Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 29

29 Chapter 29
"That storage ring is fake, host." Nancy took pity on its holder.

"Fake? I paid with my precious blood to open that cursed ring and you tell me that it's fake! You should have said sooner, Nancy." Clark moaned in pain.

He looked at the wound on his finger and unto the bloody ring he wore. It was all for naught!

"The system promotes an open free world for you to do what you wish, host. Although it sometimes give bonus hints in the gameplay but most of the time, it shall only let you weave your fate unimpeded.

If you had asked directly rather than experimented alone then you would have not wasted a drop of your blood instead." Nancy explained.

"SIGH!" Clark has no retort to that so in the end, he could only shake his head in speechless protest.

He remembered how he got to obtain the inventory feature of the system and received a similar experience right now.

'Sometimes i think Nancy loves to see me make a fool of myself.' Clark lamented inside but immediately locked those trivial thoughts behind his mind. He has got a storage ring to plunder still.

"So which of these remaining 9 are the real interspatial rings?" Clark asked after discarding the fake ring on the side.

"The sixth one from the left, host."

"FUCK ME!" Clark cursed loudly. He had expected at least four rings to be genuine and yet he was only given 1 to keep.

"Don't mind. Don't mind. At least, i finally had my hand on my first treasure." Clark whispered in congratulations to this rare find.

Although he already got the system for an unlimited space for his essentials but what it lacked though were the true artifacts of this world.

The storage ring of the fallen Zhang Mu was of course different from that.

'Now let me see what that boy has inside this ring.' Clark took the specific ring that Nancy picked with great accuracy. The others he deposited inside his inventory to perhaps discard them later on.

After sprinkling a little bit of blood on the ring, he was finally successful in getting what he wanted. With closed eyes, Clark's mind seeped unto the contents of the magical ring.

He expected to find himself in the empty expanse of the void and the miscellaneous items floating in the air at his bidding but he was comforted in what he saw instead.

'Another one of this boring scenes.' Clark commented when he found his consciousness within a cavelike space about the size of a standard single room.

There were several boxes around, a crowd of transparent bottles filled with what seemed like white round candies for consumption, and a pair of swords.

Clark checked the boxes first and with a thought's command, the nearest one opened up without delay.

'Men's clothes.' He did the same with the second and found no luck in finding any difference from the first. Still, that has not deterred Clark's curiosity to finish what he started.