her eyes glistened with mischief. She gave Clark one last arrogant look before leaving in the wake of her sexy swinging hips.

There was definitely a story between Ning Xi and Xu Min. Clark was of course shameless enough to speak his mind on the matter at hand.

"You seem to be really good friends with that lady, Xi'er." Clark started.

"Xu Min and i were once close friends, Master Clark." Princess Ning Xi spoke her first words to her fiancee since the celebration began.

She did not even flinch when she forgot to address him like she should have. But Clark was kind enough also to let this little slip up go by.

Since they were now engaged, minor things like this did not matter anymore. He would win Ning Xi's heart sooner or later.

"What happened?" Clark continued.

"We grew up and had some misunderstanding." Ning Xi replied briefly and said no more. She was not in the mood to talk about Xu Min. Especially not at Clark whom she only knew for less than one night.

But still, the good gamer has his own educated guess on the whole issue.

'Hmmm... A rivalry between two beautiful girls. I see. I see now. How could one small pond give birth to two fairies? Friction and conflict will naturally arise.' Clark decided within.

"Clark, why don't you try this specialty from..." Wan Fei introduced another delicacy for the umpteenth time which Clark also gratefully obliged once more.

Before he knew it, Clark has already spent almost 2 hours in Haran City.



"KNOCK!" Although Clark has not heard the 3 taps himself but his handy system supported him more than he could ever have imagined.

"Your servant calls you, host. It's lunch time in the city of Nexus." Nancy notified.

"I hear you, Nancy. Thank you." Clark finished his last glass of wine and then bade the engagement feast for a time. Although he could have forsaken Lai Peng's summons but Clark owed the old man too much.

In the end, Clark recalled his Blood Twin and then aptly switched thereafter to take him back to the mortal City of Nexus.