Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 28

28 Chapter 28
"I'll be right there, Lai Peng." Old Peng heard his master from behind the closed doors and swiftly positioned his body on the side.

"CREAK!" the double doors opened up to spat out the striking form of his master. A half breath later, Clark passed by Old Peng and then the good servant quickly followed behind.

"How are the five maidservants, Lai Peng?"

"Did they give you a hard time?" Clark queried while they were on their way towards the dining room.

"They had ample training, Master. Everybody knows what they have to do." Old Peng reported.

"Hmmm... That's good then."

"Let them do all chores in the house, Lai Peng."

"Don't stress yourself so much these days."

"You deserved some rest now that we are no longer poor cows in the slums." Clark smiled widely as he cautioned the old man.

If he could find a way to make Lai Peng a cultivator someday then he would likely give his old servant a choice to become one.

Just like Clark said, Lai Peng really did indeed deserve that kind of gift from him.

"I will heed your words, master." Old Peng replied softly behind. They had a sumptuous lunch with only Clark and Old Peng eating on the table.

Since they had been together for many years already, both was used to eating at the same time and it was in these rare moments that the division between master and servant became even blurry unto these pair of old souls.

Around them were five sweet ladies that would have no doubt be crowned as beauty queens from where Clark had come from.

Alas in this xianxia world, these lot could only pass as commoners in both beauty and status.

"I'll be resting in my room, Lai Peng. Look around the house if there's something that needed some changing. We can discuss about it later tonight so that I will tell Lu Fang about it when i see him again.

Or better yet, let the five send a message to him if you found anything we lack in here." Clark said when he was about to go back to his room.

"Rest assured, master. I will take care of it at once." Old Peng nodded.

"I'm sure you will, Lai Peng." Clark parted with these words. Once the doors closed, he was so excited to check his loot for the day.

Ten expensive looking rings were set before him as Clark laid them ever gently on the soft king sized bed. These were the rings that Zhang Mu had worn on each of his fingers when he was still alive.

"What do i have to do, Nancy? Do i need to unlock these interspatial ring using my own blood?" Clark asked.

"Affirmative, host."


'Most of what i read is truly real and effective in this xianxia world!' Clark smiled in amusement.

He looked around the room to see if there was a knife or some sharp object he could use but found nothing after a few breaths of searching. In the end, he could only use a more barbaric tool on hand.

'Best to do the unboxing on the floor. I don't want to mess the bed up with my blood.' Clark gathered the storage rings and sat excitedly on the clean floors.

He set the 10 rings down in a neat line and after that, he withdrew a sword from his inventory.

The sharp tip glistened with oil as its fallen owner had respected the weapon enough to do proper maintenance. Clark took a deep breath and pricked his forefinger in the next.

'Stings!' Clark hissed. He did not like any sort of pain at all. There was a slight discomfort but that has not at all kept him from doing what he should.

He poured a few droplets of blood unto the first ring and wore it fondly on one of his fingers.

"Now the next move would be to close my eyes and let my mind peer into the contents of the interspatial ring." Clark muttered and did exactly as he planned.

"What's wrong? I can't seem to open this ring?" Clark murmured in uncertainty.

'Maybe it needs more blood.' he thought. And so our bright protagonist poured some more of his blood unto that one ring. He tried to look inside the ring again and...

'Still nothing!' Clark was surprised.

"Are you sure i only need to apply blood to these rings, Nancy?"

"Affirmative, host. Storage rings changes ownership when another person's blood touches the surface of the said rings."

"Okay, then." Clark was comforted a bit after hearing the system's confirmation.

'Maybe i'm required to coat every nook and cranny of this ring with my blood.' Clark mused and painted the ring inside and out with his rubicund essence.

He did not stop until his forefinger grew pale with the loss of blood.

"This should be more than enough already." Clark tried one more time and this time around, the same result slapped his face.