Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 3

3 Chapter 3
"Please don't let it be so." Clark feared the possibility. Although it was fun to read xianxia and isekai novels but to live through one was pure hell to say the least.

There would be little to no laws in those lands and monsters thrived in there that would serve as a constant threat to a normal lackluster life for any mortal.

This was the reason why those novels always need to have a hero to save them in the first place because it was a dog eat dog world that knew no democracy of any kind.

Clark could bump into a stranger and pay with his head on a pike in the aftermath.

"Why have i been punished like this? I was just a good ordinary rich kid in society! I don't deserve this!" Clark lamented inside.

"Do you want more, Master Lu?" the same enigmatic voice woke Clark's inner monologue.

"I'm fine, Qian Ru. That should be enough for now. Thank you." Clark was finally able to reply after the memory transfer.

His name in this world was Lu Chen. A mortal Elder of the Lu Family. Since he has no talent in the ways of the dao, this humble old man has journeyed to a hundred years of existence in mediocrity.

It seemed like forever had passed when he was still proud of his lineage and wanted only to marry the best women and in the end create a harem of his own. Sadly, that pride has already dried up to nothing today.

A distant memory that was there only to be cherished in rare moments of melancholy. In fact, Lu Chen has only ever conquered cheap women in love houses.

Qian Ru was exactly one of those billable prizes.

The 100 year old Elder Lu had taken an ecstasy pill to match this young lady in bed and that had proven his demise in the end. He suffered a heart attack while savoring the joys of the flesh and then came our little Clark.

"Fuck! I don't want to be here! Mommy take me home!" Clark, the now Lu Chen, sobbed within. He dared not open his eyes to attempt a pathetic jab at not validating reality but alas, the present awaits for no one.

"Then i judge i made a satisfied customer in you once again, Master Lu." The playful voice that was full of warmth and seduction was gone from Qian Ru.

This time it turned unfeeling as she expertly hopped from the bed to gather her clothes in silence.

Ten seconds to a tee and she once more appeared like an innocent untouched young girl that would be the fancy of countless boys from afar.

Prim and filled with innate modesty, that was how she looked at the moment. The purple dress she wore only accentuated her charm as it veiled an aura of nobility that she so wished to imitate.

"Thank you for your patronage, Master Lu." this were her last words before calmly exiting the room.

"She left, just like that." Clark murmured. He wallowed in negativity for almost an hour before he felt completely drained from this unwanted ordeal.

He had a sense of clarity for an instant and remembered the countless web novels he'd read in the past.

"Old grandpa, are you there? Where is my cheat item bonus upon successful soul travel?"


"System... initializing!" an emotionless female voice uttered from out of the blue.