Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 33

33 Chapter 33
"Tell me this isn't real, Nancy."

"..." The system chose to shut its mouth in response.

Clark on the other hand was not giving up yet and so he waved the enchanted sword a couple more times to ascertain the stark truth that disappointed him so.



"BOINK!" Two quick slashes and one thrust created three of the same lazy fireball in his midst. When it touched the desert sands, its result was also too upsetting.

No deafening explosions but only a puff of smoke and nothing more.

"What a useless magical tool this is!" Clark almost threw the sword away but held himself in time. There has got to be a good explanation for this.

If not, how could a low performance item be priced at no less than a thousand spirit stones per piece?

"Okay, Nancy. Would you be a good lady and tell me why." Clark took a deep breath of dismay.

"Affirmative, host. The offensive magical tools in this world could only be fully utilized in the hands of Foundation Establishment Experts.

The craftsmen of said products may have done it to limit the scope of mortal wars from escalating unto unprecedented carnage.

This is why most sects and cultivator clans in this world only creates such a tool to sell unto human cities.

But that is not to say that one can't pay a skilled blacksmith to fashion an offensive magical tool that can be used even in the hands of a child that has no spiritual vein or any such restraints."

Nancy explained in length.

"Hmmm... Pretty reasonable enough." Clark rubbed his beard and nodded in understanding. Give for example the city of Nexus alone.

He could not imagine to see a hundred million people with a mini nuke in their possessions.

Although he has not seen yet how powerful the magical sword in his hands really was but after experiencing the intricate abilities of his flying sword,

Clark was convinced that his weapon could only exceed that in scale.

"Well, i will be able to see your true might soon. Very very soon." Clark whispered as he ran his hands on the tattooed surface of the sword.

"Blood Twin has killed a Hairy Corruption... host has gained 50 xp!"

"White Wolf has killed a Hairy Corruption... host has gained 50 xp!" these beeps were still ongoing in Clark's ears. The eternal white noise of his consciousness.

"How soon can i arrive at the next level given the current speed of my farm, Nancy?"

"You will be level 10 in approximately 15 minutes, host."

"Nice." Clark smiled. Although the next level took more or less 3 hours to accomplish in contrast to the recent average of 2 hours in the past level ups but that has not at all bothered him.

It was only natural to grind in these kind of things.

'I did not even break a sweat in the process. Hehehe!' Clark's smile grew even wider. And since there was nothing more left here to do, he decided that it was time to go back.

"Teleport back to my room, Blood Twin." he commanded unto one of his minions. Once he saw the blinking green dot on Nexus City, he said