Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 31

31 Chapter 31
"STOOOOOOOOPPP!" Clark did not care if he damaged his throat in the process as he only wanted this freak train to land him safely unto the earth's stable embrace once more.

"BOINK!" The flying sword decelerated in momentum and finally halted in the span of 5 breaths.

'WTF!' Clark combed his disarrayed collection of both beard and long hair when he was sure that he was stationary once again. He jumped down from the wicked sword and gazed at it with fear in his eyes.

"That kind of speed would have killed me for sure if it hit something hard in front."

"I was lucky i chose a desert to test this flying sword." Clark took deep breaths as he tried to calm his nerves down.

He judged with only the clearest of certainties that he would not be the first victim to die from riding a flying sword if he was unlucky enough in his initial taste at using the said treasure.

'This thing is dangerous.'

'It can surely kill me if i get careless.'

Clark noted these plain facts. Before he ever tried climbing on top of the murderous tool of transport once more, he was wise enough to have a consultation of sorts from his pocket expert.

"How can i control the speed of a flying sword, Nancy?" Clark asked in a serious voice.

"You need to say exactly how fast you want it go, host. Else the flying tool takes its maximum momentum from the start."

"I get it now. Hmmm... How fast can it fly really?" Clark was reminded of how he flew like a weightless ragdoll earlier.

It was lucky for him that once the sword flashed into the distance, an invisible shield has also protected him from falling off and eat the red desert sands around him in consequence.

"That particular item can go to as fast as 15,000 kilometers per hour, host."

'Pretty darn fast for my first car in this world!' Clark nodded in approval.

Although he could teleport at will using the trick with his Blood Twin but to ride on a flying sword was something different altogether.

"It would definitely make me look so cool!" After the brief cloud of fantasy appeared on our good protagonist's mind, he then jumped unto the flying sword for the second time today.

He has not anymore taken any rash actions but instead gently whispered in the softest voice he could gather.

"Go slow. Start at a normal human's relaxed walking speed." Clark specified what he wanted from his recently tamed flying sword.

"WHOOSH!" the sword hovered above the deserts and traveled in tender pace thereafter.

"Give me 20 kilometers per hour speed!" Clark felt the rush of adrenaline in his veins. He loved this feeling of freedom and exhilaration!






"I need more speed!"

"Take me to a thousand!" Clark shouted in excitement. He was now 40,000 feet above ground and was totally hooked to be amongst the soft cottony clouds around him.

There was no air pressure and even not a wisp of wind even in these heights.

He decided that the flying sword has an automatic function to safeguard its owner from any negative elements in the world.




"15,000 kilometers per hour!"