Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 30

30 Chapter 30
He went on the 3rd and the next after that.

"How many robes can a man own in this world?" Clark shook his head when he got only more clothes and no other even after the 16th box. At the 17th though was a whole nother matter.

That was the last box and what Clark found in there were dirty torn dresses and undergarments of women. Some even had the strong stench of blood left in them still.

It did not take long for Clark to put the pieces together. These were trophies!

"What a sick evil npc! I'm glad that i was the one to send that lustful demon back to his own makers in Hell."

Clark pitied the poor defenseless women who may have suffered the sorry fate they did in the hands of Prince Zhang Mu.

Next, Clark went unto the group of bottles at the center of the cave. He had seen a similar container in the city of Haran and in fact he was now an owner of the said ingenious products.

It was just that the one he currently possess was much larger than the one inside this storage ring. Clark took one transparent bottle and began counting the milky candies held within.

'I was right. Each bottle holds exactly a hundred spirit stones.'

'What Master Gao gave me contained a thousand spirit stones per piece.' Clark counted the bottles in here and got 36 of them to earn him 3,600 spirit stones.

"Add my recent sell of 28,000 to that would equal to 31,600 of pure unadulterated spirit stones! HAHAHA!"

"A good harvest for my first travel indeed!" Clark grinned widely.

'Now unto the next set of items.' The excited gamer looked specially thrilled at the two swords that laid beside each other. One big. One small.

Clark giggled like a child after looking at the big one with extreme anticipation. Since there was no more treasures left for him to explore, Clark decided to exit from the interspatial ring.

He imagined grabbing the swords and the bottles then opened his eyes to return to the real world. The items he specified were now resting on the static floors for his use.

"Perfect!" He laughed some more before taking all the items he'd withdrawn from the storage ring into his own private inventory where it was safe from theft and other untoward incidents.

"Time for a test drive!" Clark's enthusiasm bubbled to the brim.

"Blood Twin, go this place!" He instructed his faithful summon towards a random dead desert that has no monsters in its immediate vicinity.

"Switch!" After that, Clark found himself under the hot glare of the sun.

"DAMN! This burning heat is unreal!" Clark shaded his eyes with a hand and witnessed how totally lifeless this desolated desert was. Nonetheless, this place would serve his purpose well enough.

"Give me the big sword, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host."

"BOINK!" a huge unadorned sword dropped on the dusty desert sands. It was big. Almost 3 times the size of Clark. He could lay down on top of the sword and would have ample space to roll in either side.

"Now let me try activating this treasure." Clark muttered.

"FLY!" Nothing happened.

"Come up!" Still nothing.

"Hmmm..." Clark rubbed his long white beard as he thought for a while. After 10 breaths, he pinched the self inflicted wound on his finger and rubbed some fresh produce of blood unto the hilt of the sword.

"BADUM!" the huge sword hummed and vibrated to life. In the next breath, it levitated to knee level and the dull colors on its body has now changed into the spectacular shades of emerald green.


"Now this looks like a real flying sword than the last!"

"Pretty much better indeed!" Clark stepped on top of the treasured sword. A moment later, he commanded... "Go."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" one middle aged man's roar of surprise echoed flagrantly in the open deserts.