Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 32

32 Chapter 32
"Ahhh... This is simply amazing!" Clark exclaimed in happiness. The vision from below almost seemed immaterial to how quickly he moved past them in a flash.

"I should bring a chair with me next time so that i could relax while travelling the distant lands of this world." Clark mused.

"Nah... Better to keep the revered persona of cultivators and keep standing like the advent of a god unto every place i visit someday."

In 30 minutes of flying, he realized that he could wordlessly command the flying sword with his thoughts alone and in the same way, steer it to any direction he like.

He kept the same max speed until he grow bored from the experience.

"Maybe I should try going into space for a change. Hmmm..."

Clark was a natural explorer and so with no real danger unto his person since he could just switch with his Blood Twin if things go south, he tried to be with the stars in the heavens.

"Take me up further and further above." A moment later, the flying sword rose vertically straight and pierced unto the unknown.

"Pheewww... That was a risk well taken." Clark grinned like a fool as he witnessed a familiar scene in the company of the void. A blue marble with white sexy eddies.

"Just like my home. Only much bigger." He whispered to himself. There was a melancholic smile on Clark's face at the moment.

He stayed there for approximately 10 minutes as he recalled a world that he'd missed more than he could ever show to anyone else in here.

"I needed this." Clark muttered and took a deep breath. The unnatural air that the flying sword offered him with was a tad different from what he was used to.

But it mattered little at all in his present circumstance. With one last look, Clark descended back to this xianxia world and returned to a sullen desert to do some more research.

"A good item to have." Clark commented after he deposited the flying sword inside his inventory. Afterwards, he took the small one out for his inspection.

"I would have liked if this one looked like the Sword of Gryffindor or something close to it but it's sad that it has taken the mold of the Ancient Macedonian Army Sword instead.

Old but still pretty practical to use." He took a couple of swings and the sword felt as light as a feather in his hands.

"Time to make this item mine." Since Clark's finger wound has already healed by now because of his passive health regen, he needed to redo his earlier actions.

"You better give me a surprise like your big friend did." Clark said and rubbed just a hint of his blood unto the sword's handle.

"BOINK!" the ordinary looking sword turned eerily red in shade. There were lines of symbols that scattered on its surface like tattooed markings that was there to stay forever.

Clark tried to read the language but could only shake his head because even with the help of Lu Chen's memory, he still could not make out what these alien scribbles meant.

"No matter. As long as you make me see the first real magic in this world then it's fine."

"Show me how strong you are." There was a subtle impulse on Clark's hands while he held the magical sword. It wanted to slash unto anyone and anything.

Clark was of course not that dumb to ignore the wishes of his weapon.

"FUEGO!" Clark roused a favorite spell cast from his favorite fantasy novel.

This was completely appropriate for the occasion because he could feel his palm rise in temperature along the increasingly anxious compulsion from the sword on his hands.

"POOF!" A half breath later, a fireball the size of a baby's fist floated in a leisurely manner away from Clark's body. An old grandpa could have raced this pitiful little creation in a slow jog.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"